Mobile Legends Gamer Creation League (MGL): How to join, Requirements, Benefits and more

Time to write guides, join MGL and earn lot of diamonds!

With such a huge community and fanbase, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) needs help to keep producing MLBB-themed guides, clips and other forms of content to appease the crowd. To help with the initiative, Mobile Legends Gamer Creation League (MGL) is recruiting players who are familiar with the game and its many characters to be guide writers, video editors and more. In this article, we’ll cover what it takes to become a content creator for MLBB, and how you can start today! If you are still unsure about content creation, check out our article on MLBB’s Creator Camp to learn more about how to create great gaming content.

Mobile Legends Gamer Creation League (MGL): Overview and How to join

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Gamer Creation League, also known as MGL, is a community of veteran MLBB players who create engaging content like game guides, patch updates, and even host community tournaments. 

Applicants should fill in the following information and send their application via email to ‘’. These are just some information which the nominating team needs to ensure you can easily send and store your creative work.

  • Which hero are you good in MLBB? (Requires at least one)
  • Gender (Required)
  • Age (Required)
  • Contact Email Address (Required)
  • Facebook Page URL (Optional)
  • Average Online Time (hours/days) (Required)
  • Fixed Online Time (Server Time) (Morning/Afternoon/Evening) (Required)
  • In-Game ID (Required)
  • Your Ranking (Required)
  • Reason for Applying to Join as a Member (Required)

Additionally, applicants must submit a copy of a sample guide article, video, or infographic focused on the hero you mentioned above. This is a mandatory item, which must be original.

Mobile Legends Gamer Creation League (MGL): Requirements, Duties and Benefits


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Gamer Creation League
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Applicants must love MLBB and have a full understanding of at least one hero. To know more about different roles in Mobile Legends, please read our best heroes in the game for every meta.
  • Writers are required to have reached a ranking of Legendary or above. To learn more about the different divisions and tips about Ranked mode in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, please read our Ranked mode guide.
  • Applicants must be skilled at writing guides and video production, among other informative and creative outlets and mediums.
  • The writing style should be simple and easy to understand. 
  • Writers should be skilled writers and communicators, with the ability to coordinate and organize ideas intelligently.
  • Writers should have a certain degree of professionalism, and complete tasks to the quality and time requirements expected of them. They should cooperate fully with MLBB management staff.
  • Writers should love competitive games and have their own unique opinions and voices, regarding the content they produce.


  • They will be responsible for the writing or production of guides related to MLBB game content.
  • Formats include videos, images and other suitable content. Guide topics may include but are not limited to game content, basic gameplay, hero usage, skill analysis, equipment breakdowns, formations, team fight techniques, etc. To know more about equipment in Mobile Legends, do read our guide on items in MLBB.
  • Rewards will be provided based on tasks completed, the depth of the topics provided and more.


  • Every month, MGL members will receive compensation in the form of MLBB diamonds.
  • New Writers: 200 diamonds per guide in the probation period. This will come along with 500 diamonds per official writing task.
  • Regular Writers: 1,000 diamonds per month, 500 diamonds per guide and 1000 diamonds per official task.

To know about more ways to earn diamonds in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, do read our guide to earn diamonds for free in MLBB. Along with the monthly diamond rewards, members will also receive special benefits such as;

Exclusive MGL Avatar Border
Image via MOONTON Games
  • In-game livestream recommendations 
  • Official support from Moonton
  • First to know all official game information
  • Advertising support via the Official MLBB website, events hall, and other platforms
  • Exclusive MGL Avatar Border

Final Thoughts

That’s pretty much all you need to know and prepare for your application to MGL. If you’re looking for some creative output to channel your ideas and love playing MLBB, then this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you. If you are accepted as per the application, then the MGL staff will contact you with further information. Good luck!

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