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PUBG Mobile has announced its Esports roadmap for 2022

Less PMCO and PMPL, third-party leagues, bigger prize pool, and more!

PUBG Mobile is taking its Esports ecosystem to the next phase. With the PUBG Mobile Esports Roadmap 2022 being announced, James Yang, Director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports shared some exciting and amazing news for fans around the world. A lot of changes will be made to the events, which we will throw some light on.

PUBG Mobile Esports 2.0: Overview

PUBG Mobile Global Esports Ecosystem, what we see today, is under continuous construction from 2018 till 2021. The game has now introduced 7 new Pro Leagues in 2021, to cover the global regions and started PMGC in 2021. As the ecosystem is complete now, the journey of PUBG Mobile Esports 1.0 is done.

19th Asian Games (Hangzhou 2022) to feature 3 mobile esports titles, Asian Games 2022 BGMI
IMAGE via Olympic Council Of Asia (OCA)

After 5 years of an amazing journey of PUBG Mobile, it has achieved a lot. The game has achieved a milestone like becoming a medal event in SEA Games and Asian Games. Now, it is ready to move on to the next phase in order to provide more entertainment and action to the players. So, the game is moving to PUBG Mobile Esports 2.0.

Third-party tournaments to qualify for relevant PMNC’s

2022 will be the starting point of PUBG Mobile Esports 2.0, in which the main goal is to make the ecosystem pyramid bigger and stronger. To do this, the game is making its first step to enhance the local regional layer. This will include amateur and semi-pro players to help them build a strong foundation. There will be many changes and upgrades that PUBG Mobile will reveal later.

PUBG Mobile Esports Roadmap 2022
PUBG Mobile Esports Roadmap 2022: Calendar (Image via PUBG Mobile Esports)

The major change is happening to the “PMCO to PMPL twice per year”. Previously, there were two PMCO (Spring and Fall), where teams qualified two times to the two PMPL tournaments. But, the new system includes only one PMPL in a year. Here, teams will join via playing PMNC and Regional Cups.

PMCO is getting a downgrade and will share a similar tier with PMCC. Besides these two events, some third-party tournaments will also have slots to qualify for the relevant PMNC in 11 countries and Regional Cups in 8 regions. It is a big opportunity for organizations, other than PUBG Mobile to arrange their own franchise leagues. Thus, teams won’t have to wait for PMCO to qualify in PMPL. Rather, they can do so by playing PMNC or even other major third-party events.

PUBG Mobile Esports in 2022 will have a bigger Prize pool

One of the most pleasing news is, the prize pool in the year 2022 will be even bigger than 2021’s. The details regarding the Prize pool will be revealed later. The game will start a franchise model in the second half of 2022, for Southeast Asia.

Finally, this year’s road map, from as it looks now, may bring positive results to pull up underdog teams and organizations. Besides, major organizations will get recognition for their arranged events and hard work to the PUBG Mobile Esports.

What are your thoughts on PUBG Mobile Esports Roadmap 2022? Let us know in the comment section below!

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