Honor of Kings Musashi Guide: Best Arcana, Build and Gameplay Tips

Tips to play Musashi in Honor of Kings!

Honor of KingsMusashi is one of the heroes in the game that can be very fun to play. He is a really easy hero to pick up with his kind of straightforward gameplay and skillset that can be a good match for most players. Mushashi’s gameplay as a fighter can be reminiscent of being an assassin, especially with the skill set that lets him get close and personal to an enemy of his choice with his insane gap closers and crowd control. In this guide below, we will look at how to win games with Musashi effectively in Honor of Kings.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Honor of Kings heroes like Diaochan, Private Ear, Solarus, and Lady Sun. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Musashi.

Even as a fighter, Musashi can dive into the backline of the enemies like an assassin with the tankiness of a fighter, where he can still continue fighting enemies after assassinating the enemy marksman or mages or any other carries in the other team. This can also be used in the early game as a jungler with a gap close and crowd controls that will make ganking enemies much easier.

Skill Analysis

In this Musashi guide, let’s see what are his abilities in Honor of Kings, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of her.

Passive – Niten Ichiryuu (Damage)

Niten Ichiryuu is the passive skill that Musashi has. In this skill, he gains 1 vigor when casting abilities and his basic attacks consume 1 vigor. Different enhancement effects can be gained, but the attack speed of his enhanced basic attacks will not be affected.

When hitting enemies, the cooldown of both illuminating slash and extreme speed will both be reduced by 1 second. 1 vigor will give extra damage in the attack of Musashi, while 2 vigors will make Musashi dash to the target with his blade and slows the enemy for 1 second.

Skill 1 – Illuminating Slash (Damage, Crowd Control, Damage Mitigation)

CD – 12 seconds
Energy Cost– 0

In this skill, Musashi swings his sword to unleash sword energy that knocks down enemy projectiles while 350 damage to the enemies that are caught up in its path. The skill also slows the enemies hit by a total of 50% for 1 second. While casting this skill Musashi also gains immunity to attacks and skills of enemies.

Skill 2 – Extreme Speed (Damage)

CD – 10 seconds
Energy Cost – 0

This skill is Musashi’s quick cooldown mobility skill that is available in his kit. In this skill, he dashes forward while dealing 1880 + 40% physical attack to enemies that are in his path. In this skill, if Musashi passes through an enemy, he gains a shield that negates 300 damage, and this skill’s cooldown will then be reduced by 50%.

This skill can be used greatly when closing the gap against not just any enemies but the enemy carriers like the marksman and the mages where you can go in and kill them with your high damage output and keep on hammering the enemy team with your sustain and tankiness.

Skill 3 – Duel to the Death (Damage, Crowd Control)

CD – 50 seconds
Energy Cost – 0

This is the ultimate skill that is available for Musashi. In this skill, he locks onto an enemy hero and then dashes towards them, which deals 350 + 70% physical attack to the area, and then launches all targets within the range for 1 second. Musashi then challenges the target to a duel to the death for 5s which forces all of the health restoration effects to be delayed unto the target for 5 seconds.

While dashing, Musashi also gains immunity to damage and skill from the enemy team. This skill is the best skill to go into the enemy team dealing crowd control and becoming up close and personal with the enemy carries and potentially killing them and swaying the team fight to your team’s favor.

Best Arcana build and Spells for Musashi in Honor of Kings

Arcana Build

In this section of the guide, we will discuss the best Arcana Build for Musashi as a fighter in Honor of Kings.

Reaver, Eagle Eye, and Mutation

Reaver helps Musashi to fight off enemies, especially in the early game, where the minor stat upgrade gives the biggest advantage in the laning phase jungling. Next up is Eagle Eye which is a staple for any physical damage dealers, with its physical attack additional bonus and physical pierce capabilities that are useful in fighting duels.

Honor of Kings Musashi Guide arcana build
Image via Level Infinite

Lastly is the mutation that gives Musashi the tankiness and self-sufficiency capabilities that most fighters and tanks should have especially in team fights and the laning phases where they would need sustain in order to farm more efficiently.

Battle Spells

As a jungle, it is very important for Musashi to have Smite as his battle spell in the game, as this will allow efficient juggling, especially in the early game.

Best Builds for Musashi in Honor of Kings

Although this build order is not set in stone, you can build around the enemy team compositions. This section of the guide is an overview of what builds Musashi for his best possible build order in Honor of Kings, without considering the enemy team composition and/or laning phase match-up.

  • Boots of Resistance: Boots are most commonly called Magic resist boots, that is used by most fighters and tanks that struggle with getting close to the enemies without getting crowd controlled endlessly. This boot iteration gives the players a total of 110 additional magical damage, a passive of swift that gives 60 movement speed, and lastly Passive of tough, which gives resistances of 35% more. This is especially important for Musashi as he needs to get close to the enemy to deal damage.
  • Patrol Axe: This is the jungling item that is recommended for Musashi, it requires to smite to purchase and unlocks smite inferno after 10 minutes. This gives a passive of scorch which makes skills and basic attacks hit on enemy heroes deal 30+2% extra health, magical damage per second for 3 seconds, and reduce movement speed by 40. Additionally, it gives the gunter passive that Musashi needs for jungling which gives an extra 30% exp and 20% gold from monsters a basic attack/skill hits, monsters take 900-440 true damage every 0.55s for 2s reducing damage taken from monsters.
  • Axe of Torment: This item is the core damage item for Musashi, this gives 85 physical attacks 15% cooldown reduction, 500 max health, and 2 passives namely:
    • Sever– Increases physical pierce by 58-170 that scales per level.
    • Maim– When a skill lands a hit, slows the first enemy hero hit by 10% for 3s with a cooldown of 8 seconds.
Honor of Kings Musashi Guide build
Image via Level Infinite
  • Doomsday: This item gives Musashi his damage capabilities that can burst down the enemy carriers when he can get close to them. This item gives an additional 60 physical attack, 30% more attack speed, and even 10% physical lifesteal that helps with the sustain of Musashi. This item gives the passive of destruction, which makes his basic attacks deal extra physical damage equal to 8% of the target’s current health, this is capped at 80 damage to monsters.
  • Blood Rage: This is the perfect item for the play style that Musashi should be playing, as it gives him a huge boost in his sustain and tankiness while also still providing additional damage. This item gives 40 additional physical damage and 1000 max health. This also gives passive Exasperation which makes basic attacks deal 4% extra physical damage. This also gives an additional active skill of Blood Fury which gives Musashi a huge shield although it depletes 30% of his current health, but gains a total of 40% of his total health as a shield and increases attack by 80.
  • Frostcars’ Embrace:  This is the cherry on top for Musashi, as this item gives 40 physical attacks, 10% cooldown reduction, 500 max mana, 240 physical defense, and 500 max HP which are all stats Musashi needs. It also gives a passive that is useful which is Savagery, this makes the next basic attack within 5 seconds after casting a skilled deal 140-420 extra damage to enemies within range and reduces movement speed by 30% for 0.5s.

Honor of Kings Musashi Gameplay Tips

Musashi is a very interesting and not so easy to grasp gameplay, as his playstyle includes a risky engagement into the heart of the enemy team that without proper backup from teammates may backfire on you and you end up going in on a bad time and just gifting the enemy team a kill and making your team fight a very hard 4v5 team fight.

Knowing this and planning when to strike the enemy carries is very important when playing him. Most of the time it is better to go in when you know that your teammates can go and engage with the enemy team. This means as while you are focusing on their carry, and them focusing on protecting them, your team’s carry can go ahead and deal damage to the enemy team while being safer as the focus of the enemy team will be yours.

Our Honor of Kings Musashi guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late games of the game. However, a player must have a good understanding of the map to get the most out of any hero.

Early Game

For the early game farming is extremely important as Musashi hits his biggest power spike of the game when hitting level 4. However, before that, he can still deal damage and crowd control to the enemy team that he will be ganking in the lanes.

Honor of Kings Musashi Guide early game
Image via Level Infinite

In this phase of the game, you should try and prioritize ganking squishy lanes with mages and marksmen that are very vulnerable in the early game as they are the ones that you can still burst given help to the laner of your team.

Mid Game

The mid-game is where Musashi is actually very strong. Once he gets his ultimate, dealing against enemies becomes so much easier as he can pinpoint enemies that he wants to go in on and then crowd control all those around him and have damage enough to burst the target and have the tankiness to go out of there.

Honor of Kings Musashi Guide mid game
Image via Level Infinite

In this phase, you can start going with your teammates and start team fights against the enemy team as you can go ahead and carry your team not just with your team fight to set up with your Area of effect crowd control that can easily turn the tide of the battle but with your damage potential to the enemy carriers that will give you the ability to set up 4v5s for your team without the enemy carry.

Late Game

In the late game, Musashi falls off a bit in his damage scaling compared to his damage potential in the mid-game where he can just come in and destroy enemy carries easily. In this phase of the game, Musashi becomes more of a tank fighter than an assassin fighter especially, as he has been able to build the tanky items like blood rage that increase the tanking potential of Musashin dramatically, this allows for more team fight setting potential as they can come into the middle of the enemy team and not get busted out.

This is the stage of the game where the players should focus on setting team fights up for their team and also still trying to be a nuisance to the enemy mage or marksmen which you can still easily kill given they do not get protected by their supports and teammates this gives you the choice on whether to continue regular playstyle or become an initiator in a team fight for your team.

Heroes that counter MusashiHeroes Musashi can counter
Sun CeLady Sun
Dream BuilderPrivate Ear
Peace KeeperMulan

Musashi is a very strong hero with huge damage potential, mobility of his skills, and the tankiness of most tanks. This however can still be countered by enemies and especially when you are facing them. The most efficient way to deal with Musashi is by using crowd control chains on him. His sustain and damage come from him being able to hit enemies with his lifesteal and shields. This means that right stuns and roots will make it so you can freely hit him without him getting his turn which will allow the targets to kite away him.

Final Thoughts

Musashi is a very interesting hero to master, in order to use him properly one must have courage and tactics that will enable them to keep cool while dealing with the enemies face up in their backline and trying to deal with enemy carries all the while trying to set up your teammates for team fights that are happening.

However, as this is the most efficient way for me to play him, never let it contain you on how you can possibly play him also, each player may have a unique play style that may invent better gameplay for Musashi on maybe focusing as a tank or even maybe focusing build as an assassin.

An excellent pick for rank games, Musashi is definitely a good pick for the current meta. These tips will surely help you to guide easy wins with Musashi in Honor of Kings. You can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season.

That’s all for today’s Honor of Kings Mushashi Guide. Do you prefer to use Mushashi in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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