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Cookie Run: Kingdom Gingerbrave 13th Birthday Event Guide and Tips

Here's how to easily complete Gingerbrave 13th Birthday event!

It’s Gingerbrave‘s 13th birthday, and Cookie Run: Kingdom is running a two-week event to celebrate it. Along with the daily log-in rewards (There are 14 of them, and you can only claim one per specific day. Be sure to log in on Day 12, since it’s the day that gives 500 Rainbow Cubes.), there’s also a new Gifting event, where players can give various goodies to their friends and guild members. The event started on June 1, 2022, and ends on June 13, 2022 (GMT +9:00). If you don’t know where to start, our Cookie Run: Kingdom Gingerbrave 13th birthday event guide will help you out.

Collecting Birthday Ribbons

In this event, you’ll need to collect Birthday Ribbons, which you can get from completing missions. These missions are daily missions, which means you can only complete each mission once per day. Here is a full list of the missions, and the amount of Birthday Ribbons they give:

Cookie Run Kingdom: Gingerbrave 13th Birthday
Image via Devsisters
  • Send 20 daily gifts to friends: 20 Birthday Ribbons
  • Use 100 stamina jellies: 20 Birthday Ribbons
  • Send the Bear Jelly Balloon one time: 20 Birthday Ribbons
  • Produce something 100 times: 30 Birthday Ribbons
  • Collect two daily rewards from the Tree of Wishes: 40 Birthday Ribbons
  • Win in the Kingdom Arena 3 times: 40 Birthday Ribbons
  • Compete in Super Mayhem 3 times: 50 Birthday Ribbons
  • Clear all the 13th Birthday Ribbon Missions for the day: 80 Birthday Ribbons

There are a total of 8 daily missions, and the final one requires you to finish the other missions first. These missions are relatively easy, so you should be able to finish all of them each day. You can receive 300 Ribbons per day.

Be sure to have at least 20 friends on your friends list during this event, so you can always complete the Send 20 daily gifts to friends mission. Remember to participate in Kingdom Arena. Super Mayhem, World Exploration, and most importantly, be sure to produce a lot of goods in your kingdom since collecting two daily rewards from the Tree of Wishes requires a total of 25 wishes. To make the Produce something 100 times mission easier, you can try producing basic materials like wood, jellybeans, and sugar cubes. These take the least amount of time to produce, so you’ll finish up 100 goods in no time!

Sending Gifts

After collecting Birthday Ribbons, your next step is to start giving gifts to other players. There are milestone rewards for a certain amount of gifts you send, so you should try to gift as much as you can! One of the most noteworthy rewards is the special Gingerbrave Birthday costume (only available for a limited time, and isn’t in any Costume bonds) is available at 100 gifts sent. Another reward to watch out for is the 300 Rainbow Cubes, received after 200 gifts.

Cookie Run Kingdom: Gingerbrave 13th Birthday
Image via Devsisters

While the rewards for giving gifts are good (Time Jumpers, XP Jelly), receiving gifts is even better! Try to find another person to trade gifts with, whether they’re someone from your friends list or a member of the guild you’re in. A 13th Birthday Gift can give you one of the following:

  • 100 Consul’s Emblems
  • 50 to 100 Crystals
  • 100 Rainbow Pearls
  • 100 Rainbow Cubes
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Treasure Tickets
  • Stamina Jellies
  • Coins
  • Searing Keys
  • Arena Tickets
  • Topping pieces
  • Minute-skips
  • XP Jellies
  • Rarities
  • Time Jumpers
  • High-quality Goods (orders in Golden Wish Tickets, and can have 2x value on Trade Harbor)
  • Basic materials
Cookie Run Kingdom: Gingerbrave Rewards
Image via Devsisters

A person can only receive 30 gifts per day and only give 40 gifts. While the daily missions will give enough ribbons for 30 gifts, daily gifts from other players (daily gifts are free gifts you can send to people on your friends list, and are different from 13th Birthday Gifts) can also contain Ribbons, so it’s possible to get over 400 ribbons per day, as long as you have an active friends list.

What are your thoughts on our Cookie Run: Kingdom Gingerbrave 13th Birthday Event guide? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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