Mobile Legends Update 1.4.48 full changelog

After the announcement of several revamps in the last update, the latest 1.4.48 Patch Notes just arrived on Mobile Legends advanced server. Listening to the player base, Moonton keeps working on Freya’s skillset. At the same time, they even bring another (although rather small) rework on-top.

Also, we finally see some badly needed nerfs to Red Buff. While it doesn’t seem like a lot, maybe some simple adjustments to the True Damage numbers will suffice to make Marksmen less oppressive.

Revamped Hero

Natalia, Bright Claw

Cold-blooded Strangling (Skill 3): Natalia triggers Assassin Instinct and enters Stealth, empowering her basic attack. Increases her Physical ATK for several seconds. This skill can be used again in several seconds.

Adjusted the Basic Attributes and the Skill effect on other skills accordingly.

Hero Adjustments


Fixed the issue of his Ultimate in Patch 1.4.46. Now he is available again.


From the test of the last patch, we’ve found that the hero power and the difficulty are not well balanced. Thus, we’ve made many further adjustments to her.

Spirit Contact: Removed the Extra Attack Speed triggered every 8s. Now after casting a skill, Freya will greatly increase her Attack Speed for the next 2 basic attacks. This effect has 6 stacks at most.

Leap of Faith: Removed variation of the leaping distance. Changed the slowdown effect to stunning effect (the effect scales with the number of the Sacred Orb).

Power of Einherjar: Now it won’t sacrifice all the Sacred Orbs while casting, it will sacrifice 1 stack of Sacred Orb in each cast (the initial cast doesn’t cost the orb). Meanwhile, we reduced the casting delay and the CC effect of the 3rd and 4th cast, now you would feel smoother while casting the skill.

Freya Mobile Legends 1.4.48 Update
New model, new skills: Freya’s 3rd revamp already


Bat Impact: Magic Bonus of the destination damage decreased from 170% to 160%. The short-range damage decreased from 60% to 50% of the destination damage.


Frigid Breath: Physical and Magic Defense increased by 9 at all levels.

Fatal Links: Slightly decreased the initial length of the chains.

Perfect Match: In Ejected State, Atlas will get the immunity to slowdown effect. CD decreased by 2s at all levels.


Optimized the skill animation.


Now Lesley will get the Marksman buff after killing the Core Guard (resulting in higher damage but weaker slowdown debuff).

Battlefield Adjustments

Core Guard

Soul of Lava: Physical Attack Bonus of Marksman/ Mage/ Support decreased from 100% to 80%.


Team Gold for destroying Outer Turret decreased from 100 to 80.

Team Gold for destroying Base Turret increased from 125 to 150.

System Adjustments

Squads List

Now the system will recommend the Squads that still have vacancy first.

New Skins


“Auspicious Charm” will be available from January 22th as Special Skin.


“Gill-girl” will be available from January 25th as Epic Skin.


“Crow Bishop” will be available from January 29th as Special Skin.

So, that’s it already for the Mobile Legends 1.4.48 Update that just hit the Advanced Server. What do you think about the Natalia rework? Are you excited for Cecilion and Atlas already? Tell us in the comment section below. Also, make sure to visit us on Facebook and Twitter for more gaming news!

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