Mobile Legends Hero Fragments Guide: How to earn and use them

Easiest ways to stack you Hero Fragments!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a popular MOBA game, offers players the flexibility to choose their favorite heroes for battles in the Land of Dawn. Unlocking heroes can be done through various means, and this guide specifically explores the acquisition and utilization of Hero Fragments in Mobile Legends.

In the game, heroes can typically be obtained by spending Battle Points (BP) or diamonds. Free hero acquisition is also possible through specific events and hero selection chests from Starlight Membership tasks and rewards. Notably, Hero Fragments provides an alternative method to obtain heroes. Thus, this article will focus on how to easily gain enough Hero Fragments to obtain more Heroes.

How to get Hero Fragments in Mobile Legends

Obtaining Hero Fragments is an easy task. Players can easily obtain and accumulate them in the game. Hero Fragments are mainly obtained from participating in shop sections like the Magic Wheel, Lucky Spin, New Arrivals, certain limited-time events, and part of the rewards from leveling up in Starlight membership.

Mobile Legends Hero Fragments Guide
Image via MOONTON Games

Certain skin events provide Hero Fragments at a budget-friendly cost, making it accessible for free-to-play players to effortlessly gather numerous Hero Fragments by exchanging accumulated crests. Despite this, the Hero Fragments system ensures an engaging experience by allowing players to acquire some heroes without spending Diamonds or Battle Points. This, in turn, enables players to reserve these valuable currencies for obtaining other heroes, particularly the latest releases in the game.

How to purchase heroes with Hero Fragments: List of prices

Players who intend to purchase heroes with their accumulated hero fragments could access the Hero shop section in two different ways:

Mobile Legends Hero Fragment Shop
Image via MOONTON Games
  • By going to the Shop section of the Main UI. On opening the shop, players should then navigate to the Fragments tab alongside the left-hand side of the Shop page. On opening the Fragments tab, players should then select Hero Shop. The Hero shop is where players purchase heroes only with Hero Fragments.
  • By navigating to inventory, which is at the lower end of the Main UI. Opening the inventory, players should then navigate to Hero fragments. Clicking on it would automatically redirect them to the Hero Shop.

The Hero Shop refreshes monthly, so there are 21 Heroes available for purchase using Hero Fragments. The table below lists some of the currently available Heroes for purchase and their corresponding Hero Fragments Prices:

HeroesHF Price

The prices vary based on the Battle points cost, as 32,000 BP heroes would always cost 120 Hero Fragments. Whilst the 24,000 BP heroes cost 100 hero fragments and the 15,000 BP heroes cost 80 hero fragments.

Mobile Legends Hero fragments Guide: How to increase

The best way to efficiently increase and accumulate Hero Fragments is by purchasing a Starlight Membership. In the free path, you can only get 2x Hero Fragments. If you purchase Starlight, you can get an additional five Hero Fragments as you progress, for a total of 7x Hero Fragments. This is better than the chances you can get through other means.

The Second best way is to wait for limited-time events such as Collaborations or exclusive Skins series events (MLBB x Attack on Titan, Neobeasts, Superheroes event, etc). Even without spending diamonds, players can easily accumulate enough tokens to get at least 15 Hero fragments at a go.

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