FIFA Mobile 22 Top Transfers Guide

The Transfer Window has opened in FIFA Mobile!

Amidst all the Champions League and Lantern Festival events EA brings back a recurring event FIFA Mobile 22 Top Transfers dedicated to some of the biggest transfers from the Winter Transfer Window. The Transfer Window opens in FIFA Mobile with Top Transfer! Complete Daily Quests to earn Transfer Points and negotiate your way through the Top Transfer event to claim your new recruits!

FIFA Mobile 22 Top Transfers Event Description

  • Event Duration: April 7th – April 21st (14 Days)

FIFA Mobile 22 Top Transfers Event Flow

Top Transfer

The event is 14 days long and it is as basic as it gets. It’s basically a filler event for additional players and resources and is all about the Quests. From the main tab, hop over directly to the Quest section and check out what you need to do to claim those valuable Transfer and Negotiation Points

FIFA Mobile 22 Top Transfers
Top Transfer Quests (Image via Electronic Arts)

Daily finish off the five Daily Quests from the Quest section to earn Transfer and Negotiation Points. The Quests are simple and easily doable every day with minimum effort and a normal grind. There are no skill games, no AI matches, no nothing. The Quests range from:

  • Play 3 Division Rivals matches (H2H/VSA)
  • Win 2 Division Rivals matches (H2H/VSA)
  • Complete 2 Skill Games or Matches in the Daily Training event
  • Play 4 Skill Games or Matches in any Event
  • Score 30 Goals

The Transfer Points can be used and exchanged in the Transfer Offer to claim Transfer Players and Negotiation Points. Negotiation Points can further be used in the Transfer Windows. Barring the first Transfer exchange, each exchange requires 100 Transfer Points and not 100 FIFA Points.

FIFA Mobile 22 Top Transfers
Top Transfers Milestones (Image via Electronic Arts)

Additionally, there is a milestone path of rewards on earning Club Score for Negotiation Points. Club Score gives you progress towards the Milestones in the Main Chapter. Progress through the Milestones to claim Players, Resources, and a Top Transfer 92 OVR CM Denis Zakaria! There is also an additional milestone reward for an Enhanced Base Icon 90 OVR RM Jay-Jay Okocha!

Transfer Windows

This is the big thing here. There are four different Transfer Windows, all opening and closing at different durations during the event with different Top Transfer Players. The different Transfer Windows are the place to use your Negotiation Points and Contract Points! Start negotiations and sign those new Players! Keep in mind that not all negotiations will be successful. 

FIFA Mobile 22 Top Transfers
Transfer Windows (Image via Electronic Arts)

When you fail to sign a new recruit through negotiation, you will have most of your Negotiation Points returned to you and you’ll receive Coins and Club Score. Successfully signing a Player will also grant you Club Score. Negotiations take time, and can be quite draining! There is a cooldown period when you start the negotiation for a Player and it will be displayed during the negotiation, so play accordingly.

  • Transfer Window 1: April 7th – April 10th
  • Transfer Window 2: April 10th – April 13th
  • Transfer Window 3: April 13th – April 16th
  • Transfer Window 4: April 16th – April 21st

Negotiating takes time there’s a time frame that you have to wait like a cooldown period it is 12 hours for the 93 OVRs so if you want the 93s you’ve got to negotiate at least 12 hours before the window ends. The time goes on decreasing with the OVRs with 10 hours for the 92, and 9 hours for a 91. The 90s are 8 hours each and then it is 6 hours for the 89s. Sign a Player instantly by using your Contract Points!


During the Top Transfer Event, there will be several Exchanges where you can trade in Event Players for Contract Points. You’re going to be able to trade in your Top Transfer players and then you can do this a total of 3 times during your window and you get Contract Points for these exchanges.

Those 60 Contract Points total is available through every window thus making it 60 Contract Times a total of four times. These are easy Exchanges and try not to miss them.

FIFA Mobile 22 Top Transfers Event Currencies

Transfer Points

  • Earn them by completing Daily Quests
  • Use them in the Main Chapter to claim Top Transfer Players

Negotiation Points

  • Earn them through completing Daily Quests and claiming the Transfer Offer
  • Use them in the Transfer Windows to negotiate and sign Top Transfer Players

Contract Points

  • Earn them by completing Exchanges
  • Use them in the Transfer Windows to instantly sign a Top Transfer Player

Club Score

  • Earn them by negotiating a signing in the Transfer Windows
  • It will give you progress for the Milestones in the Main Chapter

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Transfer PointsNegotiation PointsContract Points
Daily Quests7707000
Transfer Offer Pack2400
Credits: Georik Twitter

The 770 Transfer Points will be in turn used to open the Transfer Offer Pack a total of 8 times in exchange for 300 Negotiation Points every time leading to a total of 2400 Negotiation Points from the pack across the 14-day event.

Total a minimum of 770 Transfer Points, 9400 Negotiation Points, and 240 Contract Points are available free-to-play

Contract Points are only available through the event exchanges that are reset for every transfer window. They are precious for obtaining club scores and the Transfer Window Players. So do remember to complete your exchanges on time.

FIFA Mobile 22 Top Transfers Event Tips and Tricks

Being one of the first events of FIFA Mobile 22, Top Transfers is a very very basic mini-event. It is not even a proper event, with everything happening through the daily usual quest grinds. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here.

Now tips for the event. Play everything. Finish all of your quests which you can very easily. Be excited that there’s no event energy or stamina involved anymore in the new season. We’re not dealing with the constant fear of energy getting wasted and full and neither has there been a single ad since the game was released. So yes, definitely enjoy it while you can.

Transfer Window Players

PlayerContract Points requiredNegotiation Points required each timeCooldown TimeClub Score rewarded
89 OVR Players5010006 Hours45-200 Club Score
90 OVR Players10012508 Hours60-300 Club Score
91 OVR Players14015009 Hours85-395 Club Score
92 OVR Players200225010 Hours100-550 Club Score
93 OVR Players300300012 Hours225-950 Club Score

From the table above you can clearly see you can grab at least the 92 OVR Players at max from the event being free-to-play. But there is a catch, do keep it in mind that the 92 OVR Player available free-to-play can only be obtainable from Transfer Window 4. The 93 OVR Player from Transfer Window 4 is not free-to-play per se as it will require additional Gems.

Negotiation Points

Number one, the most important thing negotiate for anyone other than the 93 OVRs, this is the most important point because any other negotiation for anybody else is useless unless you really want those players to remember you are practically losing Negotiation Points every time you perform a Negotiation. It’s just not worth the loss of Negotiation Points.

Now you won’t be able to perform any Negotiation in Transfer Window 1. You can only begin from Transfer Window 2, from day 5 for the 93 OVRs. Here is how it follows:

  • Day 5: Transfer Window 2 – 93 OVR CM Christian Eriksen
  • Day 6: Transfer Window 2 – 93 OVR CM Christian Eriksen
  • Day 7: Transfer Window 3 – 93 OVR CB Kostas Manolas
  • Day 8: Transfer Window 3 – 93 OVR CB Kostas Manolas

For the above four days, you can do the trade once per day. Although it’s a 12-hour cooldown you can only do it once because you’re not going to have enough Negotiation Points because it takes 3000 Negotiation Points to do it, and you only get 2500 back.

You need to close the deficit by getting 500 Negotiation Points each day. And that you can only do from Day 9. And the reason is you will be getting the 300 extra Negotiation Points from the Transfer offer in exchange for 100 Transfer Points.

  • Day 9: Transfer Window 3 – 93 OVR CB Kostas Manolas (Twice)
  • Day 10: Transfer Window 4 – 93 OVR ST Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
  • Day 11: Transfer Window 4 – 93 OVR ST Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
  • Day 12: Transfer Window 4 – 93 OVR ST Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Twice)
  • Day 13: Transfer Window 4 – 93 OVR ST Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
  • Day 14: Transfer Window 4 – 93 OVR ST Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

That’s it, that’s all the Negotiations possible, as long as you are completing your Daily Quests and doing the trade-ins. You know that the chances are low to pull off a 93 OVR Player at all, but you are getting more Club Score on average, and the player will be much more expensive if you get lucky.

Contract Points

The Contract Points can give you the assurance of guaranteed Top Transfer Players. Here as well, you will need to buy a few minor Top Transfer Players in the market in order to have the 200 Contract Points necessary to claim a 92 OVR Player from Transfer Window 4.

Additionally, without claiming the 92 OVR Player you won’t be able to complete the 92 OVR CM Zakaria Milestone either so this all goes hand in hand. You will be able to do the Exchanges three times for every window. It requires Event players that you can claim every other day, so you don’t need to do them all if just a 92 OVR Player is your primary target. So plan them this way:

  • Transfer Window 1: Claim two times and Exchange twice
  • Transfer Window 2: Claim once, Buy the other one, and Exchange twice
  • Transfer Window 3: Claim twice, Buy the other one, and Exchange thrice
  • Transfer Window 4: Claim thrice and Exchange thrice

Now doing the entire thing, you will be able to claim the 92 OVR Player from Transfer Window 4 as well the 92 OVR CM Milestone and get close to the Enhanced Base Icon 90 OVR RM Jay-Jay Okocha milestone. Thus,

92 OVR CM Denis Zakaria and either of the 92 OVRs from Transfer Window 4 are possible free-to-play

Getting close, that’s it because you will be shy of 80 Transfer Points. If you are really a fan of the player and want him then spend your gems in the store. The additional 3750 Gems Welcome offer makes Okocha free-to-play. Thus,

90 OVR RM Jay-Jay Okocha is possible free-to-play with an additional 3750 Gems

Additionally, if you want the 93 OVR ST Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Transfer Window 4, then you don’t have a choice but need to commit to all the possible Contract Points exchanges. And yes that still won’t be sufficient without an additional 5000 Gems, ie including the Welcome Offer and additional Gem Packs.

93 OVR ST Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is possible free-to-play with an additional 5000 Gems

So if you do have the desire to go for the 93 from Window 4 ie Aubameyang forget the other windows but if you want that make sure you claim all of the exchanges from start to finish, all the 240 Contract Points. Now 5000 Gems are not much and they won’t be bad for a 94 or 95 OVR Player but just for a 93 OVR Player that too after Team of the Year, is simply not worth all the fiasco.

FIFA Mobile 22 Top Transfers Event Players

Top Transfer Players
Image via Electronic Arts

That’s the Top Transfers event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. It’s pack luck, it’s all pack luck which is kinda frustrating. It’s very frustrating but that’s what this season is in FIFA Mobile. A two-week mini-event with confusing in-game currencies and little rewards to play for. The worst event in FIFA Mobile so far this season? Maybe, Possibly, Could be.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 22 Top Transfers Event Guide useful.

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