Hyper Front Storm Guide: Abilities, Weapons and Gameplay Tips

Learn to play this skilled Tactician!

Storm can be one of the most fun heroes to play in Hyper Front. This skilled tactician helps you to facilitate your team to enter the site. Today we will discuss the basics and everything you need to know about Storm. Here’s our detailed guide on learning and playing with Storm in Hyper Front.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Hyper Front characters like SentinelBlast, and Faith Arrow. Therefore, make sure to check the past character guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Storm.

About Storm in Hyper Front

Storm is one of the three heroes from the tactician class we know now. Players can use Storm’s abilities to create clouds in different parts of the maps to block your opponent’s field of vision and help your team enter a site.

Storm Abilities

Ability 1 – Tornado Burst

Tornado Burst is Storm’s signature ability. Players can have up to three charges of the tornado burst per round. Storm can create clouds in different parts of the map through his mini-map screen while using this ability.

Hyper Front Storm Guide
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These can block the enemy’s line of vision and help the team enter a site. Storm can create spaces using the clouds for his team and control the team’s movement all over the map. Players need to buy this ability using 100 credits for each cloud.

Ability 2 – Cyclone Burst

Storm’s secondary ability is a grenade that will create a cloud vortex after exploding. The vortex will start pulling all the nearby units to the center and slowing their movement, inflicting vulnerability on them. Players need to buy this ability using 300 credits

Ultimate Ability – Tornado

Hyper Front Storm Guide
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Storm’s ultimate helps him to launch the Eiros EMP using his mini map screen. After the Eiros is triggered, it creates a tornado around it, inflicting heavy damage on all the characters inside the tornado area for several seconds.

Best Weapons for Storm in Hyper Front

Storm goes the best with a mix of passive and attacking gameplay. The following guns match the most with Storm’s game style.

  • USP
  • AK
  • Vector
  • AA12

Here is the list of heroes who will match the most with Storm: 

  • Blast: After the clouds are placed, Blast can initiate the attack by entering the site along with his jetpack.
  • Blood Raider: Blood Raider can clear an angle blocked by the clouds using his blind ability.
  • Cure Light: Cure Light is the best in the supporter role. Her abilities can heal the teammates after sustaining damage during the attack. 
  • Blink: Blink can take advantage of the enemies through her teleportation and digitized abilities.

Hyper Front Storm Gameplay Tips

The first thing to do while using Storm’s ability is to get into the correct position quickly before the round starts. Create clouds on the angles you expect your opponent to peek from; the clouds will minimize their vision to shoot. Blocking off certain angles can help your team to enter a site or rotate easily between the map. 

Hyper Front Storm Guide
Image via NetEase

Storm’s ultimate is one of the most useful ultimate abilities in the game. It can be most helpful during the post-plant situation. Whenever you hear your enemy defusing the star core, immediately release the emp over the bomb, and it will inflict heavy damage on the units inside the tornado’s radius and stop them from defusing the star core.

What are your thoughts on the Hyper Front Storm Guide? Do let us know in the comments below!

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