Magic Chess: Best synergies to play right now

Now that Magic Chess has been available for a good week, players had enough time to identify the best synergies. While you don’t auto-win with a specific synergy here (hello Chess-TD), some of them definitely have strong carry-potential.

So without further ado, let’s hop right into the best Magic Chess synergies.

3. Elementalist – Western Desert

Basic Synergy


[2] Increase the star level of the 1 allied hero(es) with the lowest star level by 1.
[4] Increase the star level of the 2 allied hero(es) with the lowest star level by 1.

While not as flashy and popular as our other 2 contenders, this line-up provides a lot of flexibility and consistency. With Eudora and Vale you get access to the Tier 1 synergy of Elementalists really quickly. If you’re lucky you can even lay hands on an Aurora unit in the first Fate Box.

Especially later on when you have several 3-star units and no 1-star units left, you’ll gain a huge power boost from 2 additional 3-star units due to the Elementalist synergy.

Western Desert

[2] Western Desert heroes have 22% chance of dodging incoming Basic Attacks.
[4] Western Desert heroes have 50% chance of dodging incoming Basic Attacks.

You already have the basic Western Desert synergy with both Vale and Valir in your line-up. While Claude and Mino both are strong units on their own, you can usually skip one of them; Mino as a 5-star unit can be hard to come by. Get Esmeralda as 4th unit since she can set you up for additional Mage synergy.

Especially against teams that heavily rely on Basic Attacks such as Marksman, Western Desert units act as a great counter. They also might be one of few synergies to compete with Weapon Masters.

Ideal co-synergies

However, you only have a total of 6 units with both synergies stacked, which won’t suffice in most games. You can opt for Northern Vale on-top, making Aurora an instant stun machine. This will also strengthen your frontline with Freya and Masha.

Alternatively, you can also add Odette and an additional Empire hero to gain both Mage and Empire synergy. Depending on your items, you could even go a little wild; just add Marksman and Scarlet Shadow by deploying Hanabi and Hayabusa with the Marksman synergy item.

2. Dragons Altar

Basic Synergy

Dragons Altar

[3] Every time an allied hero dies, a random Dragon Altar’s hero gains 12% attack speed and obtains a shield equal to 12% of max HP. Up to 3 stacks.
[6] Every time an allied hero dies, all Dragon Altar’s heroes gain 12% attack speed and obtain a shield equal to 12% of max HP. Up to 6 stacks.

Probably the most fun synergy in the game: Dragons Altar. The synergy sets you up for some sick wombo-combo due to the multitude of potential synergies. While the synergy bonus doesn’t do much at Tier 1, having 6 Dragons Altar’s will make your comp really explosive.

Most of the time, Wanwan will turn out to be your core unit. Her ultimate is (nearly) as broken as it is in Mobile Legends. And with the right items (Feather of Heaven + additional attack speed), she becomes an unstoppable force that won’t stop ulting. Ling also provides a huge damage boost to this comp; especially if you manage to secure yourself a Blade of Despair, he will add severe burst.

Magic Chess best synergies fate box
Helpful to manipulate your roster: Dragons Altar synergy items in the Fate Box
Ideal co-synergies

Since you can manipulate this synergy with the help of the DA synergy item, you have even more room for creative settings. You can easily get Assassin or Marksman synergy due to all of them having Class/ Faction item pendants. Scarlet Shadow also makes sense and lets you even do the splits between all of them.

Alternatively, adding Summoner strategy will help you if you’re struggling early since Zhask is a very cheap yet efficient unit. Also, you just need to add either Tigrael or Johnson for Targeman synergy to make your comp even more durable.

1. Weapon Master

Basic Synergy

Weapon Master

[3] All heroes recover 25% HP after dealing damage.
[6] All heroes recover 65% HP after dealing damage.

Outstanding even amongst the best Magic Chess synergies, this comp is straight forward and flexible. Similar to Dragons Altar, you do struggle early on due to comparatively low synergy value. Once you get a couple of units under your belt though it becomes increasingly tough to take down Weapon Masters.

Pretty straight forward, with Tier 2 synergy you just outsustain your opponents. With a total of 8 Weapon Master units available, you won’t struggle to collect 6 of them either.

Anyways, Freya will be the key to victory in most of your games. Being a 3-cost unit only, Freya’s damage output is looking for its equals. Getting her to 3 stars pretty much equals checkmate. Alternatively, both Alucard and Argus perform well as hypercarry units.

Ideally co-synergies

As for additional synergies, Undead (at least the Tier 1 synergy) as well as Abyss are easy to stack up. Early on you can get Moskov for the Undead bonus; paired with Argus he will grant you Tier 1 synergy of Abyss already. Later onwards, Terizla as Fighter/Abyss unit can replace Moskov to grant Leomord the Undead synergy buff. If you can’t get Leomord or prefer the stacked Abyss synergy, you can get either Alice or Dyrroth. The latter also lets you proc Wrestler synergy with the respective synergy item.

Alternatively, you could also add Northern Vale to enable Freya even further. Marksman synergy can work if you did get the synergy item. In this case, you would keep Moskov and add Granger for Monastery of Light synergy with Alucard. Similarly, you can add Wanwan or Ling if you got the item for Dragon Altar synergy.

Editor’s recommendation

Scarlet Shadow

Scarlet Shadow

[2] Scarlet Shadow heroes will unlock an extra skill.

With Hanabi and Hayabusa both being 2-cost units, you can unlock Scarlet Shadows really easily and early on. Since it only takes 2 heroes to trigger the bonus effect, you can always fall back to this synergy if you have free space. Later onwards, you can also swap in Kagura for Mage synergy. As Marksman and Assasin, Hanabi and Haya also let you trigger bonus synergies easily.

Magic Chess Scarlet Shadow best synergies
Works really well to complement your composition: Scarlet Shadow

Overall, Scarlet Shadows require little investment while the buff to their skills makes a significant impact in terms of DPS. So if you’re in doubt, this synergy will never be a bad choice; just make sure it’s not the only one you’re going with.

Which Magic Chess synergies do you like best? Did we forget to mention a really strong synergy or line-up? Make sure to tell us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more guides and news!

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very good guide, weapon master + Monastery of Light synergy + scarlet works wonders
preferably (alucard, freya, terizla, argus, martys, alpha) + rafaela + (hanabi, hayabusa)
You can get almost every pieces during early levels
the stun from hanabi is every efficient (stuns alot of nearby pieces and has very short cooldown)

Mohammed M. Taha

That is right.. It’s the Higanbana skill, and it makes a lot of difference late game, as you’re able to stun pretty much the whole battlefield, if your enemy units are scattered

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