eFootball PES 2020: Juventus Iconic Moments review

A detailed review along with a revisit to those Iconic Matchdays!

Ever since KONAMI introduced a Iconic Moments player edition in PES 2020, many clubs got their Iconic Moments released, which then later, better and higher rated players came into picture. This increased the interests of getting these players, which were exciting for most of them. After 3 months of these weekly agents, they made way for the Legend Agents. But with KONAMI thinking of re-rolling most of these Special agents, players can still try their luck on getting these Iconic Moments players. However, this time we will give a detailed review on each one of them, where this article is about Juventus Iconic Moments.

There are three Juventus Iconic Moments released currently, so the reviews will be on those three. Whenever any new Juventus Iconic Moments are released, this review will be updated with the new set of players. We have previously reviewed the Iconic Moments players of the following clubs, so feel free to check these reviews out.

Juventus Iconic Moments

We currently have these three Juventus Iconic Moments available in the game:

  • A. Del Piero
  • P. Nedved
  • A. Pirlo

Alessandro Del Piero

Playing Style: Goal Poacher

Looking back at that iconic moment match

Juventus faced Ajax in the Champions League Final on 22nd May 1996. A match before a crowd of 67,000 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, a thriller was waiting to unveil in front of the fans. The match as expectations, so engaging till the last minute, where Juventus defeated Ajax on penalties to win the 1996 UEFA Champions League.

Juventus Iconic Moments PES

Manager Marcello Lippi’s Juventus side scored first when, in the 12th minute, forward Fabrizio Ravanelli collected a poorly headed ball from Ajax’s central defender Frank de Boer, rounded the keeper, and slotted the ball into an empty net. Ajax equalized in the 41st minute, however, as Juventus goalkeeper Angelo Peruzzi failed to secure de Boer’s free kick from the edge of the box. The ball fell to the feet of Ajax’s Finnish midfielder Jari Litmanen, who knocked it home from a yard out.

The teams played a physical second half, with the Bianconeri dominating, but unable to take the lead due to the brilliant play of Ajax keeper Edwin Van der Sar. The teams played through a scoreless second half and two periods of extra time before heading to penalty kicks.

It was Peruzzi who shined the brightest during the penalties, first saving the opening kick from Ajax midfielder Edgar Davids. Then, after Juventus scored on their first four kicks, he stretched out to his left to save the shot from Ajax defender Sonny Silooy, giving Juventus the win with the final score of 1-1 (4-2 via penalties).

Juve were champions of Europe. But just like with everything Juventus, the tournament was covered in controversy as it was later revealed that team doctor – without the knowledge of the club – doped the players prior to the final to boost their performances, with false news coming out in 2013 claiming that the title could be awarded to Ajax.

That night in Rome remains Juventus’ last triumph to date, with the win coming against the tournament favorites – but as always with Juve, covered in controversy.

Player Analysis

Widely regarded by players, pundits, and managers as one of the greatest players of his generation and as one of the best Italian players of all time, his Juventus Iconic Moments version does justice to him by being one of the highest rated forwards in the game. A Goal Poacher playstyle, he is amazing going forward, adds not only performances inside the box but also excellent creativity. However, his positioning inside the penalty area is not the best among players, but still does good forward runs thanks to his 93 Offensive Awareness at max level.


Del Piero is a good finisher, even with 93 Finishing at max level, he can be trustworthy to finish. His first-time shots are excellent and very accurate. The skills like First Time Shot and Acrobatic Finishing adds a lot of precision inside the box.

His control on the ball is excellent. A very good dribbler combined with creativity makes for an excellent all-rounder forward. The 95+ Ball Control and Dribbling stats can be seen on the pitch. You can easily use his dribbling skills like Double Touch, Marseille Turn, Step on Skill control to get past the defense and then go for goal. His Long-Range Shooting is one of the best in the game, with his curl shots are so smooth and very accurate.

He is quick and has 90+ speed stat at max level, not the fastest but enough. The best plus of Del Piero is that he has all-round stats, so all these stats combine to make him a complete player. Preferably not a 90-minute player, with high pressing managers he gets drained quickly. Overall a ‘creator’ would be apt for him compared to a ‘goal scoring forward.’

Formation discussion

Del Piero is a works wonders in a two CF formation. Use him as a second fiddle SS to a strong CF on the right. Feed balls to your CF and also attempt some good curl hits to the goal. Formations like 4-3-1-2 will be a great fit. He thrives best under a counter-attacking manager with a Short-passing style and quick buildup of play. Formations like 3-4-1-2, 4-2-2-2 are also some good picks.

If you prefer a traditional 4-3-3 or any wide formation, use him as a left SS in the wing.

Pavel Nedved

Playing Style: Box-To-Box

Looking back at that iconic moment match

Juventus faced Real Madrid in a Champions League Semifinal tie on 14th May 2003. Real Madrid were winning 2-1 on aggregate, with Juventus, thanks to David Trezeguet away goal, needed a 1-0 win to seal a spot in the finale. Stadio Delle Alpi was packed with fans to witness a great game of football.

Pavel Nedved - Iconic Moments

Juventus went on to with the tie, where David Trezeguet and Alessandro del Piero struck in the first half. Juventus sealed the victory with a third late on from Pavel Nedved. Zinedine Zidane gave Juventus anxious late moments when he pulled a goal back for Real, for whom Luis Figo missed a penalty, but Juventus thoroughly deserved their triumph.

To start things off, Nedved’s cross in the 11th minute was knocked into the path of Trezeguet by Del Piero and the French striker made no mistake.

Real were desperately short of their normal inspiration from Zidane and Figo, and it was no surprise when Juventus doubled their advantage on the night and took the lead in the tie three minutes before the interval. In the 42nd minute, Alessandro Del Piero shimmies his way into the Real Madrid box, wiggles his hips like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, wrongfoots two defenders and then shoots low and hard, beating Casillas at his right-hand post.

Nedved’s impressive night extends further. The Czech latches on to a fantastic Zambrotta pass from the half-way line, sprints between the static Real center-back pairing and buries the ball past Casillas in the Real Madrid goal. Game, set and match. Zidane did score a late goal, but this was to be Juve’s night. Real failed to book a spot in the final, where Juventus went on to face AC Milan in the first ever all Italian final.

Player Analysis

Nedved is pretty popular among users for his amazing powerful hits from outside the box. He is one of those versatile mids that would fit in any formation. He is full of stamina, good technique, passing range and vision, attributes which allow him to distribute the ball and create chances for team mates.


Nedved, even though his legend version is in the talk for his long-range shots, this version is ultimate in terms of in-game performance. He offers more contribution overall in every offensive department. A Box-To-Box playstyle makes him cover more ground and play in any midfield position. Good in the passing department with 91 Low and 85 Lofted passing stats at max level. Skills like One Touch Pass and Through Passing makes him do some quick passing as well as splitting passes to get your attacks flowing.

Offensive awareness of 88 makes him run frequently forward. His finishing is amazing too, so at AMF he can be a good bet as he offers timely runs with good finishing under his belt. His long shots are arguably one of the most powerful ones in PES, with 95 Kicking Power and skills like Rising Shots, Dipping Shot, he can be a nightmare to most of the goalkeepers. He can hit accurate shots with his left foot too, so it is another bonus in having this talent in your squad.

He is very good in holding the ball, even though he’s not a dribbler. With fine balance and 89+ Dribbling stats, he is smooth to use on the ball. Another plus of this Czech midfielder is that he is an engine, with 99 stamina that helps you press throughout the game.

Overall, an amazing midfielder to have in your squad.

Formation discussion

You can use him in a 4-3-3 formation where a Box to Box midfielder on the left would be a good fit. He can also be played as an AMF/LMF/CMF in 3-4-1-2, 4-3-1-2, or as a CMF/LMF of 4-2-2-2 for great use of this engine.

Andrea Pirlo

Playing Style: Orchestrator

Looking back at that iconic moment match

Juventus faced Catania on 18th February 2012. Another important match for the Bianconeri as they wanted to seal the Italian league early. Despite a quick horror start against Catania, the team bounced back thanks to an inspiring Pirlo performance and won the game.

Juventus Iconic Moments PES

In the 4th minute of the game, Catania’s Pablo Barrientos scores with a left footed shot from outside the box to the bottom left corner. A assist by Marco Motta, it was a big lead for the Italian side as Juventus was stunned with that early goal.

The Juventus squad did not look back after that. They were even more motivated and started attacking. Their equalizer came from Andrea Pirlo, the magician himself. He wins a freekick in their attacking half and Goal! Andrea Pirlo equalizes from a brilliant free kick with a right footed shot to the bottom right corner.

Again, Juventus were pretty good. Pirlo attempted close shots but was unlucky. The first half ended 1-1, with Juventus having majority of the attacking play.

Second half, it was the same. Both teams fought well for their win. But it changed in the 74th minute. Giorgio Chiellini scores a brilliant header from the left side of the six-yard box to the bottom left corner. Again, it was an assist by Andrea Pirlo with an amazing cross following a set piece situation.

Pirlo’s amazing game didn’t stop yet. The world-class midfielder continued with his amazing passes and goal attempts, also working in his favor for Juventus’ third. Pirlo bags another assist with Fabio Quagliarella scoring a left-footed shot from the center of the box to the center of the goal in the 81st minute.

This Pirlo performance was inspirational and thus earned him a Juventus Iconic Moments card in PES.

Player Analysis

Andrea Pirlo is undoubtedly one of the best creative controlling mids of our generation. He was amazing for Italy as well as Juventus. With great stats for a midfielder, he positively reflects them on the pitch. Even though he is a DMF in the game, his defensive stats are poor and it is not a surprise. Pirlo was a creative mid, but due to his control on the midfield, he’s a mix of both but leaning towards to the offensive buildup.


The Juventus Iconic Moments version of Andrea Pirlo will be a dream for those who love long passing game of play. A passing maestro to be precise, with 97 Low Pass and 99 Long Pass stats at max level, he can find space for through balls and provide defense-splitting passes going forward. With the playstyle, he orchestrates attacks brilliantly. The style of orchestrator makes him stay behind and help in the build-up. But that doesn’t stop him from involving in the attack often.

He won’t make runs into the box; as he is not your pass and run forward type. During his time in Juventus, he was also known for his brilliant set-piece taking qualities. Without doubt, with 97 Place Kicking and 95 Curl, you can take brilliant direct freekicks and set pieces. Again, another great card for dribblers, with stats like 90 Ball Control, 94 Tight Possession, he holds the ball well. The skill Cut Behind & Turn works well to avoid defenders and create space for a pass.

He is not a defensive mid, he is fantastic around a physical presence and a defensive mid. Overall, he offers very good control and creativity to your squad.

Formation discussion

He fits in a flat 4-3-3. However, he fails to work as a sole DMF, but with a Double Pivot, he is fantastic and does layout amazing passes to your forwards, links up beautifully with a good midfield. A formation with a Double Pivot, such as the 4-2-1-3, 3-2-4-1, 3-2-2-3, 4-2-2-2 are some amazing formations that Pirlo excels.

That’s all we have as of now for reviewing the Juventus Iconic Moments players. We are going to review more Iconic Moments players from other clubs too, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, if you want to read reviews of PES Legend players in PES 2020, we have them available:

Also, we recently reviewed all the newly added European National Legends, if interested, check them out too!

Did you find our Juventus Iconic Moments review helpful? What is your opinion on them? Do let us know in the comments!

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I was lucky to pull Del P and Nedved and you have got the reviews of them spot on.

I mainly use Nedved as LCM/RCM in Santos or basically and 3 man midfield. He’s absolutely insane. Can run up and down the pitch 90 minutes with no stamina issues and his long range shooting is a sight to behold. He can shoot with his left/right foot with absolute precision.

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