Minecraft fan creates hilarious Curse of Binding animation

The high-quality animation makes light of the Minecraft curse

Minecraft fan created a high-quality animation that redefines the effects of the curse of binding, the results turning out to be devastating but also hilarious. Minecraft has been known for its creative sphere which allows and pushes its players to come up with some of the most creative ideas that one can imagine. Creations with artistic touch or approach comprising of complex structures such as recreation of Vietnam’s tallest building, Landmark 81.

The Minecraft players never failed to surprise the audience and the community with their creativity and artistic creations in-game. The creations not only include the building of architectures and complex structures but also another in-game form of videos and animations. 

Minecraft: Creation of Curse of Binding animation

Recently a Reddit user vorpralbird came up with the brilliant idea of creating an animation that makes light of Minecraft’s curse of binding status effect. The animation in the video was visually pleasing as well as technically impressive. 

For the ones who are new to Minecraft, the curse of binding is a negative enchantment that affects the pieces of gear in which the piece of gear cannot be removed by any method or means save for the item breaking or the player dies. The funny or hilarious thing about the vorpralbird’s animation is the probability of the curse turning out to be dangerous if it was stronger than its current form.

In the video uploaded by vorpralbird, Steve has a pair of pants with the curse attached to his legs. The pants instead of simply being stuck to him cause Steve to stay immobile in one place. When Steve realizes he cannot move, he makes an attempt to jump out of his pants.

However, in the process, he loses his legs falling in front of a dispenser that fires a pumpkin which also has the curse onto his head. This makes it even more hilarious since the pumpkins do not lose their durability, which concludes that the pumpkin would be stuck on Steve’s head forever. 

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