Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower – Dead of Night Expansion is coming on November 26

Perchang launched their turn-based strategy game Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower in September and finally the game’s much-awaited big update – the Dead of Night expansion is coming up on November 26, the devs have announced. With that update, 5 brand new Champions to summon to your party. 5 new enemy types including Daemons of Nurgle and dungeon critters are coming as well. Additionally, 3 huge new maps and a brand new game mode called the ‘Gauntlet‘ is coming up.

The back story of the Dead of Night Expansion

The devs came up with an interesting back story for this update, which goes like this:

As silent as the grave, they enter the Tower. Endless in their search for glory, power, and otherworldly boons. Spirits float upon a quiet wind, before erupting in violent action. Necromancers summon allies from the grave. And Banshees howl, paralyzing all who get in their way. However, the Summoner too has more tricks up his sleeve…… But has he finally met his match?

Features of the Dead of Night Expansion

5 New Champions

  • New Champions from the Alliance of Death…The NECROMANCER, with his “pet” skeletons.
  • The SEPULCHRUAL WARDEN, with long-range melee attacks.
  • The MYRMOURN BANSHEE, whose shriek stuns all.
  • The SPIRIT TORMENT, with chains to ensnare his foes.
  • A fan favourite, the GOBLIN SQUIG HERDER is bouncing along into the Tower!

The Gauntlet Mode

A brand new game mode, where players must brave wave after wave of enemies while collecting as much treasure as they can! Get to the exit with the loot for big prizes. Die, and lose everything!!

  • Treasure Chests – Common, Rare and Epic chests appear for players to collect.
  • Enemy Waves – Risk and reward. Collect treasure or take down enemies.
  • Get Out Alive – Risk everything to grab another chest, or get to the exit with your winnings? The choice is yours.
  • Every Day – Open twice per day, to get some great rewards and boost your team.

Other features

  • 5 new enemy types including Daemons of Nurgle and dungeon critters.
  • 3 huge new maps to battle in.
  • And loads of new weapons, boons and items.

Are you excited about the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower – Dead of Night Expansion coming up on 26th November? Let us know in the comment section!

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