NBA All-World has a rough start; Reaches one million downloads and $70k in revenue after the first week

NBA All-World has a rather weak first week performance!

NBA All-World has reached over just one million downloads and around $70k in revenues after its first week of release. Suggesting that the famous basketball game is having a rough start to its campaign as per the data reported by our sources at GamingonPhone.

NBA All-World finds its major market in the United States

Recent graphs, drawn out from AppMagic, suggest that the downloads boosted from the date of the global release and reached the 1 million downloads milestone while just making around $70k in the process.

The downloads include both the Apple app stores and Google Play numbers and still, the game doesn’t have anything to show for its success. You can refer to the graph provided below to have a look yourself how the game performed worldwide.

NBA All-World first week, NBA all world revenue data
Image via AppMagic / GamingonPhone

The game, NBA All-World is definitely known across the world due to the popularity of the sport but it has not been that successful everywhere as of yet. As per our reports, the game is majorly centered in the USA both in terms of downloads (45%) as well as revenue (57%).

In terms of revenue generation Japan takes the second spot (15%) followed by France (5%) and has little to nothing in revenue coming from the rest of the world, marking the popularity of the sport in these regions. On the other hand, France (9%) is second in terms of total downloads followed by Germany which stands at 5%.

Games like FIFA don’t generally face this problem because the sport of football is famous all around the globe with millions following the sport globally. The reports also suggest that the game has amassed over a million downloads since its global launch of the game in January, however, after looking at the reports it suggests that most of these downloads did indeed come from just two countries.

Graphics in NBA All-World
Image via Niantic

The uneven distribution of the fanbase reflected poorly on the in-game revenue earned by the game as well, with NBA All-World bagging just around $70k in revenue after the end of the first week. With a game of this caliber and brand name, the developers would have surely hoped for a better start to their campaign.

The game still has a long way to go, interested fans of the game who are venturing out to try the game should go through our detailed review of the game once to have a better idea of what the game offers. It will be interesting to see how the game performs in the future, however as far as the start is concerned, it certainly had a rough one.

What are your thoughts on NBA All-World’s first-week performance? Let us know in the comments below.

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