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Square Enix’s Echoes of Mana will shut down on May 15th, 2023

Lack of user engagement is one of the reasons

Square Enix’s popular RPG title Echoes of Mana has confirmed its end of service and has announced that the game will shut down on May 15th, 2023. This has come as a shock to the fans of the game since the game hasn’t even been completed a year since its global release.

The game’s decline and failure to generate a constant revenue

First discussed in 2021 with the trial launch, Echoes of Mana launched in April 2022 globally. The game attracted a lot of fans as it was based on the popular Mana series. They incorporated both new and enduring Mana series characters with a unique style of play. In September of the same year, just four months after its release, Echoes of Mana surpassed 4 million downloads worldwide across Android and iOS.

However, the game peaked then and saw a huge dip in terms of revenue generation and downloads. Sadly, it did not pick up over the year, contributing to the fact there were a lot of games coming in of the same genre, resulting in the competition which Echoes of Mana could not endure. The expectations of turning it around in 2023 were there, but the material wasn’t just enough.

Echoes of Mana revenue and downloads
Image via AppMagic/GamingonPhone

As per AppMagic’s chart, it is clear that the game’s peak was never replicated again. In fact, it only reached an all-time high in both revenue and downloads on May 22 and has since been unable to match even half of those figures. This is a clear indication of why the game will be shutting down on May 15, 2023, with other unknown factors possibly contributing as well.

End of service schedule and final updates

Before the end of service, the team announced that they’ll be releasing the yet-to-be-released chapters to complete the ongoing season. The schedule below is the end-of-service roadmap along with the final updates that will be followed until the shutdown of the game.

DateService Roadmap
13th February 2023End of Service Announcement
End of Spirit Crystals sale
14th February 2023Spirit Crystal Login Bonus
Daily Mission, Quests
New Permanent Harvests
Reward Updates
22nd February 2023Main Quest Season 2 Chapter 3
Story Weaver Campaign
Tradable Items
28th February 2023Twillwool Tower Floors Open
9th March 2023Main Quest Season 2 Chapter 4
23rd March 2023Main Quest Season 2 Chapter 5
6th April 2023Main Quest Season 2 Final Chapter 6
15th May 2023End of App Service

This is the second title within a month’s span that has been shut down by Square Enix. On January 25th, it was announced that Dragon Quest The Adventure Of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds is shutting down on April 2023. And now, yet another RPG bites the dust. While fans miss playing the game, it makes no sense for developers and publishers to keep running a title that isn’t profitable anymore.

What are your thoughts on the Echoes of Mana shut down? Let us know in the comments below!

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