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Free Fire Iris top-up event arrives with a brand new character and exclusive rewards

Grab amazing event items at a cheap rate!

After the conclusion of the Hoot top-up event, Free Fire is up with a brand new top-up event titled Iris top-up event featuring an exciting character and bundle. Most players consistently favor top-up events over other web events because it allows them to grab dozens of exciting items at a very cheap rate. Another unique feature of this event is that the items available will be given away free in exchange for the diamonds that were acquired at the pop-up event. So, players should utilize this great offer and must proceed towards the event before it ends. 

Free Fire Iris Top-up event: Overview

As usual, players need to top up those items by spending real money to get access to the rewards. The newly introduced Iris top-up event commenced in the game on 15th August and will stay till 19th August 2022.

Iris Top Up event
Image via Garena

Players can purchase the Iris Deadly Sunshine Deluxe Bundle here, which includes 900 universal fragments and the Iris Character, by spending or topping up 100 diamonds. The Beauty Reuniter Bundle, on the other hand, costs 500 diamonds. Players only need to top up 500 diamonds to get all the amazing event items.

Introducing Iris in Free Fire

Iris also possesses a unique ability named Wall Brawl. Within 5s after using this ability, individuals can attack any opponent’s gloo wall to mark them within 7m of range. Moreover, it also penetrates the gloo wall to cause damage to the enemies( damage inflicted will be lower than usual). The ability will be effective on 5 gloo walls at the maximum level with a CD time of 55s.

Free Fire Iris
Image via Garena

With the ongoing 5th anniversary of the game, many new events are getting introduced frequently. Players should explore and participate in the events as they would like to lay their hands on alluring and amazing rewards. 

Are you excited about the Iris top-up event in Free Fire? Let us know in the comments below!

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