Mobile Legends Gloo Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Gloo the Swamp Spirits is a formidable tanky hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who leaves a trail of havoc in his wake. Gloo is a durable hero with a good set of Regeneration, Immobilizing, Area of Effect, and Crowd Control, and mostly does magic damage to enemies, making him a formidable 1v1 hunter. In this guide, we will cover how to build and play Gloo in Mobile Legends, starting from his skills, to emblems and spell recommendations, and finally to items and gameplay tips.

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Skill analysis

Gloo is a hero with four common skill sets one passive and three actives. In this Gloo guide, let’s see what are his abilities in Mobile Legends, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of him.

Passive – Stick, Stick (Slow, Buff)

Mobile Legends Gloo Passive

Enemies will receive a passive mark of stick-stick after getting hit by Gloo’s skill. Each stack slows enemies’ movement speed for 6 seconds by 6% while reducing their damage dealt with Gloo by 6%. This can be stacked up to 5 times. This stick-stick effect works on jungle creeps but not on minions.

Skill 1 – Slam, Slam (CC, AoE)

CD – 10.0
MANA – 40.0

Mobile Legends Gloo Skill 1

By casting this skill Gloo slams the ground and leaves a small Goo in the designated area while dealing 80( +80% Total Magic Power) magic damage to the enemy. Small Goo will detonate after 3 seconds and immobilize the targets for 1 second while dealing 200( +8% Total HP) magic damage to all nearby enemies. Gloo can trigger the detonation effect instantly by just touching it, it will reset the skill’s CD, and heal Gloo for 3% of Max HP.

Skill 2 – Pass, Pass (CC, AOE)

CD – 10.0
MANA – 80.0

Mobile Legends Gloo Skill 2

By casting this skill Gloo will spit and immobilize all the targets for 0.5 seconds in his path while dealing 100( +50% Total Magic Power) magic damage. This skill can be combined with Skill 1, so if Skill 2 hits Gloo (Skill 1), Gloo (Skill 2) will dash into the marked location (Gloo) while dragging the enemies in his path.

Skill 3 – Split, Split ( Morph, Heal)

CD – 50.0
MANA – 100.0

Split Split

Mobile Legends Gloo Ultimate

By casting this skill swamp spirit Gloo will split into Goo pieces for the next 10 seconds while increasing their movement speed by 35%. With this Gloo recovers 1.5% HP per second while dealing 120( +25% Total Magic Power) magic damage to the targets for every 0.25 seconds. Each small goos can add a passive mark on the target.

Grab, Grab 

When the passive mark is full on the enemies, Gloo can attach himself to the target’s body for up to 9 seconds while regaining 25% Max HP. In this particular time, he cannot move but he can still use his skills and basic attacks 120 (+ 50% Total Magic Powe) magic damage; side by side Gloo’s skills cooldown duration will be shortened by half. When Gloo takes damage in this attached state 80% of the damage will be transferred to the host.

Go, Go

Using ultimate again will leave the host and end skill effects. Generally, heroes with Debuff/invincible skills and Purify Spell cannot remove the attached enemy from Gloo. If the host dies while Gloo is still attached to it it will lower his Split, Split skill cooldown will be lowered to 5 seconds.

Skill-up method for Gloo

Unlock skill 1 first and upgrade it to the max level. Upgrade skill 2 accordingly. Ultimate whenever available.

Best Emblem Set and Spells for Gloo in Mobile Legends

As you play Gloo in the Exp lane, it’s best to use the Basic Common emblem. It suits his style well and helps him perform better in battles. This emblem choice can boost Gloo’s effectiveness in Mobile Legends, as you’ll learn in this guide.

Basic Common emblem

When you’re playing Gloo in the Exp Lane, it’s smart to stick with the Basic Common emblem. This choice boosts Gloo’s regeneration, HP, and adaptive attack, which helps him perform better in the lane. Since his first skill uses mana and deals damage, enhancing these stats is key for dealing more damage and staying in the lane longer without needing to go back to base.

As for standard talents, I recommend using the Agility and Wilderness Blessing. These talents provide Gloo with the extra mobility he needs, especially when utilizing his Ultimate skill. These allow him to chase down enemies more effectively and rotate across the map faster, giving him greater control over the battlefield.

Mobile Legends Gloo Basic Common Emblem
Image via MOONTON Games

As for the core talent, choose Brave Smite. Skill damage grants HP regen. It grants HP regeneration whenever Gloo deals skill damage. This not only enhances his survivability but also synergizes well with his skill-oriented playstyle, allowing him to sustain himself in prolonged engagements. However, if you want to read an in-depth emblem guide, check here.


One of the best spells for Gloo is Flicker. It’s super versatile, you can use it to escape if you’re in trouble, chase down enemies with low health, or even pull off immobilization. Another good option is Sprint, which helps you either escape from danger or catch up to enemies. You can also use Vengeance or Execute, which can also be handy depending on how you like to play and what the situation calls for.

Best Builds for Gloo in Mobile Legends

There are various builds you can experiment with for Gloo. Simply observe the enemy team composition and adapt your role accordingly on the battlefield. Below is a template you can try out with Gloo. To know more about the best heroes in every meta in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), refer to our best heroes article.

Mobile Legends Gloo Item Build
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Tough Boots: Helps resist crowd control effects, keeping Gloo more mobile and less vulnerable to enemy control.
  • Cursed Helmet: Deals damage to nearby enemies, which is useful when Gloo is in the middle of enemy teams during fights.
  • Dominance Ice: Provides armour, cooldown reduction, and slows down enemy movement speed, making Gloo tougher and more disruptive in battles.
  • Oracle: Increases healing effects and shield regeneration, boosting Gloo’s sustain and survivability in prolonged fights.
  • Thunder Belt: Offers extra HP, mana, cooldown reduction, and a slowing effect on Gloo’s basic attacks, improving his durability and crowd control.
  • Glowing Wand: Adds magic power and burns damage over time, enhancing Gloo’s damage output and sustained pressure on enemies.
  • Antique Cuirass: Provides armour, and HP, and reduces physical attack damage received by nearby enemies, making Gloo tougher and more supportive of the team.
  • Blade Armor: Reflects a portion of incoming basic attack damage back to the attacker, making Gloo more resilient against enemy marksmen and melee heroes.
  • Radiant Armor: Reduces magic attack damage, boosting Gloo’s survivability and team support capabilities.
  • Immortality: Grants a second chance at life upon death, allowing Gloo to keep fighting after the resurrection.
  • Guardian Helmet: Provides a huge amount of HP good for facing heroes with true damage and grants constant HP regen, allowing him to sustain himself better in prolonged fights and skirmishes.
  • Athena’s Shield: Offers magic resistance, HP, and a shield that resists burst magic damage, making Gloo more resilient against mage-heavy compositions and burst damage.

Mobile Legends Gloo Gameplay Tips

Gloo is a very strong hero in the early game, especially in 1v1. Always pick boots according to the enemy damage type. According to his gameplay, we can break it down into three phases. Our Mobile Legends Gloo guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late games. However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero.

Early Game

In the early game, concentrate on farming and levelling up to access Gloo’s abilities and start acquiring his core items. Prioritize unlocking Gloo’s Slam ability first to harass the enemy laner, poking them to assert dominance in the lane. Once you gain control of the lane, consider freezing the lane to deny your opponents gold and experience, putting them at a disadvantage. This allows you to maintain lane pressure and potentially set up kills or secure objectives with your team.

Mobile Legends Gloo Gameplay
Image via MOONTON Games

Try to hit enemies to activate your passive. Don’t be afraid to turret drive once you reach level 4, you have enough HP to immobilize enemies in their turret. But don’t do it without your team’s support, keep that in mind you are a magic damage dealer so use Skill 2 and push your enemy towards your allies then get attached to them for a sure kill.

Mid Game

At this phase, Gloo shines most as it got sustained build and deals a lot of magic damage. Work with your team to secure objectives like the turtle or invade the enemy jungle when you spot openings. Keep an eye on the minimap for potential ganks. Spam Skill 1+ skill 2 often to close the gap between enemies and then immobilize them to control the situation.

Mobile Legends Gloo Gameplay
Image via MOONTON Games

You can also use this combo to perform a dash between thick walls so use it wisely and escape death. Always roam in the bushes to prevent ganking and use your ultimate before a team ganks. It will activate your passive faster and you can either aim for the enemy damage dealer else avoid turret damage.

Late Game

In this stage try to protect your squishy heroes from the enemy. Always stay in front of your carry, if the enemy ganked your carry use the Skill 1+Skill 2 combo to push them back. Do the same after attaching to an enemy hero. If you are failed to do that it’s better to leave the host and wait for the next time because it’s easy to counter Gloo if he is stuck under the turret.

Mobile Legends Gloo Gameplay
Image via MOONTON Games

After clearing the outer sets of turrets try to take the turtle and gank enemy carry. In late-stage don’t just use your ultimate in anywhere, wait for the perfect moment. once you do a successful initiate with your ultimate the whole enemy team will be wiped out. Additionally, you can perform the following skill combos to gain an upper hand in the battle.

Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Skill 3 + Skill 3 + Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Basic Attack

Heroes that counter GlooHeroes Gloo can counter

Final Thoughts

As we discussed earlier Gloo is a proper Tank, so as a tank you have to help your carry. He is indeed a mischievous troublemaker, is composed of mysterious creatures that merge. Play him according to his strengths to get the best out of him. These tips will surely help you to guide easy wins with Gloo in Mobile Legends. You can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season.

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That’s all for today’s Mobile Legends Gloo Guide. Do you prefer to use Gloo in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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