Niantic hands out invalid Codes during Pokemon Go Community Day Meetup, refuses to compensate victims later

The Pokémon Go Fest turned sour!

The biggest Pokemon GO fest is coming up next month with promised grand finale event and numerous events along the way. What’s exciting is that there will be lots of codes for players to redeem and earn rewards throughout the event. With in-person meetups and gatherings, this Fest is going to be one of the biggest Pokemon fests yet! But Niantic missed an important turn and is now being bombarded with complaints and anger for giving out invalid redeem codes. This backlash is not misplaced as this has happened to a huge crowd of people and compensation has not been made to all of them.

Users are furious with Niantic for denying compensation for the invalid codes

Reddit user u/Josh recently posted on Reddit about how they went to a Niantic meetup event in Monterrey, Mexico. There, as part of an event, they had to complete a couple of tasks for which they would be rewarded a voucher card with a code to redeem in-game items. But what happened was that they couldn’t redeem the voucher as the game wouldn’t accept it and marked it as a wrong code. Apparently, multiple users have had this issue throughout the event. 

Niantic Invalid Codes
Image via Reddit

On asking for some sort of compensation, the game’s support chat denied them the privilege of any reward and simply said that the codes were invalid. It is understandable that a simple chatbot cannot help in complicated situations but they should have given some sort of compensation for this matter as this user wasn’t the only one facing this issue. 

Pokemon GO is on a constant downward spiral

As of late, the game has been garnering a lot of negative attention and this Fest was supposed to change all of that by bringing the game back into action. But recent incidents have proved bad for their prospects. Unless they make it a memorable experience by providing better gameplay, Niantic is digging its own grave.

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