FC Mobile 24: The complete Training and Rank up Guide

Train and level up your players easily with these tips!

The new season of FC Mobile is in full swing! Electronic Art’s has released the latest season of their popular soccer title as a season update. In the new season of FC Mobile, the Training and Rank Up System has been completely revamped. While Training increases a player’s stats, only the Ranks can increase his OVR. To make matters worse, Ranking requires a player of the same type, OVR, and event. In this FC Mobile guide, we will discuss the complete in-game Training and Rank system.

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How to perform Player Training in FC Mobile

Starting, the Training system has completely changed in the new season in FC Mobile. Training and Ranking are now two different ways to level up your Player with Ranking no longer a part of the Training process.

Image via Electronic Arts

Now you need to Train a player to improve his stats and you need to Rank him up to increase his OVR. Training improves a player’s numbers, the stats, whereas Ranking upgrades a player’s OVR but does not upgrade the player’s stats, although it improves skill points. To Train a player simply we need to put different players into our desired player (the player we want to train) and see his stats improve as he goes from level 1 to level 2.

There are no Training XP available in this season anymore so it all comes down to just Players. Nowadays Training is no longer dependent on player position ie you can use Goalkeepers to train a Striker. Therefore you can put any player you want from your Reserves to Train the player up.

Image via Electronic Arts

If you decide to Train a player and start training him, it gets to a point where you meet the max current level and need to Rank up him to further level up the player. Yes, after we get to level 5 or a multiple of 5, your player will be unable to go any further higher in training until you Rank him up. It’s kind of weird that you can only increase his stats until a certain level without ranking him up.

Without undergoing any Training, you can Rank up a Player but you can Train a player only up to a certain level without Ranking them up

Although Training bumps up player stats to a greater extent, we should remember that we can’t sell or buy Trained Players on the market. If we have a Trained player and we want to sell him, then his training will be stripped off automatically with a pop-up message, once we list him. Therefore consider it, should you decide to sell a Trained player, you can also Train another player with it to prevent losing the XP value in the market.

How to Rank up Players in FC Mobile

To Rank up a player of any OVR in the new season of FC Mobile, you will need the same copy which infers its duplicate. Yes, you can’t use a base OVR version of the card or any other version from previous events. To Rank up the player you need its duplicate and it carries on to no matter how many Rank Ups you do to that player, you will still need its duplicate.

Image via Electronic Arts

As stated previously, we don’t have to Train a player to Rank them. If we want to Rank up a player, we can Rank him up multiple times without undergoing any Training. Therefore as stated earlier without undergoing any training, we can Rank him up to the maximum limit ie 5 times. Thereby,

You can increase a player’s OVR by max +5 and Train him up to the max Level 30

In addition to OVR, Ranking also gives Skill Points which improves a player’s stats in some cases and also adds a secondary position as you upgrade a player. For example, as you can see below, if we increase the Passing attribute below, it adds +10 to Long Passing, Short Passing, and Vision and in addition adds a secondary position, LW in this case to the player.

Image via Electronic Arts

The difference is in Training, you don’t have a choice in how the upgrade affects your Player, whereas in Rank you do have the choice, as it was in this case. Additionally, should you later decide to reallocate your Skill Points to any attribute, you can do that using 1000 Gems. In addition to this, to Rank a player for the first and second time, you need only one version of the player, but as you start to Rank a player more and more, you will need more Players to get them to the next OVR.

Rank Up LevelMax Training Cap UnlockedPlayers Required for Successful Rank
No Rank5
1 (Green)101
2 (Blue)151
3 (Purple)202
4 (Red)255
5 (Gold)3010

Once you move onwards from Rank 3 to Rank 4, you will notice the probabilities, based on how many duplicate players, you need to put into to Rank him. Needless to say, if you don’t reach a high enough probability, you are going to lose those players forever just like that!

Image via Electronic Arts

Additionally, simple and clear that any untradable cards can’t be Ranked up as there isn’t a version of that player available in the market or anywhere else. Similarly, if you receive an extremely rare and expensive card of higher OVR, to increase its OVR further you will need another equally rare and expensive card to Rank him up.

And this is where the Universal Rank players come to play! There are two Universal Rank Players, namely 81 OVR GK Jerzy Dudek and 91 OVR CDM Javier Mascherano. The first one, ie Dudek allows you to Rank players from 80-89 OVR. Any Elite from 80-89 OVR, can have Dudek as its exact duplicate to Rank itself up.

Image via Electronic Arts

The other one ie Mascherano works as an exact duplicate for all 90-99 OVR Masters. Therefore Mascherano is a Universal Rank Player for all the cards in the range of 90 and above OVR. You can read more on Universal Rank Players in our guide here. Additionally, you can buy and sell Ranked Players in the market. Since Ranked Players will have a higher OVR than the actual one therefore they will always have a higher value than the original player value.

FC Mobile Training and Rank up Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Utilise the Market to buy Players for Training XP

Although you can train a player with any player from your reserve. The XP a card gives out does not increase proportionally with its OVR. Therefore it is often seen that lower OVR cards give out more XP per coin spent than higher OVR cards. The most cost-effective way of buying Training XP is to buy lower OVR players in the 60s in sets of sets of three of the same player.

Image via Electronic Arts

Then utilize the two duplicates to rank up the first one to Level 2. Doing this you will maximize the XP from the player at the cheapest coin value spent. As you can see from the image above, a single 67 OVR Card gives out 120 XP, with three of them giving a total of 360 XP, while the ranked up 69 OVR gives out 480 XP which is 120 XP more than if you have used the 3x 67 OVRs as XP themselves.

2. Buying and Selling Ranked Players in the Market

As you can sell Ranked Players in the market, it’s evident that a ranked version of a player having a higher OVR will be more expensive than the original unranked player (check the image below). Therefore if you are looking for your favorite player in the market and have the coins to buy him, it might be beneficial to go for his Ranked version rather than his unranked one as then you won’t need to buy a duplicate or use a Universal Rank Player on him to increase his OVR.

Image via Electronic Arts

At the same time, if you happen to land up on a high OVR untradeable player, you can choose to buy his tradeable version from the market, rank him up with his untradeable duplicate, and then sell the ranked player in the market with a higher value. However, be careful while doing this as the profits might not be enough given you need to shed the 10% market tax.

3. Be on the Hunt for Universal Rank Players

Universal Rank Players especially the 91 OVR Mascherano is currently the most precious item in the game. Once you reach Team of the Season and beyond, getting a single 98 or 99 OVR player will be precious, so forget about owning multiple duplicates of them to just Rank them up! And it is that point where Mascherano will become incredibly useful!

Image via Electronic Arts

Since releasing, EA has been generous in handing out Mascheranos as event rewards, therefore from any event, don’t go for the untradeable players. Just stick to Mascherano! Be it Mystery Signings or any other event, look out for any opportunity to grab Mascherano as during the business end of the season, they can prove to be a game changer!

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