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Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass: Skins, backpacks, and more

Get an mp5 gun skin on pre-ordering!

Garena Free Fire is a colorful game with different types of premium or Elite passes that have exclusive items. Users should know about upcoming elite passes before spending their money. Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass has many exclusive items from bundles to skins. Elite Pass season 42 will arrive on November 1. Let’s know about it in detail.

Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass: Exclusive Bundles

The highlight of an elite pass is the Male and Female Bundles, which unlock at 225 and 50 badges respectively.

Male Bundle

Bundles are indeed the main item for which users will purchase an Elite Pass. The male bundle has a color combination of red, black, and mild yellow as animation on the wing at the back of the vest.

Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass
Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass male bundle

The main theme of this bundle is Dragon’s Child (which could be inspired by the mothers of the dragon). This bundle will be unlocked after completing 225 badges.

Female Bundle

Female bundles are mostly used by female players of Free Fire and they want their exclusive elite pass bundle to be iconic and the best. This female bundle has a theme based on the character Daenerys Targaryen from the popular drama series Game of Thrones.

Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass
Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass female bundle

Leading from her white hair to golden crown, there is a minor animation of dragon wing flapping. This bundle can be unlocked at 50 badges.

Death Box and Surfboard skins

The second most useful item in this elite pass is the Death Box/Loot Box and Surfboard. In this season 42 elite pass there will be only one of each kind for these items. Here’s all about them in detail.

Death box

Death boxes are items used as crates after eliminating enemy players. The main theme of the death box is a dragon imprisoned in fiery chains and ruby on the head and mild animation of a droplet of lava from chains. This item will be unlocked at 200 badges.

Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass
Death Box


Surfboards are items used for showing-off when players jump off from a plane. The main theme is a dragon but with tusks emerging from the mouth. There will be major animation of black and yellow smoke coming from the back. This item will be unlocked at 100 badges.

Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass

Backpack Skins

The skin of the backpack changes on basis of in-game inventory. There are generally 3 different types of backpacks which are of level 1,2, and 3 that can be obtained in-game.

Level 1: The level 1 bag has a color theme of black and red. However, in the first level of the backpack, there will be no animation. This bag skin will be equipped when the player will achieve 150 inventory spaces.

Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass
Level 1 backpack

Level 2: Level 2 bag skin will have a color theme of red, gold, and black, with animation of red aura coming from the bottom. This level will be unlocked after achieving 200 inventory spaces.

Level 2 backpack

Level 3: Level 3 is the last level of the bag and has the main animation of levitating and glowing wings from the side and golden fire at the top of the bag. This level will be unlocked after achieving 300 inventory spaces.

Level 3 backpack

Pre-order reward

This month there will be an event for pre-ordering by October 28. There will be a premium reward for pre-ordering, which is a gun skin of mp5. The skin will not be legendary or animated, but it will have attributes like- the stats will have a 10% increase in rate of fire, 10% increase in the magazine but 10% decrease in movement speed. This gun skin will never return as it is a premium elite pass reward. 

Final Thoughts

Should users consider purchasing the season 42 elite pass? Players should purchase it because for the second time Free Fire is collaborating with a movie (after the Cinderella elite pass 37) and bringing the exclusive items via Elite pass. Also, this is the first elite pass with attribute gun skins. So, this elite pass will be worth more than 10,000 In-game currency. This Elite Pass will also be available in the discount event starting November 27.

What are your thoughts on Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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