Huawei reinstates all Tencent games back into its App Store after brief removal

Another Apple vs Epic in the making?

Just recently, all online titles from Tencent games were removed from the Huawei App Store but we’re shortly reinstated on Friday after both companies came to an understanding after further negotiations. Tencent added that “both sides will keep on working together to deliver better experiences and services to the mobile consumers.”

Due to the failure of Huawei’s mobile game platform to renew its contract with our Mobile Game Promotion Project Agreement as scheduled, relevant products of Tencent Games were suddenly removed from the shelves.


The statement also stated that active communication is being made between both companies to try to find a middle ground. Tencent Games have become one of the most popular and most successful developers on the Mobile gaming platform and has sold some of the top-ranked online games all over the globe like PUBG MOBILE.

Huawei on the other hand, owns a 41.4% share of China’s smartphone market and it boasts of 14.9% in worldwide market sales, according to research data from Canalys and IDC, both firms of market research.

Why did Huawei remove all Tencent games from its App Store?

One source claimed the games were taken off because both companies were unable to come to an agreement in terms of the revenue split for the app store sales. Huawei headstrong insisted on getting the higher cut, which is 50%, according to the source. However, the smartphone giants did not respond instantly to the game developers’ requests seeking to comment on the proposal.

Conversely, Tencent games did not reverse with a comment immediately as well. A while ago, there was already some minor resistance from other game developers (not just Tencent) to Huawei’s revenue demands. Among them are MiHoyo, the makers of Genshin Impact, who are based in Shanghai. Previously, miHoYo also decided to refrain from putting up Genshin impact on the Huawei AppGallery due to similar revenue issues.

What is your opinion on this, are you excited to know that the Huawei app store is once again filled with Tencent games after being removed only recently? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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