Mobile Legends Revamp Factory: Update 1.4.46

The new Update, 1.4.46, already arrived on Mobile Legends‘ Advanced Server, and it surely left a lasting impression. As a matter of fact, a total of 3 Heroes is getting a revamp.

Especially Freya is getting the badly needed love she deserves, considering her current state. Also, Hanzo will finally get major adjustments to his outdated kit. On top of that, we’ll also see adjustments to the latest Hero Atlas, as well as some harsh nerfs towards Roaming Items.

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Revamped Heroes

Revamp: Freya, Valkyrie

Leap of Faith [Skill 1]: Freya jumps to a designated area, dealing damages to enemies in the circle area and pulling them towards the center. She can sacrifice Sacred Orb to enhance the skill.

Einherjar Strike [Skill 2]: Freya can sacrifice Sacred Orb to release different skills in a row.

  1. Spirit Wards: Freya dashes into a designated direction, and when encountering an enemy, she launches an attack, dealing damage to enemies in the fan-shaped area and generating a shield for herself.
  2. Shield Bash: Freya locks and lunges towards the target, dealing damage and inflicting slowdown debuff
  3. Shock Wave: Freya delivers heavy blow from where she stands, knocking the target airborn and dealing damage
  4. Hammer Crush: Freya fiercely swings the hammer against enemies in a fan-shaped area, dealing damage and knocking them back.

Valkyrie Descent [Ultimate]: Freya gains 3 stacks of Sacred Orb and her basic attack also becomes ranged and can deal AoE damage.

Power of Einherjar [Passive]: After hitting an enemy with a basic attack, Freya increases the attack speed for the next basic attack. This effect cools down in 10s. Freya gains a stack of Sacred Orb every 2 basic attacks (capped at 3 stacks).

Revamp: Hanzo, Akuma Ninja

Ame no Habakiri [Passive]: When nearby units are eliminated, Hanzo will get Demon Blood

Sealed State:

Ninjutsu: Demon Feast [Skill 1]: Every 5th basic attack by Hanzo temporarily unlocks this ability. Hanzo uses Ame no Habakiri to devour a target enemy unit and digest them over a period of time. By doing so Hanzo gets Demon Blood. (Can only be used against Minions and Creeps).

Ninjutsu: Soul Reap [Skill 2]: Hanzo opens the Soul Portal at a designated area, dealing Damage. If an enemy is hit, the portal will open again, dealing Damage to all targets in the area until no target is hit or reaching the limit. Each time grants him Demon Blood.

Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja [Ultimate]: Hanzo becomes the Supreme Demon Ninja. Blood Demon moves regarless of obstacles. When the Blood Demon is killed, he will return to where Hanzo’s body was, stunned for several seconds, reduced his Physical and Magic Defense and exposed himself.

Supreme Demon Ninja State:

Ninjutsu: Demon Thorn [Skill 1]: Every 5th basic attack by Hanzo temporarily unlocks this ability. Hanzo burrows underground and lunges forward, dealing massive damage to enemies on the path and gains Demon Blood.

Hanzo Mobile Legends 1.4.46 Update revamp
Rarely seen nowadays: Hanzo

Ninjutsu: Devastator [Skill 2]: Blood Demon transforms into Demon Pneuma and dashes towards the designated place, dealing damage. If an enemy is hit, he deals damage again after several seconds, until no target is hit or reaching the limit of attack times. In Demon Pneuma state, Hanzo will become invincible and cannot be targeted. Use again to end this skill.

Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja [Ultimate]: Hanzo ends the Supreme Demon Ninja state and can choose to return to his body or summon his body to where the Demon located.

Revamp: Lancelot, Perfumed Knight

Soul Cutter [Passive]: Adjusted the skill effect to “Each time Lancelot charges, his damage is increased by 8% for 4s, up to 40%.

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Hero Adjustments

Considering the huge changes to the Heroes above, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the 1.4.46 Update doesn’t contain many changes regarding the current Mobile Legends meta. Instead, we’re mostly getting bugfixes.


Frigid Breath: Added a new effect, now this skill can slow the enemies down by 30% and increase the Physical and Magic Defense (scales with level.)

Annihilate: Basic Damage increased by 50 at all levels. Magic Power Bonus increased by 30% at all levels. Skill Cost decreased by 20 at all levels.

Perfect Match: Basic Damage decreased from 360-560 to 320-470. Movement Speed increased by 10% at all levels. Fixed an issue that the damage of this skill didn’t scale with the level.

Fatal Links: Added new skill effect, now it deals damage equal to 225-475 along with 100% Magic Power Bonus when the chains hit enemies. Basic Damage of the plonk increased from 300-500 to 450-950. CD decreased from 52-40s to 42-36s.


Now if Carmilla and Cecilion are in the same team, Carmilla can purchase the new equipment item “Broken Heart” from the Shop. If Carmilla owns this item, Cecilion can’t user “Moonlit Waltz” during the match.


Bat Impact: The Basic Damage of destination strike decreased from 300-550 to 275-550. The Magic Power Bonus increased by 10% at all levels. Adjusted the short-range attack accordingly.

Bat Feast: Improved the visual effect of his Ultimate.

Moonlit Waltz: Added skill demonstration.


Improved the visual effect of “Crossbow of Tang” when the target is Ling and he is using “Tempest of Blades”.


Tornado Strike: Fixed an issue that the “Tornado Strike” triggered by “Steel Cable” couldn’t deal damage to the first target in Mayhem Mode.


Fixed an issue that the casting process of battle spell “Arrival” would be interrupted when Diggie upgrades “Auto Alarm Bomb”.


Feathered Air Strike: Now “Fleeting Time” can reduce the CD of this skill correctly.

Battlefield Adjustments

Adjustments to Roaming Equipment

Unique Passive – Devotion: Now when heroes equipped with roaming equipment share the Gold/EXP from the same target Creep/ Minion, the hero with the lowest Gold/EXP among them will not get a share while others will share the Gold/EXP normally.

Unique Passive: Thriving: The extra EXP and Gold got from Assists adjusted from 35% to 15%/25%/35% (scales with the tier of the roaming equipment).

Shadow Mask

Unique Passive -Conceal: CD adjusted to 80s. Improved the visual effect of this skill so that it can be distinguished more easily. Now after receiving Conceal buff, you can’t receive Conceal or Encourage again in the next 80s.

Courage Mask

Unique Passive – Encourage: CD adjusted to 80s. Now after receiving Encourage buff, you can’t receive Conceal or Encourage again in the next 80s.

Awe Mask

Unique Passive – Deter: Increased slowdown duration to 1.2s. CD decreased to 40s.

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Mayhem Mode

Balance adjustments to Balmond, Eudora, Lolita- Lapu-Lapu, Vexana, Lancelot, Aldous, Leomord, Khufra, Granger, X-Borg, Masha. Also, Mayhem Mode battlefield now has a new look.

So, that’s it for the 1.4.46 Mobile Legends Update. Which revamp are you most excited about? Tell us in the comment section below. Also, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest gaming news!

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