Hyper Front Coldcast Guide: Abilities, Weapons and Gameplay Tips

Learn all about this reliable Guardian!

Coldcast is the best guardian introduced in Hyper Front till now. As the name suggests, Guardian class heroes are the ones whose aim is to protect their allies at any cost. With a difficulty rating of two stars, this hero can play a crucial role in team play. Here’s our detailed guide on learning and playing with Coldcast in Hyper Front.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other heroes like SentinelBlastFaith Arrow, and Storm. Be sure to check the past character guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Coldcast.

About Coldcast in Hyper Front

Coldcast can be an important hero in the team from the Guardian role. Her goal is to sustain enemy damage and protect the allies during a gunfight using her ability to block enemy units’ vision or pathways.

Coldcast Abilities

Ability 1 – Ice-core Trap

Hyper Front Coldcast Guide
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Coldcast’s Ice-core Trap will be helpful to slow down an opponent’s movement during the attack and defense rounds. The ability will trap any enemy unit inside its radius; after a short while, the trap will trigger and eventually reduce their movement speed drastically. You need to buy this ability with 100 credits. 

Ability 2 – Ice Barrier

Hyper Front Coldcast Guide
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Coldcast can create an ice barrier that can sustain enemy damage through this ability. Though the ice barrier is created for a limited time and can be destroyed, it will still be helpful to block enemy lines of sights and pathways. You need to buy this ability using 300 credits. 

Ultimate Ability – Freezing Storm

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Coldcast’s ultimate ability is to create an ice storm covering a massive area. After the ice storm is initiated, it also starts a countdown. With time, everything inside the ice storm starts to freeze, and as the timer ends, all enemy units inside the ice storm will turn into ice, making them easy targets to kill.

Best Weapons for Coldcast in Hyper Front

Coldcast can be played in both passive and aggressive style gameplay. The following guns are the perfect match for her gameplay. 

  • USP
  • CZ75
  • Vector
  • M4A1

Here is the list of heroes who will be perfect as a teammate for Coldcast: 

  • Blast: Blast can initiate the attack by entering the site along with his jetpack.
  • Blood Raider: Blood Raider can clear an angle blocked using his blind ability and enter the site. 
  • Storm: Storm can help the team to enter the site using its clouds and isolate angles. 
  • Sentinel: Sentinel can scout a site early or mid-round to gather valuable intel for the team to proceed accordingly.

Hyper Front Coldcast Gameplay Tips

Coldcast’s primary ability will make the opponent units slow like a snail once trapped inside. Using this ability can help the team to buy some time while rotating or retaking a site. The ice trap can also help the team stop or slow down enemy rush or rotation. Enemies slowed by the ice trap will be unable to walk fast or jump; as a result, they will be an easy target.

Hyper Front Coldcast Guide
Image via NetEase

The ice barrier can be called Coldcast’s most pivotal ability. Players can use this barrier in different ways in different situations. The barrier can block the opponent’s field of vision and pathways to move around the map. Players can use it to block a site and plant the star core safely or hide after planting the star core. 

Coldcast’s ultimate ability is excellent for taking map control and entering or retaking a site. With an incredible radius, the ice storm will force enemies out of a specific area or site. It can help the team to retake a site as the enemies will have to leave the storm to avoid getting frozen. Players can also use it to initiate an attack and clear a site to plant the star core safely.

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