Raven: The single-player card game is set to release on Android and iOS

Work with your AI partner to win the bid, pick trumps and collect hands, all while trying to set your opponents!

Raven is a beautiful single-player card game now set to release on Android and iOS, in which players team up with the computer to defeat AI opponents. The backdrop and card colors change as they progress through the rounds. Raven will likely appeal to fans of casual, beautiful games like Alto’s Odyssey or classic card games like Rook who are searching for an intimate one-man indie effort.

Experience a relaxing card game and trump your AI opponents

Raven is a simple trick-taking card game for a single player. Win the bet, pick trumps, and accumulate hands with your AI companion while attempting to set your opponents. Play until you attain the winning score while admiring the stunning, ambient backgrounds and card colors. Raven automates card dealing, sorting, bid monitoring, and point counting so players don’t have to.

Raven card game
Image via Red River Games

A beautiful, soothing card game designed by a one-man team over two years for lovers of Alto’s Odyssey, Alto’s Adventure, and the Rook card game by Hasbro. Raven will get a multiplayer update in the months following its debut, including a stunning primary tune by artist Bayley Milne. A short, replayable game with crisp graphics, engaging action, and realistic AI opponents. Real Raven games were used to train AI players to emulate actual decision-making.

The developer of Raven said “This game has been my creative outlet for dealing with the isolation of the coronavirus. It helped me channel my skills somewhere productive at a time when I was unemployed.” He further added “I wanted to create a mini escape from the stresses of everyday life. Raven was inspired by my happy place: exploring nature and playing cards with my close friends. I tried to capture the feeling that these moments gave me, and inject it into this passion project.

The game supports a touchscreen and mouse. An average game played to the default score of 300 points lasts around 10-20 minutes. The score is configurable, so players can play as long or short as they want. The game is available for pre-registration on Android and iOS.

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