Mobile Legends: Complete analysis of M4 Hero Picks

Hero picks Analysed and probable Meta Shift!

Recently, on Jan 15, Mobile Legends M4 World Championship concluded and Team ECHO won the championship. In the tournament, including both the Group Stages and the Knockout stage, certain heroes have been picked or banned in most of the matches. And after the season championship, all players try to take the picks that the pros take. Hence after each world championship, the meta picks change. There have been 102 matches in M4 and for the whole tournament, 76 heroes have been either picked or banned. Here, we analyze the top hero picks in Mobile Legends M4 championship.

M4 World Championship: Top 5 Picked and Banned Heroes

Top 5 Picked/Banned Heroes

  1. Wan-wan (102 matches)
  2. Karrie (101 matches)
  3. Gloo (100 matches)
  4. Yve (97 matches)
  5. Joy (95 matches)

Top 5 Picked Heroes

  1. Karrie (50 matches)
  2. Fredrinn (50 matches)
  3. Yve (48 matches)
  4. Beatrix (42 matches)
  5. Valentina (41 matches)
Mobile Legends M4 Hero Picks
Image via MOONTON Games

Top 5 Banned Heroes

  1. Wan-wan (93 matches)
  2. Joy (73 matches)
  3. Kaja (61 matches)
  4. Gloo (60 matches)
  5. Fanny (55 matches)

Top 5 Heroes with Best Win Rates (min 10 matches)

  1. Brody (15 matches, 73.33%)
  2. Kaja (30 matches, 66.67%)
  3. Barats (15 matches, 66.67%)
  4. Lapu-Lapu (34 matches, 58.82%)
  5. Kadita (19 matches, 57.89%)

1. Wanwan

Wanwan Mobile Legends Game Cover
Image via Moonton

Wanwan has always been one of the best marksmen and heroes in MLBB. But the recent revamp of Corrosion Scythe has made the marksman for whom this is a core item very much overpowered. The same goes for Golden Staff. Also, 1 well-placed Wanwan Ultimate can defeat the whole enemy team sometimes. Due to these reasons, in all matches, Wanwan is either banned or picked.

2. Karrie

Karrie MLBB, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.24 Update, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.26 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

The same argument can be made for Karrie. But Karrie has become much more effective than earlier. Due to this, teams were trying to get Karrie, hence not much was banned. Also, Karrie is the tank killer in the game. So, Karrie has missed just one game in the whole tournament.

3. Gloo

Mobile Legends Gloo MLBB, Mobile Legends Patch update 1.5.78 1.5.92
Image via Moonton

Gloo has recently become one of the best side lanes in the game. Considering it can completely control a single target hero, makes it a great side laner. It can sustain a lot of damage without losing the lane.

4. Yve

Yve MLBB, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.48 Update
Yve in Mobile Legends (Image via Moonton)

Yve since its release has been one of the best mages for the tournaments. Yve’s ultimate skill can easily disrupt the whole enemy’s attack and also slows down the enemy. Also, during the ultimate Yve controls a large portion of the map and can sustain a lot of damage during that period.

5. Joy

Mobile Legends Joy Gameplay Cover
Image via MOONTON Games

Joy is the latest hero in MLBB. It has a good skill set which makes it a great 1v1 hero. But considering it is a new hero, completely strategizing for and against Joy couldn’t have been done most probably, due to which, it has faced too many bans. 

6. Kaja

Mobile Legends Kaja Game MLBB Hero Cover, Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.24 Update
Image via Moonton

Kaja is one hero which can completely neutralize one of the opponent’s backline characters. Also, recent changes have allowed Kaja to sustain more damage and no decrease in damage, so, just to protect the backline Kaja has faced such a high Ban Rate.

7. Fredrinn

Mobile Legends Roger Appraiser Fredrinn Game Guide Cover, Mobile Legends October 2022 Tier List cover
Image via MOONTON Games

Fredrinn is also one of the newer heroes. He can soak a lot of damage, deal a decent amount of damage, and regen. Due to these characteristics, players have been picking Fredrinn as a tanky jungler.

8. Valentina

Valentina Mobile Legends MLBB
Image via MOONTON Games

The most irritating thing about Valentina is that she can steal one of the opponent’s ultimate skills. Many times, a good Valentina player would pick up the best ultimate from an opponent and use it at the perfect moment surprising the enemy. Also, Valentina is a tanky mage.

Shift in the Meta

Considering the M4 matches, Karrie has become the most important Hero right now. Even in ranked matches, Karrie is always picked or banned. The recent buff on the items has left many players afraid of the Hero. Another new change is picking Sustainable Heroes for the Jungle Role. And Fredrinn has become the favorite choice for this. Other options for this are Balmond and Barats.

What are your thoughts on the hero picks in Mobile Legends M4 World Championship? Let us know in the comments below!

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