Arker: The legend of Ohm announces collaboration with Habbo to introduce NFTs

The partnership with Habbo will make the game more enjoyable!

Renowned blockchain-based P2E gaming platform Arker has announced a strategic partnership with Habbo to introduce NFTs to their flagship game, Arker: The legend of Ohm. This comes amidst several companies opting to introduce NFTs into their games with a new collaboration that will engage fans more towards the new P2E scenario.

Experience a blockchain-based P2E game with an immersive gameplay

Arker: The legend of Ohm is an online Blockchain-based P2E game that was launched early in 2021. The game is set around the story where the hero and his pet take on the Journey to regain control of the lost Kingdom of Ohm.

The game is turn-based where users will fight battles against the opposing forces to regain control of the kingdom, but unlike regular P2E games that focus mainly on the earning part, Arker: The legend of Ohm has immersive gameplay as well, an easy UI coupled with great graphics and extremely futuristic sound.

Players can sell the digital assets that they obtain from playing the game to earn actual money. Fragments of Arker (FOA) is the main currency of the game, which can be earned by playing PVP mode, completing Daily quests, or by playing PvE mode. Players can withdraw these tokens once every fifteen days. The game features another currency called Arker,  which can be used to buy pets as pets are an important part of this game.

Arker The legend of Ohm gameplay
Image via Arker Labs

The collab with Habbo will enable the introduction of NFTs in Arker

Now, the new collaboration with Habbo, a 21-year-old game is going to introduce NFTs to the game. The collaboration is also aimed to increase the marketing and recognition of Arker with the already existing community of Habbo. Recently, after 21 years in the gaming industry as one of the very first metaverses to launch, Habbo introduced NFTs on Opensea including a genesis collection of 11,600 HABBO Avatars for use in-game with a selection of in-game perks and the second is a profile picture collection, Habbo Portraits. With the new collaboration, these NFTs will be available in Arker: The legend of Ohm. 

These NFTs will give players exclusive skins and backgrounds for the game, but players have to satisfy two conditions to get these NFTs in-game. Firstly, the player must hold a Habbo NFT in the wallet linked to their Arker account. Secondly, the NFT must stay in the linked Arker wallet, if the NFT is sold or transferred the skin and the background will automatically disappear.

Arker The legend of Ohm graphics
Image via Arker Labs

After successfully announcing the collaboration, the team at Arker said that “Following this partnership, Arker plans to promote collaborations with other projects where the celebration of third-party NFTs is promoted to have something exclusive and special in the world of Arker, including skins, profile pics, backgrounds during battle, etc.”

With the P2E gaming scenario slowly gaining momentum across the world, with new and old dames opting for the futuristic blockchain technology it is no doubt that the team at Arker plans to keep this going in the long run. Users can stay updated about all the information by visiting the official website or by following the official social media handles.

What are your thoughts on the Arker The legend of Ohm and Habbo collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!

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