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Free Fire OB38 update introduces new Game modes, Weapons and more

The much-awaited Free Fire OB38 update is just around the corner as the developers recently confirm the January 11th, 2023 release date. The upcoming update will bring a tonne of new features to the game including new game modes, new pets, guns, and much more. The developers have brought multiple quality-of-life improvements alongside several new features in both BR and CS modes.

Character Updates in Free Fire OB38 update

To enhance the overall experience, Kenta and Skyler will have their abilities revised. Additionally, everyone will have access to all skill slots. Additionally, the Santino character and Kactus pet will be made available.

The new Santino character possesses a fantastic skill called Transport Dummy. A 150 HP dummy that moves on its own for five seconds is spawned by the Active type object. To teleport to the location of the entity, players must once more utilize the talent. They could be able to defeat rivals thanks to this.

Free Fire OB38 Update
Image via Garena

The skill’s cooldown period is 110 seconds between each use at the base level. The cast time will only last for 60 seconds once the character has attained their highest level. This talent, which can be extremely useful, will primarily be used for teleportation.

Free Fire OB38 update: New Features

Weapon Leaderboard

Free Fire OB38 Update
Image via Garena

One of the newest additions to the game, the Weapon Leaderboard, will up the ante on competition throughout. This will be based on a certain area and honour the players’ accomplishments with a specific weapon. As soon as a game wins a ranking match, it will receive some combat points. The top scorers as well as various other positions will be shown on the leaderboard.

Battlecard Feature in Battle Royale mode

Battle Cards can be made and displayed by Free Fire players (stats and playstyles). Before each match, it will be seen on the loading screen.

Free Fire OB38 Update
Image via Garena

New Preset Strategy Pages

Players will have access to two preset pages where they can pre-select their skill sets and load-outs with the release of the Free Fire OB38 update. To eliminate doubt, the developers have also provided a list of the most widely used alternatives.

Barracks in BR mode

The Free Fire Barracks is a new location spread across the map that contains the best items in the game. Try the Barracks if you find the blue zone treasure area to be less difficult or useful. You and your team can find high-quality weapons and equipment in the Shed.

Free Fire OB38 Update, Free Fire Barracks
Image via Garena

There is a chance to find tier-3 weapons and Barracks-only weaponry there. Do not forget to bring your squad! The location of each map’s five to six arsenals may be viewed on the minimap. Despite being the best loot spot in the game, the Shed requires a key to access. It is important to note that each main region of each map has 1-2 keys.

The Big Head mode returns in Free Fire OB38 update

The redesigned Big Head option will be available in the battle royale mode once more. By defeating opponents, people will gain benefits, but the size of their heads will eventually become larger.

Free Fire OB38 update brings the new Clash Squad Season and rewards

Season 17 of Clash Squad will launch globally with the new Free Fire update. Every season, the developers will release a new Golden skin that may be acquired by reaching the Gold 3 rank. This time, everyone will receive the MAC10 skin.

Additions and Optimizations in OB38 update

Weapon Adjustments

The following firearms will receive the buff:

  • AUG
  • MAC10
  • M60
  • Parafal
  • MAC10
  • Shield Gun
  • Trogon Shotgun
  • G36 – Assault
Free Fire OB38 Update
Image via Garena

However, the M79 grenade launcher will receive a nerf to bring it slightly at par with the available options in the battle royale title.

Vehicle Adjustments

The Free Fire OB38 update will improve the vehicle’s speed and HP, as they were previously underwhelming. However, the harm has been reduced to make up for it.

A refined version of the communication system

The communication technology will be significantly improved by Garena in the Free Fire OB38 upgrade. To communicate a brief message to the team, drag the communications key over the surroundings and on-screen buttons.

CS and Battle Royale improvements

A new update to the Clash Squad mode will provide a moving safe zone, allowing for more dynamic action. Jammer and Loot Radar, two new BR mode items, will also be included in the game. While the latter shows where loot is located throughout the game, the former prevents UAVs, Clu, and Otho from detecting players on the map.

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