Champions Legion Eida Guide: Best Build, Partner and Gameplay Tips

Woodland Pixie

Eida, the Woodland Pixie, is one of the easiest to handle marksman in Champions Legion. She looks like a half-fairy and half-elves and is determined to protect the forest and her friends. She uses wood bark as a weapon and magically shoots flower buds as bombs during battle. Eida has the potential to deal huge damage right from the start of the game. The skills attributes are quite simple and easy to use during combat and avoid point precision to launch the attack in CL. In this guide, we will be seeing these awesome hero skills, items, partners, as well as some tips and tricks on how to play Eida in Champions Legion.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Champions Legion heroes like Norah, Cleo, Clawdia, Mikal, Styx, and Brunhild. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Eida.

Skill Analysis

Eida is a hero that has four abilities which are one passive and three actives. In this Eida guide, let’s analyze the abilities of her in Champions Legion, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of her.

Passive – Natural Charge

Every 8 seconds, your next attack will explode and deal 140 (+130% Physical Attack) Physical Damage in an area.

The passive is like a boost/buff to Eida and makes her more effective with the area damage skills she has. As a player, we don’t have to strategize much about the passive skill and think of it as a permanent stat of Eida.

Skill 1 – Bud Bomb

Launches an explosive at the target area, deals (+100% Physical Attack) Physical Damage and applies 30% Movement Speed Slow for 1 second.

The skill is as simple as it sounds. It does an explosion in the designated place when launched. This skill is the primary damage dealing skill of Eida and should get upgraded with top priority.

Skill 2 – Jungle Jump

Leaps to target location and resets your Natural Charge cooldown. Each attack reduces the cooldown of this ability by 0.5 seconds.

The skill is beneficial as it helps Eida to pass through thin walls, which allows in escaping or chasing enemies. After using the skill, Eida’s next basic attack is an explosive attack dealing more damage. The cooldown reduction again proves very vital in the late game.

Skill 3 – Forest Missile

Fires a missile at target direction, deals {Base Damage} (+160% Physical Attack) plus an additional 20% target’s missing health as physical damage to the first enemy hero hit, and deals 50% damage to nearby units.

The ultimate skill covers the entire map in the direction it is fired until it hits a target. So it is very helpful in killing escaping enemies. Eida can target enemies from anywhere on the battlefield. So, the skill also has the demerit of missing most of the time.

Skill-up Method for Eida

The skill upgrade chronology is to upgrade the first skill and then second ultimate. The first skill is the priority to get upgraded.

Battle Spells

Eida is a marksman, so leveling up fast matters in the game. Therefore, Punish Spell would be the right choice for Eida to level up fast as this spell has a short cooldown period. The spell becomes quite useless in the late game though as it does not affect opponent heroes. Sprint and Roar are equally helpful, depending upon the situation.

Best Partner and Item Builds for Eida in Champions Legion

In our Champions Legion guide, we will discuss the best build possible you can try out with Eida to get the best out of him in CL.

Use DRASH as Partner as it adds physical attack stats and also deals 100 damage to an enemy.

  • Red (Phoenix, Razer Claw)
  • Green (Obsidian, Lightning)
  • Blue (Echo, Judgement)

The build increases the physical attack and the attack speed of Eida. With existing attacking stats and AoE, the additional attacking stat makes Eida a ban-worthy marksman. Echo can be replaced with Oracle if you want more attack speed.

Champions Legion Eida Guide
Recommended Item Build for Eida
  • War Boots
  • Lightning Dagger
  • Trinity Power
  • Brilliant Blade
  • Spellshards
  • Gale Quill

With Eida, the build should increase the Physical Atttack and increased Attack Speed. All the items in the list increases both Physical Attack and Attack Speed. The Trinity Power would give a boost to the Mana and Health in the late game where MM can go for one on one with opponents.

Champions Legion Eida Gameplay Tips

Eida is a very easy to play hero in Champions Legion. The very basic idea is to support the aggressor during the entire game and in the meanwhile try to level up as fast as you can. To understand the whole scenario we can break the gameplay into three phases. Our Eida guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game in Champions Legion.

Early Game

The suggestion is to start with the mid lane if the entire team is trying to gank the opponents and then move to the lane where blue buff is available. Eida will need the mana buff until the mid-game.

Champions Legion Eida Guide
Eida in the battlefield

Follow the tank and support teammates in a team fight. Do not chase or indulge in one on one fight in the early game.

Mid Game

In the middle game, Eida should take part in every team fight as much as possible, targetting the damage dealers of the opponents. While dealing so, Eida must also keep an eye on the enemy minions and clearing lanes. The second skill would help her with the mobility to cover the maps. Eida also tries to take down Typhons and Sentry with tea mates help.

Late Game

In the late game, Eida is very important in team fights and taking out the spires. With increased physical attack and attack speed, Eida can easily charge into team fights and get multiple kills. The objective is to get the damage dealers with attack skills of Eida. She can target the enemies which are really hard in Champions Legion. With the ultimate skill, she can target the running enemies and kill them. In the late game, Eida has an improved lifesteal, so she can actually engage for one on one fight, depending upon the opponents.

Champions Legion Eida Guide
Eida in Champions Legion

It is important to use the second skill in between attacks to get a boost in combat. Players tend to use that only for mobility purposes. The skill combo would be charging with second skill and using basic attacks, targeting damage dealers with first skill and basic attacks. The running enemies with low health can be killed using the ultimate skill.

Skill 1 + Basic Attacks + Skill 1+ Basic Attacks + Skill 2 + Basic Attacks + Skill 1 . . .

Final Thoughts

Eida would be one of the most used marksmen in Champions Legion, thanks to the simplicity of the skills and gameplay. The stats are perfect, and so are the active skills with every skill helping her increase the damage of her attacks with AoE effect. With proper leveling up, she can be very dangerous, especially with her explosive skills doing area damage and the massive basic attacks.

That’s all for today’s guide about Eida in Champions Legion. Do you prefer to use Eida in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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