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Cookie Run: Kingdom: List of different in-game Servers and their advantages

Which server are you on?

Cookie Run: Kingdom – Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG game is a new addition to the famous Cookie Run RPG game series this game is about building a dream Cookie Kingdom while fighting against evil desert monsters. Before you make an in-game account, Cookie Run: Kingdom asks you to pick between the three current servers, Hollyberry, Pure Vanilla, and Dark Cacao.

While there aren’t any major differences between the two servers, (no matter what you choose you’ll still get the same quests, story, and drop-rate for cookies and treasures) the main difference is that Pure Vanilla is the older server, Dark Cacao is the one that’s more recommended for new players, and Hollyberry is a middle ground of the two.

Note: If you have friends who play the game, you’d want to ask them which server they’re on since you can’t add someone to your friends list if they’re from a different server. For example, if your friends are in the Pure Vanilla server, then you’d want to choose Pure Vanilla as your server so you can add them. When you’re friends with someone in the game, you can battle their arena team, chat with them in-game, give their kingdom Prestige Points, and give them daily gifts!

1. Pure Vanilla Server

Pure Vanilla is the original server and has been around since when the game was first released in January 2021. Due to it being the oldest server, more players are found in Pure Vanilla, and similarly, there are a higher amount of experienced players than in Hollyberry or Dark Cacao. The number of advanced players doesn’t affect the story mode, but ranked competitions in the game will be tougher.

Pure Vanilla Cookie
Image via Devsisters

For example, in Arena mode, you’ll have a hard time battling veteran players since the average team in the Masters 5 tier has at least 600k team power. Similarly, Guild Battle, Alliance, and Golden Age of Trade are a lot harder too. Hollyberry and Dark Cacao are the easier choices, but if you’re up for a challenge, then Pure Vanilla is the server for you!

2. Hollyberry Server

Usually known as the easier server, Hollyberry was released on September 3, 2021, almost 8 months after the game first came out, and as a result, has fewer players than Pure Vanilla. It’s a lot more accessible to new players, so if you’re a complete beginner to the game then this server would be a great choice.

Hollyberry Cookie
Image via Devsisters

For example, in Arena mode, you can get to the Masters 5 tier (which rewards 15,000 crystals every season) with just 200k team power. This amount is doable after just a month of playing the game. Getting a high rank in Arena is a great advantage since it’s one of the best sources of crystals in the game. Crystals are useful for making gacha rolls and upgrading your cookies’ stats.

3. Dark Cacao Server

Dark Cacao Cookie
Image via Devsisters

This is the latest server out of the three, and therefore has the least amount of players. It came out on April 18, 2022, just a little while after Dark Cacao Cookie was first released. The Arena mode and other ranked competitions are currently easier than in Hollyberry, but this might change if the majority of new players in the future go to Dark Cacao instead. `It’s worth noting that if you have friends who play the game, they’re more likely to be in the older servers since this server came out several months later than Pure Vanilla and Hollyberry.

Possible Future Servers

There are only three servers to choose from at the moment, but Cookie Run: Kingdom might add more servers in the future if the current servers get too crowded. It’s worth noting that so far, the three servers in the game are named after the Ancient cookies in the game, which are some of the rarest cookies to get in the game.

There are five Ancient cookies that are revealed in the game, so the game might end up having five servers in the future too! All five Ancients are playable in the game’s tutorial, but only three of them (Pure Vanilla, Hollyberry, Dark Cacao) are actually released and can be collected from the Gacha. New Ancients usually take around 4 months to come out.

How to change your in-game Server in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Unfortunately, there is no way to change servers at the moment. When you choose a server, remember that this choice is permanent, so be sure to pick it carefully. If you ever want to try out a new server, you can always make an alternate account on another server.

Who knows, you might get lucky in your gacha rolls and pull Sea Fairy Cookie or Frost Queen Cookie! You can make as many alternate accounts as you want. Just be sure to link your existing account to an email or Facebook account so you’ll keep your hard-earned progress.

Which server are you using currently to play Cookie Run: Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below!

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