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Free Fire June 2022 Leaks: New Bundles, Character Skins and more

Lots of things coming up in the next month!

Free Fire gives new events every month with new prices and items which can be redeemed by in-game tokens or can be purchased by diamonds. Users will be curious to know, how can they get new attractive items or old returns. New items mostly arrive as a part of a big event and sometimes in the store as well. There are many types of upcoming items coming in Free Fire, some are weapon skins and some new collaborations will bring us new items in-game. Here we will be covering the upcoming leaks for June 2022 in Free Fire.

Upcoming Bundles in Free Fire

According to reports, the creators plan to release some of the trendiest packs of all time, complete with eye-catching animation and other features. As the Rampage 4.0 event has already begun, gamers may soon be able to obtain the following bundles:

  • Nebula Rogue bundle and Aqua Rogue bundle
  • Ventus Rogue bundle
  • Dinosaur Illusion bundle.
  • Digital Dasher bundle
  • Enflamed Terror bundle
  • Sound Crafter bundle and Homer’s Sightless Assassin bundle
  • Soiree Lady bundle

Some of the more bundles to be launched:

  • Lunar Saberanger bundle
  • Saturn Evilstriker bundle
  • Neptune Icestomper bundle
  • Beast warrior bundle
  • Mars Warcrusher bundle
  • Mad Scientist bundle
  • Evil Engineer bundle
  • Lord Boroque bundle
  • Digital Dasher bundle
  • Enflamed Immortal bundle
  • Magma Bionicon and Flaring Bionica bundle
  • Night Bloom Slayer bundle
  • Sir Elixir and Orchard Parfum bundle
  • Husky Fluff bundle
  • Legend Unfold bundle
  • Dazzling Dive bundle

Upcoming new Emotes in Free Fire

Free Fire Game Character Emote Cover
Image via Garena

Emotes are animated gestures that can be used to communicate with teammates and other players in the game. It’s often used by players to both congratulate and tease their opponents. According to the most recent OB34 update, the game will have a number of intriguing emotes:

  • The Collapse
  • Chronicle of the Sword
  • Flaming Groove
  • Energetic
  • Ridicule
  • Tease Waggor
  • Great Conductor
  • Fake Death
  • Twerk
  • BR Ranked/Clash Squad Ranked Heroic/Master emote

New Themed Animations in Free Fire

Theme-based animations for in-game characters are comparable to emotes, but they are more appealing, powerful, and lethal in comparison. Following the Rampage 4.0 update, the game will include some interesting theme-based animations.

  • Rampage 4.0 Bundle Transform animation
  • Rampage 4.0 Evo bundle profile animation
  • Skywing animation and Rampage theme separate tornado animation
  • Rampage 4.0 Bundle Event Entrance animation

Upcoming Legendary Weapons in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire, one of the most popular Battle Royale games, features a wide range of weaponry and inventory, adding to the game’s appeal. Gamers want to get their hands on all of the weapons and stockpiles available in Free Fire in order to take their games to the next level. Following the recent OB34 patch changes, some new Gunskins will be released later this month.

  • Rampage 4.0 Thompson skin
  • Enflamed Terror Mac 10 skin
  • AK47 Sound Crafter skin
  • Hybrid Explosion Thompson skin
  • G36 Flaring Bionica skin
  • UMP Digital Dasher skin
  • Aug Mars Landcrusher

One more gun is going to be launched and is categorized among Evo Guns, those which are upgradable.

  • Demonic Grin Famas Evo skin
  • Draco M4A1 Evo gun skin with special animation

Upcoming New Fist Skins in Free Fire

This game features a plethora of lovely skins for nearly any occasion. Weapons, backpacks, automobiles, surfboards, and other items are all available. Skins for the fists were introduced for the first time in any battle royale game by Garena Free Fire.

new fist free fire ob34
Image via Garena

These fist skins, like the others, do not provide any talents or traits and are only meant to add materialistic value to the character’s appearance. Many fist skins have already been released in the game, and some of the most interesting ones are still to come:

  • Rampage 4.0 Fist skin
  • Ember Fist
  • Lighting Fist

New Pets in Free Fire

Free Fire offers the ultimate gaming experience for everyone, and it includes some of the game’s most popular features. Unlike other BR games on the platform, Free Fire has pets as one of its distinctive in-game features.

Free Fire Finn pet
Image via Garena

They come with skills, and when coupled with them, some of them improve the character’s abilities. Following the OB34 update, some new pets will be available in the game:

  • Zasil Pet skin
  • Finn Pet skin

Upcoming New events in Free Fire

Free Fire is the only battle royale game that manages to introduce theme-based events in order to retain player enthusiasm and curiosity. These events are always available in Free Fire. Gamers expect these events to be available in-game at all times.

Free Fire Rampage 4.0
Image via Garena

Among these are Diamond Royale, Incubator, Moco Store, and a slew of other intriguing events. There are also events like Booyah to join up for and watch. Some future coming events are mentioned:

Final Thoughts

If you are playing Free Fire just for fun or temporarily, there is no need to spend in-game or any event. Talking about events, there will be way more events that will be a surprise for gamers, so players should wait and act accordingly.

That’s all about Free Fire leaks for June 2022! Feel free to mention your opinions in the comments!

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