Boom Beach Frontlines September 2022 Update: Boom Ball, New cards, Balance changes and more

New game mode, New cards and all!

With the upcoming September 2022 Update of Boom Beach: Frontlines coming into the game, players will see a brand-new game mode named Boom Ball. Along with it, there will be a number of new cards, lots of balance changes, and more! The September 2022 Update in Boom Beach Frontlines, will be the 0.9.0 Update of the game.

Boom Beach Frontlines September 2022 Update: Boom Ball

Boom Ball is a new (and experimental) 6v6 game mode where each team has 3 goals. The objective is to pick up the team’s ball from your base, fight through the opponents’ defenses, and run it into one of their goals, in order to score. Taking place in Boomuda, players can also naturally expect that Goals would explode after scoring!

Boom Ball
Image via Space Ace Games

Players must keep in mind that each team has its own ball. Therefore, one can’t just go all-out on the offensive. If they want to win, they need to make sure that they would also defend their team’s goals to prevent the opponents from scoring. The team with the highest score by the end of the timer or that manages to score 3 goals first wins the match! 

When and Where to Play Boom Ball

Boom Ball is a limited-time mode that is playable only during the weekends. This mode will become available each Friday at 12 p.m. (UTC), ending on Mondays at 12 p.m. (UTC). Players can unlock Boom Ball after reaching 450 Medals. Once unlocked, they can select Boom Ball from the new game mode selection screen, located right above the “Battle!” button.

Boom Ball Variants

Currently, Boom Ball has three variants. Each of them gives them a different perspective on this experimental game mode:

Boom Beach Frontlines September 2022 Update, Vehicle Boom Ball
Image via Space Ace Games
  • Classic Boom Ball: Players can choose their Troop loadout freely, just like in Conquest. There are 3 unique maps to play on!
  • All-Star Boom Ball: All players have the same Troop loadout with a choice of troops custom-picked for this mode. Each map has a different loadout. Note: Players will be given access to any locked troops at their unlock level. Of course, if their own troops have higher levels, they will get to use that instead!
  • Vehicle Boom Ball: It is Vehicle-only mode and contrary to the troop-focused variants, vehicles can pick up the ball! It is time to unleash chaos and destruction on the pitch! There are 3 pre-set loadouts. Players will be again granted access to any locked vehicles.

On each weekend, there will be a different Boom Ball variant to play in, so players will get plenty of chances to try them all!

As mentioned earlier, Boom Ball is an experimental, time-limited game mode. The developers will be looking forward, super-excited, to see how players react to this mode and whether it should become a mainstay in the game. There are surely tons of learnings and improvements to be made. But, it will be the feedback of the players and the developer’s reception, which will make it the perfect game mode.

Boom Beach Frontlines September 2022 Update: New cards

The maximum player level will be increased from 53 to 56. With it, there is a selection of new islands to explore and new cards to unlock!

Crystal Critters

Crystal Critters
Image via Space Ace Games

Crystal Critters are a rare power-up that deploys a squad of enchanted coconut critters. Once deployed, Crystal Critters will run to the closest allied Troops and jump on them to recover their health. They look pretty cute too!


Bike Boom Ball
Image via Space Ace Games

The new Bike is a common vehicle, which is extra fast and super versatile. Players can hop on and gain control of the Bike while still being able to use their Troop from the sidecar. Jetpack passengers are too silly to be allowed.

Boom Beach Frontlines September 2022 Update: Balance Changes

Card Cooldowns

  • Reduced and re-scaled Epic Card Cooldowns: Minimum cooldown reduced by 20 seconds (e.g. level 5 cooldown from 74 to 54), and maximum cooldown reduced by 15 seconds (e.g. level 11+ reduced from 89 to 74 seconds).
Boom Beach Frontlines September 2022 Update Balance Changes
Image via Space Ace Games

Buffed Cards

  • Warrior: Sprint duration increased by 25%. Health increased by 10%
  • Ice Guard: Sprint duration increased by 25%. Health increased by 10%
  • Medic: Range increased by 25%
  • Rocket Trike: Explosion radius increased by 22%. Accuracy is increased.
  • Jetpack: Health increased by 10%. The explosion radius is increased by 22%.
  • Laser Ranger: Health increased by 10%
  • Flamer: Health increased by 13%
  • Commando: Health increased by 10%
  • Missile Tank: Significantly reduced minimum range for targeting. This means you can fire at things closer to your vehicle

Nerfed Cards

  • Cluster: Initial explosion damage decreased by 15%, as things were getting out of hand.


New missions are being added as a part of the September 2022 Update in Boom Beach Frontlines.

  • Missions: “Deal 10000 damage to enemy objective” reduced requirement from 12,000 -> 10,000
  • Missions: “Use a Power-Up 15 times” reduced requirement from 15 -> 12
  • Missions: “Capture 5 Control Points” reduced requirement from 5 -> 4
  • Missions: “Spend 200 seconds inside Capture Zones” reduced requirement from 200 -> 180
  • Missions: “Deal 25,000 damage using any vehicle” reduced requirement from 25,000 -> 20,000
  • Missions: “Restore 6000 health as a Medic” reduced requirement 6,000 -> 4,000 
  • Missions: “Restore [amount] health as a Medic in one life” reduced requirement by 20%
  • Missions: “Absorb [amount] damage as a Heavy or a Flamer” reduced requirement from 15,000 -> 12,000

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