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Free Fire Notora Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and More

Use Notora to her full potential!

Free Fire is one of the popular battle royale games with over 80 Million active users because of its unique features. Free Fire characters and pets possess unique abilities that benefit the user with specific advantages on the battlefield. Notora is one of the oldest characters of Free Fire. She has a passive skill that helps players keep them healed up while driving. This Free Fire guide will help you with the best character combinations to use with Notora and tips to master her.

About Notora in Free Fire

Free Fire Notora Guide
Image via Garena

According to Free Fire, Notora is a professional motorcycle racer. She was born into a family of biker gang members, but she despises a life filled with murders. Her gang and another rival got into a gunfight, and her entire crew was wiped out, and she was captured. She escaped death and was sent to Free Fire Island due to her fighting performance.

Notora abilities in Free Fire

Free Fire Notora
Image via Garena

Notora has a passive skill called Racer’s Blessing. While driving a vehicle, she recovers 5 HP every 4.5 second for the user and their teammates at her initial level. At her max level, she recovers 5 HP every 2 seconds for both user and their teammates. The skill works until the user is healed up completely, i.e., it doesn’t stick.

Best character skill combinations with Notora you should try in Free Fire

As Notora only works while driving the vehicle, her skill is useless in Clash Squad or Lone wolf mode. Players can equip one active skill along with two passive skills in combination. Some of the best skill combinations are as follows.

1. Notora/ Alok/ Moco/ Kelly

Alok creates a 5m aura on activating his skill; the user, his teammates, recover 5 HP every second for 10 sec. On the other hand, Moco marks the hit enemies with a mark on the head for 5 seconds. Kelly increases the sprinting speed by 6%. By equipping this skill combination, players can survive while lacking medkits. Low HP players can activate Alok’s skill, and if the user drives any vehicle, Notora’s character skill can help them recover HP.

2. Notora/ Wukong/ Ford/ Shirou

Wukong, on activating its skill, transforms into a movable bush shield on which the default aim mechanism doesn’t work. Ford decreases the damage taken through the safe zone by 24%. Shirou marks the attacker when opponents hit the user within the 80m range. This skill combination can be used for survival gameplay while rank pushing. Players can activate Wukong’s skill when the enemies destroy their vehicles.

3. Notora/ Skyler/ Misha/ Hayato

Skyler unleashes a sonic wave that can destroy 5 Gloo walls in a row within a second. Misha reduces the damage taken from enemies while riding the vehicle, and the user is harder to target while in the vehicle. Hayato increases the armor penetration by 10% with every 10% decrease in max HP of the user. This skill combination can be used for offensive gameplay. Even at low HP, with the help of Hayato’s ability, players can exit the vehicle and rush on opponents when required.

Tips and Tricks for using Notora in Free Fire

  • Players should be aware of the vehicle locations in the different maps.
  • Misha is the best character to utilize with Notora because their skills are useful while driving the car.
  • If you’re playing duo or squad and don’t have any healing supplies, you can hop into the vehicle to recover your HP until you can collect some medkits.

Players should remember not to use Notora in small area modes like Clash Squad because it doesn’t have any vehicles. However, it’s important for players to understand the maps and Notora’s skills well and then use her to their advantage.

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