Gacha Club: Tips to earn Gems in the game

Acquire more Gems to pull units in Gacha Club!

Gacha Club is a previously launched simulation game where the developers of the game, Lunime, aim to provide you with thousands of style options. Apart from styling your character, the game has other significant features to help experience the gameplay thoroughly. Gacha Club allows you to pull gacha from an extensive collection of units and pets. Resources such as Gems help you in transactions within the game. To gain this currency for free, our Gacha Club: Tips to Earn Gems piece is of great assistance. 

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How to get more Gems in Gacha Club

In Gacha Club, this currency has an important role concerning gacha. The game provides you with various options to pull gacha character units and pets using Gems. Our Gacha Club: Tips to earn Gems article guides you through the following ways to get more Gems in the game and how:

1. Main Story Battles

The main story battles are a great source for earning gems following the storyline of Gacha Club. The story has chapters and the chapters in turn have stages. The fights take the shape of stages in this instance. You need to eliminate the Boss enemy in the final stage at the end of the chapter. 

Gacha Club earn Gems Main Story Battles
Image via Lunime

When you achieve victory in a sub-stage you receive some gems, which usually happen to be ten. At the end of each stage, the storyline progresses and your victory rewards you with a handful of gems and other resources. 

2. Elemental Towers

Element Towers is also a game mode where you can gain this vital currency in large amounts. To access the next major tower, you must fill each elemental tower here. An additional level in an elemental tower is a result of one win in that element. 

Gacha Club earn Gems Elemental Towers
Image via Lunime

A tower of elements has ten floors. The next major tower unlocks when each elemental tower reaches its tenth level. Now, every win ensures you some currency and other materials as a reward which mostly include hefty gems. 

3. Training Mode

The Training mode is a game mode where you can test the skills of the character units in your party. In other words, the mode helps you in training your units. The game has three training grounds to choose from: Enhancement Stars, Skill Moons, and Awakening Records

Gacha Club Training Mode
Image via Lunime

The training areas show what prizes are awarded following a win. Apart from the other important resources you receive for your victory, the game also awards you with a handful number of gems. As the difficulty level increases, you gain more and more gems. 

4. Mini Games

Gacha Club has a mini-games section for some side entertainment. This space is an additional way to earn some vital resources. The mini-games include Lemo & Yuni Dance, Mascot Whack, Usagi vs Neko, and Memory Match. 

Gacha Club Mini Games
Image via Lunime

The game guides you through the mechanics of all these mini-games. The small, light games in here are a good source of acquiring more gems. Also, no matter how many levels you play repeatedly, a victory would still reward you with some amount of this primary currency.

Final Thoughts

By degrees, Gacha Club is an intriguing casual game where the currencies play a major role in various in-game activities. To experience the game to its fullest, you must pay attention to earning vital resources. One main feature is acquiring character units and forming a party to fight in battles.

Also, more gems ensure that you get higher value units for your inclusion in a party. Our Gacha Club: Tips to Earn Gems piece is a must-read in such a case. Therefore, you must focus on getting more and more Gems following us for smooth gameplay.

What are your thoughts about the best ways to earn gems in Gacha Club? Do let us know in the comments!

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