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Genshin Impact: Yae Miko gets a nerf due to a recent fix in Version 2.6 update

Yae’s recent fix causes a huge backlash in the community!

From the first Genshin Impact beta test of version 2.5, Yae Miko‘s Elemental Skill was somewhat clunky to use. This is because the skill didn’t have any iFrames and had to be deployed simultaneously, one after another, to maximize the damage. Moreover, her Turret would randomly target both enemies and inanimate objects like a campfire on the overworld, trees, or bushes. Still, since these attacks were invoked most of the time randomly, it was not an issue. Another character in the game with a very similar targeting system to Yae Miko is Oz; however, he never had a lot of issues with targeting.

According to the tweet, this fix is not the final tweaking that they will do, but they are looking for feedback to improve it. The amount of backlash this fix has caused in all the server communities is quite high. Even the JP players that are the least vocal of the bunch are quite angry and actively voicing their concerns on social media.

This huge backlash likely means it will get ‘fixed’ soon enough. But the question is that Yae Miko was heavily tested in the beta test, and even after her release, it was somewhat clear what Yae needed to fix her abilities. Players have been voicing the required changes for a long time through Surveys and Polls, but miHoYo somehow missed the crux of the issue entirely and came up with such a fix.

How did the fix cause a nerf to Yae Miko in Genshin Impact 2.6

  • The fix to Yae ensured that instead of random targeting, the turrets would target the closest enemy, causing Yae’s C2 to lose its value. Aside from the damage increase, this constellation increased the range of the turret, but now after the fix, the turret would only target the enemy’s closet, which makes it pretty much useless. Players that have spent money or used their stash of savings to get their hands on that C2 were probably the most affected by this fix.
  • One of Turret’s strong points was the ability to attack ranged characters like Hilichurl Archers and Ranged Treasure Hoarder. The game does not have a lot of character skills that can passively attack ranged enemies, and these ranged enemies are relatively weak, so the turrets could take them out or at least take a huge chunk of their HP for easier defeats.
  • The Turret’s ability to randomly attack was the thing that made Yae Miko great in Supercharged and Overload teams. The Turret would spread the Electro aura to as many enemies as possible for increased effective damage.
  • Aside from the points above, the biggest problem with the fix is that if the enemy closer to the player were immune to Electro, the Turrets would continue to target them with Zero DPS. Enemies like Shielded Electro Cincin Mage, Electro Slimes, or Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl would effectively cause the damage to drop to zero. Moreover, repositioning the turret requires quite a bit of time, so her already long deployment time for the turret gets added with a few extra seconds now and then. Here is a Reddit post that demonstrates how this fix is causing more problems instead of fixing them.

Yae Miko certainly didn’t have a powerful DPS potential meta-wise among the recently released characters. However, her looks, animations, and playful personality were behind the high sales during her feature banner. Although this actively made a somewhat clunky character and then made her even worse by adding a badly designed fix, not a great move from a company like miHoYo.

What are your thoughts about Yae Miko getting a nerf in Genshin Impact version 2.6 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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