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COD Mobile: Activision confirms Diamond Camo addition in Season 13

Diamond Camo is finally coming!

Grinding for weapon camos is a popular thing amongst players of any of the Call of Duty games. And Call of Duty Mobile is nothing different. Here players can unlock every single camo in the game to get some master designs like Dark Matter or even Gold for their weapons. But the list doesn’t end here as Activision has something more stored in the pipeline. The COD Mobile devs have finally confirmed as to when we’ll see the long-awaited Diamond camo in the game.

Diamond camo is finally arriving in COD Mobile Season 13

With each passing update, players have been pleading with the Devs about when will they finally release the much-anticipated Diamond camo in the game. The last master camo that was added in the game was in Season 11 when the Damascus camo from Modern Warfare came. And now when Season 13 gets underway, it looks as if finally the requests regarding Diamond camo have been heard.

COD Mobile Diamond Camo
The Damascus Camo in COD Mobile

Things started to escalate when the December 7 community update came out. They dropped some patch notes and revealed what they’ve got in store for the rest of Season 12, the questions about Diamond camo cropped up again. And the devs replied with the confirmation of the arrival of this master camo.

But the curiosity among the players didn’t end here. Grinding for a master camo like Diamond camo requires many objectives that are to be completed. So players wanted to know how to unlock the upcoming master camo in Season 13. However, the devs didn’t have anything on the front and added that they’ll try to bring that information next week too.

COD Mobile Diamond Camo
The Diamond Camo

Final Thoughts

Obviously, the Diamond camo finally arriving in Season 13 is great news for camo grinders who might have thought it was being scrapped. We’ll just have to keep an eye on their future community updates to have the answers on how we’ll be able to unlock the Diamond camo in Call of Duty Mobile. Keep checking back here to know more details as we head more closer towards Season 13.

Are you excited about the Diamond Camo finally coming to COD Mobile next season? Drop in your opinions in the comments section below!

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