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Squad Busters: The complete guide to Chest Cycle and reward chances

Some probabilties!

Supercell’s fun action title Squad Busters is now globally available and of course, we are all joining the party. Like any other game, the game features a system where players can obtain chests from the Shop, Gem Pass, and Super Pass, apart from the competition of matches and it will vary accordingly. To help you out with it, I will be giving you the details regarding the Chest Cycle and the reward chances Squad Busters bring in this guide.

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Chest Cycle and reward chances in Squad Busters

In the game, players can unlock chests with Coins or Keys to get new Characters to add to their Squad, the prices of the open chests rise the more Characters a player gathers. After the completion of a battle, thanks to a Chest Ticket, Reward Chests on a tap that can dish out a better rarity and bigger size, classified into Common, Rare, or Epic categories, and sizes varying from Regular to Super Big.

Squad Busters Chest rarities
Image via Supercell

Similarly, some odds play a role in gifting these rewards. Now considering that you are getting chests from the Shop or obtained through the Gem Pass and Super Pass, it will always come with a set rarity and a specific number of upgrade taps.

Reward Chance from Chests

The chest reward chances are as follows.

RewardReward Chance
Baby Evolution of any Character you’ve unlocked97.9%
Classic Evolution of any Character you’ve unlocked1.0%
New Character1.0%
Super Evolution of any Character you’ve already unlocked0.1%

Well, this table means that most of the time, you will get a Baby Evolution of the Character you already possess, with smaller chances to get more advanced Evolutions or new Characters. For the new character, there’s a slight explanation needed. If there are Characters of the same rarity as the chest that you haven’t unlocked yet, there’s a 1.0% chance you will get a new Character.

Character Chance from Taps

Now, coming to the taps. The chest starts with one Character in it when you open it. You can use upgrade taps to try to get more characters for the chest number. If the chest contains Baby Evolutions each tap has the following chances to add more Characters. Again, it works on chances as well, so the probabilities of adding additional characters for every tap are given below.

Character(s) AddedChance

However, if the chest contains a Classic or Super Evolution, it will always give just one Character, no matter how many taps you use. The probability of getting an evolved Character,, be it Classic or Super, is the same for all Character rarities.

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