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PUBG Mobile Season 12 Royale Pass Leaks

News and leaks related to PUBG Mobile season 12 are on the roll. With the new season, PUBG Mobile will also have its 2nd anniversary. So expectations are pretty high from this upcoming season. The regular leakers have already provided quite a handful of leaks. So let us see what is coming with PUBG Mobile S12.

Season 12 Theme

The theme of Season 12 will be “2GETHER WE PLAY“. As the new season will hit with the 2nd year of PUBG Mobile, so the theme name is not surprising at all.

PUBG Mobile Season 12 RP rewards

pubg mobile season 12 rp leaks
Photo credits – Mr Ghost Gaming on YouTube

With the purchase of the royale pass, players will get a colourful QBZ skin as well as an outfit. The season 12 is bringing rewards that are like Cartoon punk. From the leaked image its evident that the designs are fresh and cool, but staying cartoonish and friendly. The helmets somehow bring back memories of Mario. These Cartoon punk-themed items will surely bring a wave of freshness into PUBG Mobile in the 2nd anniversary.

pubg mobile season 12 frame
Photo credits – Mr Ghost Gaming on YouTube

The frames for season 12 is just like the previous frames. However, the avatar is something innovative where Tencent tried to keep things minimal and beautiful.

Season 12 Release date

The season 11 is expected to end on March 3, 2020. So players can expect the Season 12 of PUBG Mobile to start from March 5, 2020. The new season will arrive with a bang as the 2nd-anniversary approaches. And not to mention, PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update is bringing some great additions. There must be some surprises which will be waiting for the players in the new season.

These are all we know until now. As we get more information, we will update the article. So keep looking at this space for future updates.

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