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Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions for Yoimiya and Tips

Take your Yoimiya’s damage to the next level with these team compositions

Yoimiya is a 5-Star Bow-wielding DPS character that hails from Inazuma. She is the current owner of Naganohara Fireworks and has been taking the family’s traditional business forward. Due to her being an amazing pyrotechnician, she also gained the title: Queen of the Summer Festival. In this Genshin Impact guide, players will be able to select their team compositions with Yoimiya in the mix.

Yoimiya is a powerful single target damage dealer and infuses her normal attacks with Pyro, her limitations lie with a lack of AOE capability and somewhat limited damage multipliers. On her own Yoimiya will not feel very great however with a dedicated team she can shred through enemies very easily, which means knowing the best teams for her is a must, so here is a detailed team comp guide for Yoimiya along with variations and optimal rotations.

Best Team Compositions for Yoimiya in Genshin Impact

All the rotations provided here are subjective and will depend on a lot of factors like a number of enemies, individual energy recharge, environmental factors, character investment, etc. So test these rotations on your own and modify them to your needs.

1. Yoimiya’s Vaporise Team

Main DPSElemental Aura / Burst DPSSupportBuffer / Support
YoimiyaXingqiuZhongliYun Jin

Yoimiya Hyper-Carry

Yoimiya Hyper Carry team is all about boosting Yoimiya’s damage as much as possible and unleashing her Elemental Skill to infuse her Auto Attacks with Pyro. Her auto attacks have high multipliers and are the main source of her damage. Hyper Carry Teams are always one of the easiest teams to play with since the focus is only on a single DPS character.

Yoimiya Hyper-Carry Genshin Impact Team compositions Yoimiya
Image via HoYoverse


  • This team is not very expensive since it uses only 2 four-star characters.
  • Relatively easy to build this team, since the stat requirements are not that high.
  • Yun Jin can easily outclass Bennett in this team if she has high constellations which means Bennett can be used in some other team composition.
  • High Single target damage.
  • Very effective when used against bosses and with Zhongli’s shield, Yoimiya should be protected in most scenarios.


  • Locks a Hydro Enabler like Xingqiu or Yelan in this team.
  • Lack of AOE damage capability.

Optimal Rotation

Zhongli Hold Elemental Skill > Yoimiya Elemental Burst > Xingqiu Elemental Skill > Xingqiu Elemental Burst > Yun Jin Elemental Skill > Yun Jin Elemental Burst > Yoimiya Elemental Skill > Yoimiya’s Auto Attacks > Yun Jin Elemental Skill > Repeat Rotation

This is just one variation of the optimal rotation and you should test these on your own to find the perfect rotation sequence.

2. Yoimiya-Yelan Variation

Alternatively, another team can be formed by replacing Xingqiu with Yelan and it should work just fine. However, the Vape reactions should be less consistent with this team if your Xingqiu is at C6 because his hydro applications are better than Yelan.

Yoimiya-Yelan Variation
Image via HoYoverse
Main DPSElemental Aura / Burst DPSSupportBuffer / Support
YoimiyaYelanZhongliYun Jin

3. Yoimiya-Kazuha Variation

Another similar team that can be formed in the vaporize variation is by replacing Zhongli with Kazuha. This team will have CC capabilities but a lack of AOE skill will mean no extra crowd damage and Kazuha will only serve to boost Yoimiya.

Yoimiya-Kazuha Variation Genshin Impact Team compositions Yoimiya
Image via HoYoverse
Main DPSElemental AuraBuffer / SupportBuffer / Support
YoimiyaXingqiu / YelanKazuhaYunjin

4. Yoimiya’s Overload Teams

Overload team variation uses the reaction between Pyro, Electro, and Hydro to deal significant damage. Electro and Hydro Auras can be applied to an enemy simultaneously and when Pyro interacts with it, both Vaporise and Overload will occur at that same time.

Yoimiya’s Overload Teams Genshin Impact Team compositions Yoimiya
Image via HoYoverse

This mechanic makes the overload teams very powerful and competitive with other meta teams. They also utilise multiple off-field DPS and complement it with one primary DPS to deal damage. Yoimiya’s overload comp is a prime example of that.

Main DPSElemental Aura / Sub DPSElemental Aura / Sub DPSBuffer / Support


  • The team is able to deal with multiple enemies due to Beidou
  • Beidou and Xingqiu have damage reduction in their kit which increases the overall survivability of the team due to the lack of a dedicated healer.
  • Xingqiu does provide minimal healing which when used properly should be just enough to overcome most of game content.
  • High amount of particle generation since each of them has low cooldowns for Elemental Skills.


  • Without a primary healer, you will need to dodge enemies’ attacks frequently and have to be careful about getting one-shotted.
  • Energy threshold is relatively high for Beidou since she is the only electro in the team.
  • Yoimiya needs to be heavily invested to be competitive with other meta teams.

Optimal Rotation

Yoimiya Elemental Burst > Xingqiu Elemental Skill > Xingqiu Elemental Burst > Bennett Elemental Skill > Bennett Elemental Burst > Beidou Elemental Skill > Beidou Elemental Burst > Yoimiya Elemental Skill > Yoimiya’s Auto Attacks > Repeat Rotation

5. Yoimiya-Beidou-Fischl Variation

Replacing Yun Jin with Fischl will make another interesting team comp, but will have less damage as compared to other teams. Fischl will make energy regeneration easy for everyone in the team especially if she is at C6 on top of the Electro resonance.

Yoimiya-Beidou-Fischl Variation
Image via HoYoverse
Main DPSElemental Aura / Sub DPSSupportElemental Aura / Sub DPS

6. Mono Pyro Yoimiya Variation

Mono Elemental Teams are generally not that powerful as compared to other reaction focused teams, however issues like particle generation and charging up energy bursts becomes an easy task. Building a Mono elemental team is very expensive and every character will require heavy investment, from min-maxed artifacts to best weapons and talent levels.

Mono Pyro Yoimiya Variation
Image via HoYoverse

Generally, Mono elemental teams are not recommended that much but still, these comps should be able to clear the hardest content of the game depending upon the situation.

Main DPSBuffer / CCElemental Aura / Sub DPSBuffer / Support
YoimiyaKazuha / VentiXianglingBennett

Optimal Rotation

Yoimiya Elemental Burst > Bennett Elemental Skill > Bennett Elemental Burst > Kazuha Elemental Skill > Kazuha Elemental Burst > Xiangling Elemental Skill > Xiangling Elemental Burst > Yoimiya Elemental Skill > Yoimiya’s Auto Attacks > Repeat Rotation


  • Against Hydro, Cryo and Electro enemies, this mono pyro team will be very effective.
  • With the addition of Xiangling this team will also have strong AOE capability.
  • The overall energy recharge threshold of pure Pyro teams is very low, since the characters will generate only pyro particles that in turn will recharge everyone’s burst at the same time.
  • Great CC thanks to Kazuha.


  • Replacing Yoimiya with any other better-suited character like Xingqiu, Childe or Yelan in this particular team will likely increase the damage to this team by a considerable margin.
  • Kazuha‘s capability will be limited because during his Burst he can boost the elemental damage of various elements all at once.
  • Energy threshold of this particular team will be quite high since Bennett will need to recharge both Yoimiya and Xiangling Bursts at the same time.

7. Duo Pyro-Geo Team

Another strong team for limited selfish DPS characters is the duo team of Zhongli and Albedo. This Geo team is usually used for Hu Tao but can be used for Yoimiya as well since she is also a selfish DPS. This team will be easier to play since Yoimiya will have Zhongli’s shield and will likely not get interrupted during her Auto-Attacks. Albedo will serve as a Sub DPS in this team and provide decent amount of damage.

Duo Pyro-Geo Team
Image via HoYoverse
Main DPSSupportSub DPSBuffer / Support

These are some of the best Yoimiya comps we have found to date. Tell us below which ones are your favorite.

What are your thoughts on the team compositions for Yoimiya in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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