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Farlight 84: Top 5 best Capsulers that you can use in the game

Choose from only the best capsulers

Following the launch of the futuristic technology-based action game Farlight 84, a large number of players have already hopped into the game trying to clinch their way to master the game. It is a game with a unique take on the battle royale genre which offers characters called Capsulers to use in-game. Each Capsuler has its own unique ability which enhances the performance of the player in their particular fields. Here we will be listing the top 5 Capsulers to use in the battle who have the best abilities in Farlight 84.

Best Capsulers you can play in Farlight 84

1. Heart

Cost: 9600

Farlight 84 best capsulers

In Farlight 84, Heart is the go-to choice if you play in an aggressive squad that takes frequent fights. Heart’s ability Large Syringe grants an extra 20% health to all allies she revives, thus giving them an edge over other low HP enemies. Her unique ability makes her arguably the best support unit in the game because, in stalemate situations where both squads are in critical health after being knocked, the squad she’s in will gain the upper hand due to the extra 20% health.

However, it is not advisable however to have more than 1 Heart in the team as then the squad will lack the necessary gunpower but overloaded in support qualities. Also always make sure to provide cover fire when reviving, or simply get behind one, or you might lose another player in the act of reviving one.

2. Sunil

Cost: 4800

Farlight 84 best capsulers

Sunil is an engineer from the energy arms manufacturer Prism Technology. His ability Top Protection increases your shield recovery speed by 10% which is very handy if you are low on health and want to minimize the damage taken. But you should remember that the shield won’t last forever and by the time it expires, you should always be ready to launch a counteroffensive.

Or you can also charge at the enemy with your shield active which will let you deal more damage to the enemy than you will take, thus making it a great ability to use while assaulting solo as it lets you continue your attack without falling to the enemy.

3. Ducksyde

Cost: 9600

Farlight 84 best capsulers

An ex-staff member of the Nova Park before the Calamity, Ducksyde wears a costume with metal plating. His ability Blubber Buffer grants an extra 3% hike to the total HP of the player, which makes you tank more shots if you’re an assaulter. The extra damage tank offered by Ducksyde makes the Capsuler optimal for use as an entry rusher, that is, in  a role where it is the first to go through the enemy ranks during squad fights.

It can at least deliver one knock and even pull off another owing to its HP buff and make it easier for the following teammates to clean up the enemies. Thus, sending in Ducksyde first tanks the extra damage that would have been otherwise dealt with the other players which are very crucial in a game where every single HP counts, and even a little damage dealt can affect the end result.

4. Maggie

Cost: 6400

Farlight 84 best capsulers

An ex-pizza delivery girl, Maggie has supposedly gotten stronger thighs owing to her job. Her ability See Ya! allows you to move 10% faster for 4 seconds after being hit by an enemy. This makes her a great Capsuler to use if you’re a passive player and don’t like to take fights head-on. Maggie is also useful in early game skirmishes when enemies are huddled up together in various spots for the purpose of looting.

Her ability allows her to have faster movement speed which in turn makes it easier to dodge incoming shots while dealing damage to the enemies at the same time. Strafing movements gain a huge buff in close encounters owing to the speed increase-which means that in close encounters it is highly unlikely to defeat the Maggie Capsuler if it is being used by a skilled player.

5. Olga

Cost: 4800

Farlight 84 best capsulers

A recon troop, her ability Hound Dog marks an enemy for 10 seconds on the minimap of you and your teammates once they sustain a hit. The mark will be placed in any circumstances, which makes her a clutch Capsuler for aggressive plays and to mop up camping enemies in a fight. Having arguably the most useful ability in the game, Olga is a great Capsuler to have in both long-range fights and indoor skirmishes.

Her ability allows her and her teammates to ambush unsuspecting enemies; for example, when they are healing after getting shot at earlier. The mark also facilitates keeping track of the player’s shot which prevents them from sneaking through the flanks and kill you. Also in indoor fights, enemies usually rush for cover inside rooms and behind objects, but Olga’s Hound Dog ability exposes them and makes it much easier to subdue them as you will already know where to shoot at and expect the players to be at.


That concludes our list of the best capsulers available in the game and how their ability works. Keep in mind that even though you might be great at handling and using the Capsulers, each of them has their own situational drawbacks. Therefore it is highly recommended them to use with complimentary Capsulers who can make your chosen Capsuler use their ability to the fullest. Teamwork is always better than rushing alone with no one to watch your back. So, choose your appropriate Capsuler before going into battle to unleash their full potential.

What do you think of this Farlight 84 best capsulers list? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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Momonoi is better than sunil she decreases heal time and sheild regen time

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