Mobile Legends July 2022 Leaks: Upcoming Skins, Heroes and Events

Possible upcoming skins and events in the month of July!

On July 2, Season 25 of Mobile Legends will start and lots of new skins and events are on their way in July 2022 with the first purchase skin for the season being Selena’s Gothic Curse. The skin would be available for 100 diamonds only and on recharge of any amount, players would get the Avatar Border completely free. In this article, we will showcase what the developers at MOONTON Games have to offer in the upcoming month of July in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends Starlight Pass for July 2022

July’s Starlight skin is Nana’s Cyclone Clash and Nana’s Sacred Statue will also be given to players with starlight passes. Nana had been a popular hero but not much picked in the recent meta. With the new Starlight skin, it is expected that we could see Nana more on the battlefield. Players with a pass can choose any 1 skin from the list of these 5 skins.

Mobile Legends  Starlight Skin July 2022

Along with this skin, Lou Yi painted skin for Tenko will also be available for the players with the Starlight Pass. Luo Yi is one of the most highly picked mages in the higher mythic ranked matches. She has been very meta-relevant as she can provide great damage and good enough crowd control.

Upcoming New skins in Mobile Legends for July 2022

Season 24 Skin Reward

Mobile Legends skins events July 2022

All Mobile Legends players who are above Master rank in-game will receive Grock‘s Ancient Totem skin. Grock’s pick rate had decreased a lot. However, after the recent changes in Grock’s skill, there has been an increase in Grock’s pick rate. Also with the new skin, that would be given to almost all active players, it can be expected that Grock would be picked much more in the matches.

July Collector Skin: Luo Yi: Elyium Guardian

Mobile legends skins events July 2022

This skin would be part of the Heavenly Artifact Series and will be available on July 8. Zilong’s Collector skin has already been released and is also part of this series. Lou Yi’s skin would be the next addition to the series.

Mobile legends skins events July 2022

According to the Mobile Legends Lore, Zilong, and Luo Yi are Heroes based on Chinese culture and Mythologies. It can be expected that other heroes who might get skins in this series are; Chang’e, Akai, Yu Zhong, and Wanwan.

Aamon’s Noble Crest Elite Skin

Aamon's Noble Crest Elite Skin

Aamon’s Noble Crest Elite skin will be available on July 11 for 599 Diamonds and will be off by 30% in the first week. Aamon was released in Season 24 of Mobile Legends and players have liked his gameplay. This would be the first Elite Skin for Aamon.

Yi Sun-Shin Epic Skin

Mobile legends skins events

Yi Sun-Shin Epic Skin will be available on 23 July for 899 diamonds with 30% off for the first week. YSS has been a very important pick for the Glory players. YSS though has skills that are very useful skills for the team but it is difficult to master this hero.

Mobile Legends July 2022 Game Changes

  • 4 Minions in Mid Lane till first 5 Mins:  To help the mages to farm efficiently, number of minions in the early game.
Mobile legends skins events July 2022
  • Jungle changes: Blue and Orange buff will spawn early (the 20s). Some changes are also made in that part to help the jungler in case of invasion. Also, the jungler would no longer get any gold or experience from minions unless he is 2 levels behind his teammates.
  • Adjustments: Buffed: Gord, Terizla
  • Minor Changes: Xavier, Lunox
mobile legends July 2022 Game changes
  • Items Buffed: Blood Wings, Glowing Wand
  • Nerfed: Radiant Armour, Genius Wand, Aegis
  • Minor Changes: Blade Armour       

Mobile Legends x Star Wars Collaboration Event

Last but not the least, the most-awaited and exciting Star Wars Collaboration returns with Kimmy Storm Trooper Skin in July 2022.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming skins and events for July 2022 in Mobile Legends? Let us know in the comment section below!

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