5 Best Mobile Legends duo Hero Combo to run towards victory

Dominate the game with these Duo comp.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang by Moonton is one of the most competitive MOBA games as of now. Team combos are extremely important for the team to get a strategic win, and seriously if your team composition is compatible with each other, in just one combo you can win the whole match for sure. Not only this the team composition is also important for the gold distribution in laning process. This time we gonna discuss the team combos and how effectively you can use them. This article will recommend you the best 5 best Mobile Legends duo Hero Combos in the game to pick right now and run towards victory.

5 Best Mobile Legends duo Hero Combo

1. Johnson + Odette

It is one of the oldest and deadliest combos in the game and seriously if done right this combo can eliminate the whole team in one go. So the combo starts with Johnson and Odette riding together. If an enemy is spotted within the gank range or if the enemy is coming for a gank, just hit right inside the enemy main.

Mobile Legends duo Hero

After hitting, Johnson Stuns the enemies and Odette uses skill 2 for AoE damage and then Ultimate to wipe out everyone inside of it. This is an easy one to do and after the recent Johnson buff, it one hell of a wombo combo to deal with.

2. Atlas + Pharsa

Pharsa is well known for her max CC damage and when combined with atlas ultimate it becomes a game-changer. It can also eliminate the whole squad with ease if done right. If the enemy is coming for a gank or if they are just defending from inside the turrets, Atlas uses his 2nd skill to get inside of everyone and stuns the enemies.

Pharsa starts her ultimate just at this point and Atlas uses his Ultimate to get everyone inside the Pharsa damage region and stuns them. By this the enemies won’t be able to get away from Pharsa’s ultimate and will get wiped out. We personally have won several matches just using this combo.

3. Tigreal + Gord

Tigreal in our sense is a very versatile hero and is seriously underrated. With Tigreal you can easily do many combos and wipe out the enemy easily. But yeah you need skills to do it. Same as Tigreal, Gord is also underrated especially his ultimate. Gords ultimate deals an insane amount of damage enough to wipe out the entire team in just one go.

Mobile Legends duo Hero

So this combo goes like this, Tigreal dashes or flickers to catch everyone, using his ultimate he gathers everyone up, Gord uses 1st skill and 2nd skill simultaneously and ults This will add more stun to them along with massive damage which they cant evade as Tigreal is there to stop them using his dash. This is an easy combo to do but you just need to adjust the timings of it.

4. Esmeralda + Terizla

Esmeralda herself is an overpowered character and when she duos with Terizla she can literally wipe out the whole enemy team in just one go. This combo is a little timing-oriented so make sure you have good communication with your teammate. So this combo goes like this, Terizla uses his ult to chain everyone with himself.

At the same time, Esmeralda uses her ult in full charge and jumps right on the enemies that are chained. Terizla uses his 2nd skill to deal maximum damage while Esmeralda finishes everyone up uses her 2nd skill AoE damage. This looks a little complicated than others but is absolutely satisfying to do. Just you need to time everything perfectly or else the enemies will run away from you guys easily.

5. Atlas + Guinevere

We all know how much strong is Guinevere ultimate. The only problem of her ultimate is that it is a little troublesome to ult everyone together and time everything perfectly. To solve this comes the Atlas ult. When Atlas uses his ultimate, he chains everyone up to a single position, and in that position, Guinevere can jump and knock up everyone and then use her ultimate for maximum damage output.

Mobile Legends duo Hero

With the help of your other teammates, you can easily wipe the whole enemy squad in just one go and finish the match. This combo can also be done by Tigreal but Atlas also deals significant damage while using his ult which adds up to the total damage output provided and makes the move even stronger.

Other Honourable mentions

1. Badang + Pharsa

BadangPharsa combo is also one of the most popular combos, but for doing this you need to time everything perfectly. Especially you need a pro-Badang to do it or else it is a little tough one. So the combo is like this Bandang uses his wall to cage everyone and in a split second Pharsa drops her airstrike on the wall and finishes everyone up.

2. Belerick + Yve

Yve is the newest hero right now and is one of the best cc damage dealers. But the one problem with Yve is she is very volatile. But to keep it up Belerick comes in the role. Yve’s ultimate deals damage inside a huge range but it does not slow or stuns the enemies and the enemies get away easily. So to deal maximum damage Yve starts her Ultimate and Belerick stuns everyone up inside it dealing a huge amount of damage. This also could be a game-changer if done right.

3. Gatotkaca + Lancelot or Benedetta

Benedetta and Lancelot deal a somewhat similar amount of damage on the battlefield and when combined with Gatotkaca ultimate stun Lancelot can finish everyone up inside the stunning area just using his 2nd skill and Ultimate on them. It is similar to the case of Benedetta too.

After the Gatot stun, Benedetta can use her ultimate in the stunning area and using her 1st skill and 2 skill finish everyone up inside. But for this, you need a skilled Lance or Benedett or else they can just get stuck inside the enemy range, and it can go another way from there.

Final Thoughts

With the above short guide, you can easily dominate and win the games by applying the perfect combos from the skill sets of these mentioned heroes. Remember to practice these combos before landing in the real match. So without any delay, go ahead with this 5 Best Mobile Legends duo Hero combo to run towards victory. Additionally, you can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season.

That’s all for today’s 5 Best Mobile Legends duo Hero combo to run towards victory. Do you prefer to use hero combos in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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