Mobile Legends Project Next ‘Rise of Necrokeep’ to bring revamped heroes, new ranked UI, and more

Exciting new changes await the fans of Mobile Legends!

MOONTON recently released a short cinematic thriller on the official YouTube channel of Mobile Legends showcasing three upcoming revamped heroes in the Project Next ‘Rise of Necrokeep‘ update. Also, the rank UI will be updated soon and players will get better rewards according to their rank from the next season.

Mobile Legends Project Next ‘Rise of Necrokeep’ update

Revamped Heroes

Moonton finally started to revamp some less-picked heroes. In this phase, they are going to revamp their hero with a very low pick rate in any rank division. These three heroes are Vexana, Leomord, and Faramis.


Image via Moonton

They have made some adjustments to her First skill, Second, and the Ultimate also. Her new ultimate is very interesting, she can summon a Lord with her Ultimate and The Lord will carry her magic power and other attributes. Not only has her skill changed, but they have also remodeled her base model from Evil looking woman to a beautiful lady.

Leomord and Faramis

Leomord Faramis
Image via Moonton

The same goes for Leomord and Faramis too, their base model has been redesigned. Leomord’s Crit chance has been buffed, and damage and CD of First skill have been buffed. Overall they have improved his early game capability. Faramis’s passive has been changed, his First and Second skill has been improved and now his Ultimate will increase the team’s survivability by a lot.

New rank UI and Seasonal Rewards

New season rewards
Image via Moonton

Players will see the new rank UI after entering a rank lobby and the new UI looks very modern and dynamic. Also, the rewards system has been changed. After the update gets applied to the Official server, players will be able to claim two different types of rewards. The new one is based on their rank and after leveling up their rank. They will get a Start Protection card and Border after moving to the next rank division. And the other seasonal rewards as before.

Mid lane and Jungle role adjustments

In this upcoming update, the midline will have extra minions, so the mid-lane or Mage heroes will be able to get to Level 4 faster. This will increase their roaming and ganking ability. On the other hand, players who are using the Retribution spell or playing a Jungle role will get lesser Gold and Exp after clearing minion wave, so jungle will be more focused on jungling when the update comes to the official server.

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