Xeno Command: ChillyRoom’s new offline RTS game is now available on Android

The dream game of sci-fi lovers without the hassle of buffering!

Xeno Command is a real-time strategy game developed by ChillyRoom. They are the creators of games like Soul Knight, My Darkest Moment, and many more. This game is made from a universal invasion standpoint. Players will have to lead a team of fighters who should be powerful enough to defend the entire galaxy against a vast alien invasion. Xeno Command is now available to download on Android mobile devices. The app is still in development and there might be some changes in the future.

Be a Hero and lead your army in Xeno Command

Xeno Command available
Image via ChillyRoom

In the timeline of Xeno Command, the galaxy is in the era of an interstellar colonization movement. Aliens from other planets go to different planets to defeat the natives and conquer their homes. The different warriors from these planets are known as Heroes. These Heroes are the leaders of the various factions that have to lead their armies against the attackers and rescue their people. The player will be appointed as one of the Heroes and they will be responsible to lead their army and save the galaxy from mass destruction.

Play in the offline mode along with easy controls and no buffers

One of the biggest plus points of this game is that players can enjoy it without any buffers. They can play anytime, anywhere without an internet connection. In Xeno Command, each Hero has a unique set of abilities, skills, and weapons. Players can easily use this with the help of specially decided controls so that they can have a relaxing and fun gaming experience. Players will have to keep defeating enemies so that they can be rewarded with more resources. This in turn will help them to build a bigger, better, and even stronger army.

Choose from 4 different factions and explore different planets

Xeno Command available
Image via ChillyRoom

The game offers 4 different factions, each having a unique Hero with various types of commands, skills, and units. Players can select one out of three of the random Tech rewards which are available in high numbers in the game so that they are unpredictable. There are various planets along with different landscapes like Barren, Lava, Machine, and Wrapped Space which players can explore.

They can also select from various combat units like Bots, Marines, and many more which they can use to lead their armies and defeat their enemies. Xeno Command also offers various difficulty levels along with more than 100 different types of enemies to keep the game interesting and competitive for the players.

Xeno Command has been released and is available on Android devices with no updates about its iOS release. Players who like real-time strategy games and are into sci-fi and alien invasion genres, should give this game a try and download it from Google Play Interested users can also check the game’s official Facebook Page and other social media handles for more information.

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