FAU-G review: A game that won’t replace PUBG

No gun, No Fun !

FAU-G, India’s very own PUBG Mobile replacement released on the 26th of January, 2021, the Indian Republic Day. The game has been anticipated and hyped up for quite a while now. Fearless and United Guards(FAU-G) starts off with narration and a short intro to the main storyline. The game is based on the Galwan Valley conflict which happened in June of 2020 and kicked off a tense standoff between China and India. The game shows the Indian perspective and throws in patriotism. Here in this article, we will review FAU-G and judge whether the game really lives up to the expectations and hype. Before it was released, it was thought that the game would be something similar to PUBG Mobile. However, now that the game is out, you just cannot compare it with PUBG.

Beat up enemy gangs to progress in the Galwan Valley Campaign

Starting off with the FAU-G review, we have 3 game options. As of now, there’s just one mode available while the other two (5 V 5 Team Deathmatch and Free for all) are still under work. Until the other two options are available, you can play through the campaign. You have to move to checkpoints while taking on your enemies in hand-to-hand combat. The game has no guns, which isn’t that surprising, but definitely unconventional. The game does have a bunch of dystopian-looking melee weapons that you can use to beat up your enemies.

FAU-G Review
FAU-G Review: Main Menu

Playing through, the game actually felt a bit boring and disappointing. You just keep on beating up your enemies. Even though they might gang up on you, they patiently wait for you to finish them off one by one. Yes, They actually just land a hit once in a while, but the rest of the time, they just see their comrades getting beaten up. Spam clicking the attack button helped me get through the enemy forces without even looking at the screen so the difficulty can be worked on. Once you’re done beating up your enemies, you can sit at a campfire and regain your health which to be honest, is kind of cool. And that’s pretty much it.

Playing on in the game, you’ll come across a bunch of weapons. Your enemies sometimes drop weapons once you beat them up. These weapons don’t last for very long, however but do give you a headstart in the game for a short while. You can also play as different characters (three of them are in the game so far). But, there’s not a lot of character customization.

Repetitive audio and simple controls

The gaming community did have low standards for this game but the graphics are actually better than expected! It’s not as good as some other games but it does give you a decent experience. The audio and in-game music is good. However, the dialogues spoken by characters do get repetitive. Overall, the game performs better in this field than expected. The game does have graphics settings ranging from very low to very high graphics.

FAU-G Review: Good graphics but audio gets repeated

The controls are pretty simple. You can move and look around and also attack your enemies. You play through with an over the shoulder camera angle (which is common in a lot of these battle royale). The UI is pretty simple to understand and you can get used to it. You might experience some problems with the sensitivity while looking around. Aside from that, there’s not much else, when it comes to controls and the UI. 

Bunch of bugs and Frame drops

The game has a bunch of bugs and glitches but considering the fact that the game just came out a couple of hours ago and is still in infancy, we can excuse it to some extent. That being said, bugs are being found by the hour. Among other things, frame drops are being experienced by a lot of players.

FAU-G can be played from start to end without paying anything. But you can still purchase weapons with real money. Also, the game has a merch store that actually donates 20% of its profits to Bharat Ke Veer, so the game does try to support a good cause.

Final Verdict

Does the game live up to the hype? Well, It could definitely do better but it is still fine. It would be a bit unfair to compare it to games like PUBG and also, FAU-G can never be a replacement for PUBG because of the core mechanics of the game. The game manages to dial down the violence by only giving you melee weapons and no guns, which lowers the appeal. Also, the game is obviously pushed towards the Indian populace similar to the other game by nCorp which was a Bollywood music-based tile clicker. Gamers also have more to look forward to with the upcoming game modes and we would like to wish the game the best of luck on its journey. 

What are your opinions on the FAU-G game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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