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Free Fire OB34 ‘Rampage’ Update Patch Notes: New weapons, Character changes, and more

The new season is here!

Free Fire has been correcting a lot of issues and adding new characters, game types, and firearms to keep the battle-royale interesting and balanced. To make the game more balanced and enjoyable, Garena has added new characters and tweaked a few weapons. The detailed patch notes for the Free Fire OB34 Update or the Rampage Update are available below.

Free Fire OB34 Update: Character Balance Changes and Updates


Image via Garena

Limelight’s 30 percent damage reduction from headshots had been tough to activate because its prerequisites were difficult to complete while in combat. So, the devs have lowered the skill’s trigger condition in this patch by lowering the required number of spectators from 6 to 3 and replacing the enhanced limb damage with headshots.


Every elimination will add one additional spectator, with the total number of spectators remaining constant. Damage from headshots is reduced by 2/3/4/6/8/10 percent (max. 20/22/24/26/28/30 percent) for each additional spectator, but damage to enemies is increased by 2/3/4/6/8/10 percent (max. 20/22/24/26/28/30 percent).


Image via Garena

Healing Heartbeat self-recovery has been a completely different experience than other revivals. Any unintentional movement while using Healing Heartbeat will halt the self-recovery while your HP continues to decline. Several players have been unable to self-recover as a result of this. So, the devs have chosen to improve Dimitri’s ability so that activating it is as easy as having one of your friends revive you.

Healing Heartbeat

When self-recovering, players can move and will no longer lose HP


Image via Garena

Previously, D-movement Bee’s speed when firing was highly dependent on the weapon being used, which made Bullet Beats’ speed increase ineffective. Garena improved the calculations for movement speed adjustments so that the skill could keep the same level of competency regardless of the weapon in use, improving its battlefield power.

Bullet Beats

Movement speed increases by 5/7/9/11/13/15% -> 10/12/14/16/18/20% when firing while moving. By 20/23/27/32/38/45 percent, accuracy improves. [Adjustment] When employing various types of weaponry, the movement speed is optimized.

Character Adjustments

As you may know, only one active skill can be donned at a time, which has led to players selecting only the “best” few skills. So, the devs have tweaked the active skills with the aim of encouraging you to mix and match talents to explore what they can do for your fighting experience.


For 5/6/7/8/9/10s, creates a 5m aura that boosts movement speed by 10/11/12/13/14/15 percent and heals 5 HP every second. Effects are not cumulative. 45 seconds -> 70/66/62/58/54/50 seconds is the new cool downtime


Within 50/58/67/77/88/100m, sends a sonic wave forward, damaging 5 Gloo Walls. The cooldown period is now 60/58/55/51/46/40s -> 85/80/75/70/65/60s. Additionally, each Gloo Wall deployed will result in a 4/5/6/7/8/9 point increase in HP recovery. The effects of recovery do not stack.


Throwables are blocked for 4 meters. Allies in the region will regenerate 10% armor durability per second, and foes’ ammunition damage will be reduced by 10%/12/14/16/18/20%. It lasts 10/11/12/13/14/15 seconds. The cooling duration has been changed from 115/110/105/100/95/90s to 85/80/75/70/65/60s. Effects are not cumulative.


Creates an unbreakable force field that protects you from 800 damage. From within the field, it is impossible to attack outside adversaries. All effects are 4/4/5/5/6/6 seconds long. The cooling duration has been changed to 160/150/140/130/120/110s.


Forms a frontal shield of 5m width that decreases weapon damage from the front by 50% to 65 percent. When the user shoots a shot, it lasts for 2/3/3.5/4/4.5/5s -> 5s and then resets. The cooldown period has been changed to 120/110/100/90/80/70s from 210/200/190/180/170/160s.


Increases damage to Gloo Walls and shields by 80/90/100/110/120/130 percent -> 100/120/140/160/180/200 percent for a limited time (decays with time). All effects will last 15 -> 6 seconds. The cooldown period has been changed to 150/140/130/120/110/100s.


Enemies within 50/55/60/65/70/75m who are not in a prone or squat stance are located. All the effect’s lasting time has changed from 5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5 seconds -> 5/6/7/8/9/10 seconds. The cool-down period has changed from 75/72/69/66/63/60s -> 75/70/65/60/55/50s. Teammates take turns in enemy locations.


For 15 seconds, it transforms into a bush with a 20% -> 10% reduction in movement speed. 200-second cooldown When Wukong attacks, the transformation is complete. When Wukong defeats an enemy, the CD is reset.


Afterburner had proven difficult to defeat because it not only boosted movement speed and reduced damage when in a vehicle, but it also made it impossible for foes to aim at the user. As a result, in this patch, devs reduced its speed bonus and damage reduction. You can’t have your cake and eat it, to be fair.


Because the Gloo Wall is so important in the game, we decided to make Nairi more competitive by increasing Ice Iron’s damage to Gloo Walls. So, in addition to providing strong defense, the talent now also deals greater damage to foes’ Gloo Walls.

Clash Squad updates in Free Fire OB34 update

Free Fire OB34 Rampage Update
Image via Garena

Map Balancing Adjustments

While playing Clash Squad mode, players might have observed an imbalanced win rate in certain levels, thus the devs have made improvements to the spawn places and covers. Garena strives to improve your gaming experience by bringing justice to both sides of the play.

  • Bermuda
    • Nurek Dam: Adjusted the placement of the containers on one side.
  • Kalahari
    • Santa Catarina: Slightly moved one of the spawn points horizontally so that both sides are equidistant from the ship.
    • Foundation: removed.
  • Alpine
    • Fusion: Adjusted the two spawn points so that both sides are equidistant from the elevated area.

Armor Upgrades

Armor may be upgraded to Lv. 3 in the CS Store.

  • If an Lv. 2 Vest is owned, the player can upgrade the armor to Lv. 3 using the upgrade button.
  • The helmet can be upgraded to Lv. 3 from the CS Store.

Battle Royale updates

Free Fire OB34 Rampage Update
Image via Garena

Airdrop Enhancements

Forget about risking your life for an Airdrop only to discover it has already been robbed or waiting for a gift from above to land without knowing where it will. Certain aesthetics for Airdrops have been enhanced to make looting easier.

  • Optimized light beams on Airdrops: When an Airdrop has been looted, the light will disappear even if some items still remain.
  • Airdrop location alert: When a player is near a pending Airdrop, a signal will appear on the spot where the Airdrop will land.
  • Airdrops with rare items will be signaled using brighter light beams.
  • Unlooted Airdrops will be signaled using pulsing light beams.
  • Adjusted the color indication for the Airdrop Vending Machine icon on the minimap.
  • Deleted light beams for Monster Trucks.

Visual Effects of Rare Loot

Varied glow colors for different rare items:
    1. Gold: Level I ultimate weapons.
    2. Gold+: Level II ultimate weapons, regular Airdrop weapons, Upgrade Chips, Lv. 4 Vest, Lv. 4 Helmet, and FF Coin stacks (>500).
   3. Red: Level III ultimate weapons and upgraded Airdrop weapons.

Other Battle Royale Adjustments

  • Extended Revival Point available duration from 600s to 620s
    • Cost of Hit List missions and UAVs in Vending Machines reduced from 600 to 400.
    • Vending Machine item changes:
  • No longer available
    • PLASMA
    • FAMAS
    • M60
    • M4A1
  • New:
    • M24
    • UMP
    • M1014
    • Sniper Ammo (1 stack only)
  • Increased Med Kits amount by 15%.
  • Reduced ground-spawn Gloo Walls by 10%.
  • Ultimate versions of the VSS and Kar98k will no longer be spawned on the ground.
  • Charge Buster is no longer spawned on the ground and is now available in Airdrops and Airdrop Vending Machines.
  • Free weapons in Airdrop Vending Machines changed to M14 and MP5.
  • Adjusted damage is taken outside the Safe Zone:
  • Damage from the first shrink will rise up to 3 after being outside of the Safe Zone for 170 seconds.
  • Damage from the second shrink will rise up to 6 after being outside of the Safe Zone for 270 seconds.
  • Damage from the third shrink will rise from 4 up to 12 after being outside of the Safe Zone for 360 seconds, while the speed of the increase is reduced.
  • Damage from the fourth shrink will rise from 8 up to 24 after being outside of the Safe Zone for 20 seconds, while the speed of the increase is reduced.
  • The duration of taking damage does not refresh when a new Safe Zone appears.

Weapons and Balance adjustments

New Weapon: M24

The M24 is a light sniper rifle with a rapid rate of fire and good mobility, allowing you to snipe adversaries from afar. Here are the stats of this upcoming new weapon

Free Fire OB34 Rampage Update
Image via Garena
  • Base Damage: 88
  • Rate of Fire: 0.8
  • Magazine: 15

Weapon Adjustments

Garena introduced a variety of upgradeable weapons in the last release, and their ultimate versions grabbed the show from other weapons. Garena tweaked the boosts of ultimate weapons and tuned some of the other weapons to match expectations in order to restore balance. Apart from that the following adjustments have been done:

  • FAMAS: Range -10%
  • M14: Damage -3%, range -4%
  • M4A1-Z: Rate of fire -3%
  • SCAR: Armor penetration +8%
  • GROZA: Armor penetration -8%
  • VSS: Rate of fire -10%
  • UMP: Minimum damage -15%
  • Kar98K: Rate of fire -10%
  • Kar98K-I: Gun switch time 0.4 → 0.6
  • Treatment Sniper: Overheat cooling speed +8%, magazine +50%
  • AC80: Rate of fire -10%
  • M79: Damage -15%, explosion range -10%

Gameplay Updates

Free Fire OB34 Rampage Update
Image via Garena

Pin Function

Garena’s continuous attempts to improve the pin feature stem from the goal that it would become an integral component of your group and improve communication efficiency. The goal of this patch’s pin function optimization is to improve its use and appearance.

  • Pinned locations will be displayed on the minimap.
  • Pins can be used even when knocked down.
  • Increased the distance of the farthest object/player that can be pinned.
  • Press and hold the list of loot to pin an item.
  • Duration of a pin on an item extends for the teammate who taps OK.
  • Teammates will be marked in different colors on the minimap and team list.
  • When a quick message is sent, teammates will be notified by an icon on the team list.

Visual Alerts for Gunshots

Have you ever been terrified because someone is shooting at you and you can’t tell where the adversary is because your phone is on silent? The new visual gunfire alarm will send you in the appropriate direction so you can have a full gaming experience even if you don’t have sound. Turn on gunshots alert on the settings menu so that the direction of an attacking enemy will be displayed on-screen.

Gaming Environment changes in Free Fire OB34 update

Adjustments Tailoring to Victims of Cheats

No more rank points deduction for players eliminated by cheats. Undoubtedly, using cheats in Free Fire is absolutely intolerable, and for those who have been eliminated by cheating players, it is surely unfair to lose the game as well as have their points deducted. This feature activates immediately after the system detects that the player has been eliminated by a cheat

  • BR-Ranked
    • If the player’s score from the current match is negative, no points will be deducted. (Match score, in this case, does not include the extra 20 points from completing Daily Missions.)
    • If the player’s score from the current match is positive, the calculation of the results will proceed as normal.
  • CS-Ranked
    • If the player loses the current match, no Rank Stars and no protection points will be deducted.
    • If the player wins the current match, the calculation of the results will proceed as normal.

Character Level-Up

The devs are always looking for ways to improve the user experience. This Free Fire OB34 update introduces a new way to earn Memory Fragments: buying them with gold! You won’t have to go back and forth between the Store and the Character interface to level up this way.

When a player has insufficient Memory Fragments, the remaining fragments can be bought using Diamonds or Gold. 20 Memory Fragments = 250 Gold

Craftland updates

Craftland Map and Mode Editor in Free Fire

Free Fire OB34 Rampage Update
Image via Garena

Free Fire now has the formerly unique features of Free Fire Max. Regardless of the client version you use, you can now create your own maps and gameplay techniques. These features allow up countless creative possibilities, whether you wish to increase the challenge of the Clash Squad game or have unlimited skill selections in Team Deathmatch mode. Make sure to check out Craftland’s Free Fire offerings.

Isle of Champs

After playing several of your maps, the devs have learned that many of the players prefer to focus the combat pit on a tiny, congested region in the map’s center for a close-up encounter. So the devas have introduced a new map scenery that is smaller in size since we love the notion.

  • When editing, select Isle of Champs or Origin Land as the map scenery.
    • 100 x 100 map size available for Origin Land.
    • 50 x 50 map size available for Isle of Champs

Interactive Item – Zombie Spawn

Place a Zombie Spawn on the map. Item supports the following configurations:

  •  Number of zombies per wave
  • Wave interval
  • Total number of waves
  • Types of zombies
  • Zombie properties (HP / defense / movement speed / enemy scan distance)

Interactive Item – Tower

Towers cannot be moved once placed. Item supports the following configurations:

  • HP
  • Damage
  • Defense
  • Attack interval
  • Enemy scan distance

User Experience for Creators

Uploading and managing maps in prior versions were difficult due to the unclear UI, which frequently led to people performing undesired activities. Garena has listened to the feedback and streamlined the entire map-editing process by relocating the download, upload, and share map design elements to the new Worktable page. The devs hope that by doing so, you will be able to navigate these features more easily.

  • Moved the download, upload, and share features to the main page of Craftland.
  • Deleted the original upload page entrance in Map Editor.
  • Merged the original edit slots and share slots into a display for map share status.
  • Added the Worktable interface that has the following features:
    • Create a new design
    • Edit an existing design
    • Share a design
    • Unshare a design
    • Delete a design

More Map Slots

Garena has added more free map slots for undecided makers so you don’t have to utilize eenie-meenie-minie-mo when you run out of locations to save your fresh designs.

  • Current map data will not be affected.
  • Current paid map slots will remain. After the patch update, the total number of unlocked slots will be 5+N, where N is the number of unlocked paid slots.

FF Craftmate – Beta Version

Communication with other mapmakers has convinced the devs that the existing Map Editor is insufficient for the most gifted minds. As a result, Garena has presented FF Craftmate, it’s very own visual-based block coding system in Free Fire OB 34 update.

Garena took the tiniest aspects from Free Fire’s gameplay and turned them into building blocks that can be assembled in various ways to create something amazing. While this feature may be difficult to grasp at first, the devs feel the opportunities it will provide are worth your time.

  • Switch to FF Craftmate in Map Editor.
  • Combine and fill the blocks to design unique gameplay features and rules.
  • 70+ blocks are available during the initial stage.
  • Available on 6/2 at 12:00 GMT+8.

Debug Tool (FF Craftmate)

As previously said, the new block coding tool may be a little difficult to use at first. As a result, Garena included the Debug Tool so that you could always view your application in operation and discover mistakes if necessary. This program in Free Fire OB34 update also includes bots that can simulate players, a log of every incidence in your game design, and an error log that monitors issues in your code.

Debug Tool is only available under FF Craftmate.

  • Supports the addition of bots to ally or enemy teams. (Max. number of bots = Max. number of total players configured for the match)
  • Supports commands like invulnerability, restore HP, self-eliminate, and teleport.
  • All triggered incidents are displayed in the run info panel.
  • Available on 6/2 at 12:00 GMT+8.

Other Adjustments and Optimizations

Download Center Optimization

Garena is always exploring ways to improve your download experience as they add more map and mode resources to our Download Center. The devs have improved the download process while players are in a team or a room with this version so that if someone is missing a resource, you’ll know who it is and can watch their download progress.


  • Enhanced the ease of use of the report system interface.
  • Upgraded the claim feature of Guild Individual Rewards.
  • Upgraded the friend request list.
  • Upgraded the notification for when a team is full.
  • The replay feature now supports Bomb Squad Mode and Lone Wolf Mode.
  • The location of the “settings” button can now be customized on the HUD.
  • Honor System now supports Bomb Squad Ranked and Lone Wolf Ranked.
  • Automatic “Thank you” to players who help you up.
  • Automatic “Thank you” to players who fulfill your buy request in CS Store.
  • Automatic “Thank you” to players who had pinned an item that you picked up.
  • Honor Score deductions will differ according to ranks.
  • Receive extra CS-Ranked protection points if a teammate force quits.
  • Upgraded the in-match thumbs-up design.

Free Fire MAX Exclusive updates

File Size and Performance Upgrades

Garena understands that the HD graphics in Free Fire Max may put a strain on your mobile devices. As a result, the devs have adjusted a few areas to minimize the file size of this version and, without sacrificing resolution, reduce the performance drain that Free Fire Max may cause on your devices. Now you may enjoy smoother graphics that will greatly improve your gaming experience.

  • Reduced the file size.
  • Reduced performance drain while in the lobby.
  • Reduced incidents of glitches and device overheating while playing matches.
  • Reorganized the following resources into the Download Center:
    • Lone Wolf
    • Events
    • Alpine
    • Some Collections

Speaking of Craftland Optimizations in Free Fire OB34 update, the devs have upgraded the output quality of in-match sound effects, added facial expressions on some characters, and the name of the lobby owner is now displayed when in a team.

What are your thoughts on Free Fire OB34 Rampage Update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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