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Top 10 things to do in Honkai: Star Rail before the Version 1.1 update

Do these things before version 1.1!

The Honkai: Star Rail version 1.0 is almost coming to an end. Players have enjoyed the release of the game and have finished various in-game content. Honkai: Star Rail has been extremely popular from the day of its release, justifying the popularity of its company, HoYoverse. Honkai: Star Rail is expected to deliver some great content additions on its next update, version 1.1. The version is expected to add some great content and additional characters for players to pull for as well as new story quests and events. Before version 1.1 goes live on June 7th, 2023, here are some things that players should do in order to make their gameplay more efficient and be more ready for the upcoming update.

1. Finish the Main quest

For players who have been immersed in the game since its initial release, it is strongly advised to prioritize engaging in the Main quest. By doing so, players will unlock significant in-game content and be exposed to a wide array of exciting challenges that contribute to the overall gaming experience. The Main quest serves as a gateway to essential features, providing players with the opportunity to explore and enjoy various aspects of the game world.

Honkai Star Rail Version 1.1
Image via HoYoverse

Through this questline, players can delve deeper into the game’s lore, discover captivating storylines, and encounter memorable characters. Additionally, the Main quest often rewards players with valuable resources, valuable items, and unique abilities, further enriching their progression. Therefore, investing time and effort into completing the Main quest is highly recommended for players who seek a fulfilling gaming journey and be ready for version 1.1.

2. Level and Ascend your important characters

A crucial aspect of maximizing your gameplay potential is to diligently focus on leveling up and ascending your key characters. This boost in attributes significantly enhances their combat prowess, enabling them to tackle tougher challenges and conquer harder content in Honkai Star Rail. Ascension typically requires acquiring specific resources or completing certain objectives, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Ascended characters gain access to new skills, passive bonuses, and increased level caps, enabling them to reach even greater heights of power and versatility. This not only expands your strategic options during battles but also allows you to optimize team synergies and combinations. Additionally, version 1.1 will feature new characters on its Character Event Warp, players will be able to focus on leveling these new characters if they are planning on getting them when version 1.1 releases.

3. Challenge the Simulated Universe and Forgotten Hall

The Forgotten Hall and Simulated Universe is one of the exciting challenges that Honkai Star Rail provides. Challenging this end-game Honkai Star Rail content will reward players with some great and valuable items. They can even unlock rare 5-star Light Cones and obtain a huge amount of Stellar Jades.

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Players that finish these contents or have reached a high level will also receive greater rewards. Before version 1.1 comes, players will be able to focus on the in-game events when it releases. Additionally, when Honkai Star Rail adds more content to these challenges, you will be ready to challenge it and obtain the rewards more efficiently.

4. Explore the areas of the game

Free exploration of the game’s maps and locations offers several advantages. It allows players to encounter new enemies, discover hidden treasures, engage with NPCs, and gain a deeper understanding of the game. Each uniquely crafted location immerses players in captivating aesthetics and offers intriguing secrets. Interacting with NPCs unravels lore and side stories. By the time version, 1.1 goes live, when it releases its new in-game area, you will be more ready to explore it as you have already explored most areas of the game for the current version.

Exploration will fulfill your curiosity, fuel your excitement, and adds unpredictability to the gaming journey. It also fosters personalization, empowering players to express their creativity and critical thinking. In essence, free exploration enriches gameplay and expands the overall gaming experience.

5. Save your Stellar Jades

Prioritizing the accumulation of stellar jades before the release of version 1.1 presents players with a valuable opportunity to unlock new characters and obtain sought-after items through the in-game warp feature. By saving up a substantial amount of these resources, players can position themselves favorably for the exciting content and updates that version 1.1 will bring.

Honkai Star Rail Steller Jades, Honkai Star Rail currency guide, how to get steller jades
Image via HoYoverse

Stellar jades serve as a versatile and essential currency within the game, offering a multitude of benefits and opportunities. These valuable resources can be used to access the in-game warp, a feature that enables players to summon new characters and acquire rare items. By amassing a significant quantity of stellar jades, players gain an advantage in expanding their character roster and securing powerful equipment or enhancements that can enhance their gameplay capabilities.

6. Level your Nameless Honor

The Nameless Honor is a feature in Honkai Star Rail that will reward players as they progress to its level. The Nameless Honor serves as a tangible representation of a player’s accomplishments and dedication within the game, offering tangible and meaningful rewards for their efforts.

Honkai Star Rail Nameless Gift
Image via HoYoverse

It rewards players with valuable items and some Star Rail passes that players will be able to use in the in-game warp. The Nameless Honor also rewards players with Tracks of Destiny, which is used in character trace levels up to higher levels. Leveling this before Version 1.1 releases is important as this feature will reset when the newer version comes into the game.

7. Accumulate Echo of War rewards

The Echo of War challenge features strong bosses that reward players with important items and are required for the trace leveling of characters. These items are rare as they can only be obtained for a limited amount of time per week.

It enables players to save up valuable resources, allowing them to swiftly invest in the trace leveling of new characters as soon as they become available. By accumulating a substantial quantity of these items before version 1.1 arrives, players can position themselves ahead of the curve and be well-prepared for the release of new characters and content.

8. Complete your Operation Briefing

The Operation Briefing rewards players with huge amounts of Trailblaze EXP as well as Stellar Jades and some valuable in-game currencies. Completing these before version 1.1 will make you ready for future additions to this rewarding system. Additionally, you will be able to acquire a lot of EXP and get yo higher Equilibrium level before version 1.1.

9. Farm your Relics

As you venture toward further in-game content, it is important to also prioritize farming and leveling the Relics. These are important items that characters use to equip and acquire important effects and passive that are extremely valuable for the character’s kit.

Honkai Star Rail Relic Crafting
Image via HoYoverse

You need specific and different types of relics for different roles of characters in a party. By having a good amount of relics and completing important relic sets before version 1.1 enables you to make your characters flexible for future in-game content and challenges.

10. Increase your Equilibrium Level

Reaching a higher equilibrium level before version 1.1 will enable players to unlock greater challenges and better in-game rewards. These are also important to obtain more important level-up and ascension items for your characters overall. These challenges present players with tougher opponents, intricate mechanics, and more demanding gameplay scenarios.

Engaging in these challenging encounters provides an opportunity for players to further refine their skills, test their strategies, and showcase their expertise. This will also make players more experienced in terms of gameplay combat and ensures that players are ready to take on stronger challenges when version 1.1 releases.

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