Mobile Legends: 5 upcoming hero skins of March and April 2021

Who will be your pick?

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, there are over 100 heroes to choose from that you can play in a variety of game modes. With such heroes, they also come in different skins, and skins all have different rarities. Ranging from Basic and Elite, to Special and Starlight, all the way to Epic, Collector, and Legend skins. These rarities are used to determine how unique (and thus, expensive) a skin design is. In the upcoming months of March and April 2021, MLBB will see the release of 2 new heroes as well as many more skins, and some of these skins are definitely ones you don’t want to skip, as they may never return to the shop in the future. So let’s take a deeper look into the 5 best upcoming hero skins that are arriving in Mobile Legends in the coming days of March and April!

Upcoming Mobile Legends Hero Skins

Roger “Cyborg Werewolf”

Mobile Legends hero skins March April  Roger "Cyborg Werewolf"

Starting off this list with this half-man, half-beast hero, Roger is a crowd favorite hero that has always been popular ever since his release. With Cyborg Werewolf coming out on the 10th of March 2021, this will mark his third Epic-rarity skin, the first of any hero to have that many Epic skins. With a purple motif and futuristic look, he will be available in the shop for the usual price of 899 Diamonds and will stay there for a long time.

Hilda “Aries” and Minotaur “Taurus”

As a part of the Zodiac Skin Series Encore, Hilda and Minotaur Zodiac skins return to the shop and are available for purchase. To purchase them, you will need 14 Crystals of Aurora (20 after Discount ends) for each Spin, and each Spin will grant at least 1 Star Power. Upon reaching 100 Star Power, the next Spin will definitely be the Zodiac skin of the turn. Each Zodiac Skin you previously own will add 10 Star Power to the bar for each turn, up to a maximum of 60 Power.

Hilda “Aries” and Minotaur “Taurus”

The best part of the Zodiac Series is that they have their own rarity, much like the King of Fighter collaboration skins, or the Lightborn Series. Hilda and Minotaur are both good representatives of their respective Zodiacs, Aries and Taurus, and the skins live up to their name. It would be a shame to skip these skins this year because they are not guaranteed to return next year. Hilda Aries will be available starting March 21, and Minotaur Taurus will be available starting April 20.

Kagura “Rainy Walk”

Mobile Legends hero skins March April  Kagura “Rainy Walk”

For Kagura mains, it is a relief that Kagura is finally getting a new skin after such a long wait. This skin has been teased in surveys by Moonton since 2020, and finally, they are confirming it to be the reward for the April 2021 Starlight Membership. It will be a refreshing sight to see Kagura in casual dress, as opposed to traditional Japanese clothing in Cherry Witch as well as Soryu Maiden.

Granger “Starfall Knight”

Previously thought to be Johnson, the next Legend Skin hero joining Miya, Gord, Gusion, Saber, and Alucard in the Magic Shop in April will be Granger! This skin looks like it will feature mecha-like skill effects, flashy animations, and its own unique recall.

Granger “Starfall Knight”

To get this skin, you will need to keep spinning the Magic Wheel to fill up the Magic Points. Once it is full, you will get a Magic Crystal to redeem one of the Legend skins in the Shop, and your points will be reset to 0.

Other upcoming Skins and Heroes

Aside from those mentioned above, there are many more Skins to watch out for, as well as two new Heroes Beatrix and Gloo, to be released on March 19 and April 16 2021 respectively.

March Skins

  • Khufra “Dreadful Clown” Starlight (March 1)
  • Gusion “Night Owl” Collector (March 5)
  • Khaleed “Crescent Schimitar” Elite (March 10)
  • Akai “Street Enforcer” S19 Reward (March 20)
  • Saber “Silver Edge” First Purchase S20 (March 20)
Mobile Legends hero skins March April
Source: dafrixkun

April Skins

  • Chang’e “Vine Cradle” Epic (April 4)
  • Angela “Floral Elf” Collector (April 7)
  • Barats “Toy Rex” Elite (April 10)
  • Paquito “Manny Pacquiao” Epic (April 13)
  • Chou “S.T.U.N.” Epic (April 27)

Prioritize your hero skins in accordance with your favourite hero and go with your pick. Hope you have been saving your diamonds for this while, keep checking this space as we will update with any change in schedule or latest sneak-peeks!

What are your thoughts on the best Mobile Legends upcoming hero skins that are due to arrive in-game in March and April? Which particular skin are you most excited about? Let us know in the comment section below!

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