FC Mobile 24 Guide: How to watch ads in the game

Now you will never miss out on any Ads!

Ads are an important part of any event in FC Mobile. More than often, watching a certain number of ads per day yields event currencies or even Gems which is essential in Resource Management. The Advertisements are often 15-30-second promotional videos of apps that on completion reward stamina.

Why watching the Ads are important in FC Mobile

Watching the ads, not only rewards with Stamina but also Gems and other event Currencies.

1. Daily Quests

One of the Daily Quests requires you to watch an advert daily. You shouldn’t be skipping it under any circumstances as simply watching the ads rewards you with Gems and Daily Points. Those Daily Points add up to progress on the Daily and Weekly Rewards which eventually help you to gain more Gems, XP, and Star Pass Credits that can be used in the Star Pass.

Watch Ads daily quest FC Mobile
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Since we all know how useful the gems are, under no circumstances should we ignore these ads which are just for watching rewards with gems.

2. Event Currency

Every Event requires you to watch ads to gain Event Currency. Watching these ads enables us an extra advantage in gaining additional Event Currencies that might come in handy to get the Event Rewards and Players! Under no circumstances should one miss out on watching their daily quote of Ads to gain the standard event energy required.

What if you can’t watch the Ads in FC Mobile

More than often we find the ads section grayed out. Which means we are unable to watch the ads. Often closing and restarting the app fixes the problem and we can view the ads again in FC Mobile. But seldom the problem stays unfixed and the users lose the Event Currency or resource associated with the adverts.

FC Mobile Ads greyed out
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How to watch the ads now in FC Mobile

To watch the ads now grayed out, close the app and perform the following steps.

If you are Android User

  • Go to the settings of your phone.
  • From settings go to Google.
  • Under Google, select Ads.
  • When you are on to Ads, select Reset Advertising ID

After you select OK, your Advertising ID has now been reset. You can restart the app now to watch the ads!

Image via Gamingonphone

If you are an iOS User

  • Go to the settings of your phone.
  • From settings go to Privacy.
  • Under Privacy, select Advertising.
  • When you are on to Ads, select Reset Advertising Advertiser

After you select Reset Identifier, your Advertising ID has now been reset. You can restart the app now to watch the ads!

Image via Electronic Arts

You may have to repeat the steps if your ads are still grayed out. After you carry out these steps, you will see seeing the ads are once again visible to you. Watch these Ads to earn the event stamina required.

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Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this article useful in watching ads in FC Mobile.

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It’s not working for me. Is there any other way to watch ads. I am looking forward to get James from El Dorado event. If i am unable to watch ads I won’t be getting him for sure. Help me with some suggestion please.

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