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Honkai: Star Rail Cosmic Refreshment Supply event is offering free Stellar Jades, merch, and more

Purchase your drinks and earn rewards!

HoYoverse recently announced the Cosmic Refreshment Supply event during the Honkai Star Rail 1.2 update livestream. This collaboration involves various drink brands, and players can acquire in-game items and game merchandise by purchasing these drinks while supplies last. This event allows Trailblazers to obtain physical and in-game rewards by buying delicious beverages from selected well-known brands. While the Cosmic Refreshment Supply event is limited to specific locations, it presents players with exciting opportunities to acquire a range of merchandise and in-game rewards.

This collaboration serves as an excellent advertisement for the participating drink brands, as players are incentivized to purchase their products in order to unlock exclusive rewards within the game. By linking the real-world consumption of beverages with in-game benefits, the event creates a mutually beneficial partnership that promotes the brands while providing players with a unique way to obtain rewards and collectibles.

Honkai: Star Rail Cosmic Refreshment Supply event location, duration, and brands

The event will launch worldwide on July 19, 2023, to July 30, 2023, for most brands except the United States. The United States with the Sunright Tea Studio will have a much longer event duration from July 19, 2023, to August 31, 2023. Information is still unclear as to why the United States will have an extended duration for the event.

Honkai Star Rail Blade and Kafka
Image via HoYoverse

The event was mainly announced In addition to its global reach, HoYoverse has expanded the event to include 12 major locations worldwide. Here is a simplified list of these locations:

  • United States: Sunright Tea Studio
  • South Korea: MAURITIUS BROWN
  • Japan: Cafe on wheels at Tokyo and Osaka
  • Germany: Comebuy
  • Argentina: Hero Anime Cafe
  • Philippines: Happy Lemon
  • Vietnam: Gong Cha Việt Nam
  • Thailand: BearHouse
  • Malaysia: KOI
  • Singapore: CHAGEE
  • Indonesia: RAMU NOSTALGIA

Despite the event being limited to chosen locations, players are given opportunities to obtain various merch and in-game rewards for players, and is a good advertisement for given brands.

How to get the rewards from Honkai: Star Rail Cosmic Refreshment Supply event

During the Cosmic Refreshment Supply event, players can obtain various rewards based on their purchases:

  1. By purchasing a single collaboration drink, players will receive a complimentary cup sleeve and redemption card. The cup sleeve and redemption card will be randomized, adding an element of surprise to the reward.
  2. Players who purchase two or more collaboration drinks will receive a pair of coasters with two different designs, two randomized cup sleeves, and a redemption card for each drink acquired. This reward package offers a greater variety of items for players to collect.
  3. In addition to the collaboration drinks, any drink purchased from the store will grant players a randomized sticker. This offer extends to all drinks available, not exclusively limited to collaboration drinks.
Honkai Star Rail Cosmic Refreshment event supply location
Image via HoYoverse

These rewards incentivize players to engage in the event and support the participating brands by purchasing their beverages. Whether players opt for collaboration drinks or other options from the store, they have the opportunity to receive unique and collectible items as a token of their participation.

Honkai: Star Rail Cosmic Refreshment Supply Rewards

During the Cosmic Refreshment Supply event, players can obtain a range of rewards connected to the version 1.2 featured characters, Blade and Kafka, as well as other in-game rewards. Here are more details about the available rewards:

  • Cup Sleeves: Players will receive cup sleeves as event-exclusive merchandise. These cup sleeves feature designs related to the Stellaron Hunters and will be given out randomly with the purchase of collaboration drinks.
  • Coasters: A pair of coasters, with two different designs, will be awarded to players who purchase two or more collaboration drinks. These coasters serve as functional and decorative items, featuring artwork related to the event and the Stellaron Hunters.
  • Stickers: With any drink purchased from the store, players will receive randomized stickers. These stickers can be collected and used to personalize various items, adding a touch of customization to players’ belongings.
  • In-game Redemption Cards: Players will also receive redemption cards along with their cup sleeves when purchasing collaboration drinks. These redemption cards contain codes or instructions that can be used within the game to unlock exclusive in-game rewards or special benefits.

Additionally, there are indications that the Stellaron Hunters, Blade, and Kafka, will make appearances during the event. Once the Honkai Star Rail collaboration event is launched, players, known as Trailblazers, will have the chance to participate in an exploration run and potentially meet these iconic characters in person. This creates an exciting opportunity for players to engage with the Stellaron Hunters and further immerse themselves in the event.

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What are your thoughts about the Honkai: Star Rail Cosmic Refreshment Supply event? Let us know in the comments below!

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