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Raider SIX celebrates India’s Independence Day 2023 with a new character, rewards, and more

Introducing Captain Vikram, along with his Elite Forces skin!

The Indian sector of SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC, known as Starlight Gaming, which holds a significant position in the gaming industry and is headquartered in Taiwan, has expressed its joy in introducing a range of thrilling enhancements and fascinating new elements for Raider SIX, the renowned battle royale game in India. These updates are being revealed as part of the festivities commemorating India’s Independence Day 2023.

After its initial release, the game ‘Raider SIX’ managed to win over the Indian gaming community, receiving praise for its distinctive incorporation of Indian culture and its captivating gameplay. In its beta phase, the game achieved an astonishing feat by amassing an impressive 2 million subscribers within just one month, showcasing its strong attraction to the flourishing Indian gaming population.

Celebrate India’s Independence Day 2023 like Never Before with Captain Vikram in Raider SIX

In observance of this significant event, the game ‘Raider SIX’ has introduced a new character named Captain Vikram, characterized by a magnetic presence and the enticing Elite Forces appearance. This character embodies resolute courage and is inspired by the esteemed Indian soldier, evoking admiration.

Displaying unparalleled bravery, Captain Vikram independently united a team of courageous soldiers, foiled a terrorist scheme, and emerged as the global savior of humanity. Alongside this, a dynamic persona called Mili enters the scene, enhancing the game with her intense demeanor and captivating Purple Skull guise, thereby adding a novel dimension to the gaming encounter.

Raider SIX Captain Vikram
Image via Starlight Gaming

In honor of Captain Vikram’s remarkable feats, Raider SIX unveils an exclusive extravaganza in celebration of Independence Day. The freshly introduced Festival Mission enables players to equip their arsenals with symbolic weapons like the tricolored backpack, AK47, NG7, and glider, all paying vibrant homage to the patriotic spirit.

The sense of adventure within Raider SIX is further enriched by the inclusion of the Challenge Mission and Path of Honor, granting players the opportunity to partake in missions filled with achievements and valuable rewards. To ensure a smooth transition into these captivating updates, the game now offers improved tutorial text, guiding players through the Choose Mode segment as they commence their journey.

Elevate your Raider SIX experience with exclusive skins, weapons, and characters

As part of these celebratory updates, players of Raider SIX are being offered a chance by the game administrators to explore a world of highly desired rewards. By finishing specific daily missions and upgrading to the Deluxe Pass, gamers also have the potential to acquire the character Captain Vikram, an exclusive character skin called Elite Forces, a legendary weapon known as NG7 (Elite Forces), and items from the Palette equipment series. Furthermore, the likelihood of receiving rewards in bounty mode has been increased twofold.

The gaming experience within ‘Raider SIX’ is made even more engaging with the introduction of the thrilling Skirmish 4v4 mode, which can be accessed through the dedicated Arcade Mode section. In this mode, teams consisting of four players compete to dominate in an intense battle involving eight participants across seven dynamic rounds.

Gamers can strategically use Battle Points (BP) or Diamonds to obtain powerful equipment. They are then given the opportunity to choose rewards that include BP, various items, and buff effects. Victory is achieved by attaining four wins out of the seven battles, an accomplishment that results in earning the highly sought-after title of ultimate champion.

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