Top 10 best PES Mobile Facts that you might now know of

Know all the unknown facts about your favorite PES Mobile!

Pro Evolution Soccer has taken mobile football games by storm. With lots of interesting insights, guides, and Iconic moment reviews, now it’s time for some pretty lesser-known facts about the game that even the daily players might miss out on. Here is a rundown of the top 10 best PES Mobile facts that you might not have known, until now!

Top 10 best PES Mobile facts

Read on this article to take a closer look into the Top 10 Best PES Mobile Facts, the ever-popular game, that you might not know of or hear of before.

1. Inazghi’s incredible offensive awareness – even in penalties

Filippo Inzaghi has a weird yet interesting feature in the game PES 21. He is perhaps the only player to appear on the screen while taking a penalty with any other forward in the team, right after the direction is given.

Inzaghi OA PES Mobile
Image via KONAMI

Due to having extremely strong Offensive Awareness ie Offensive Awareness of the highest level – he stands exactly in front of the 6-yard box during a penalty taken by his teammate. We have tried this ourselves in our team and don’t know how we missed it in the first place! Did you notice?

2. The Xavi- Messi ‘Iconic’ connection

The Iconic Moment of Xavi and Messi occurred during the same match and also at the same moment: FC Barcelona against Manchester United in the 2009 UCL Final. In fact, both IM cards are eventually taken from the buildup for the same goal.

Image via KONAMI

Messi’s jump in that match was 27.2 inches higher than his average height (5 ft 7′), an incredible feat that rightly got noticed by Konami thereby the IM card. Barcelona won the game 2-0 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Italy. Xavi got the UEFA Man of the Match for the game while Messi was voted the Fans’ Man of the match, thereby sealing an iconic night for the iconic pair!

3. The ‘Iconic’ Dutch trio from AC Milan

The Dutch three of Frank Rijkaard, Marco Van Basten, and Ruud Gullit are regarded as history’s most powerful trio. In four seasons for Milan, the Dutch Three Musketeers have won two Champions League titles, two Toyota Cup titles, two European Super Leagues Cup champions, one Serie A champion, and two Italian Super Cup champions.

Image via KONAMI

The connection between these three legends is such that even their IM cards in PES 21 are from the same match. The Dutch Trio of Milan’s Iconic Moments come from the match between AC Milan and Steaua on May 24, 1989.

4. Kits: Club or Nation

It is often mistaken that Diego Maradona and Paul Scholes have their legend card based on their club jerseys which are SSC Napoli and Manchester United respectively. But the actual truth lies that the white-colored Jersey in Diego Maradona’s legend card actually belongs to his national team jersey is his Argentine squad Jersey.

Image via Reddit

The same applies to Paul Scholes where the card originates from red-colored Jersey from the English national squad which can be easily mistaken for a Manchester United Jersey. It is actually quite fascinating to learn the similarities between the classic Manchester United kit and that very particular English national squad kit. Not everyone was accustomed to this fact, did you know before?

The two “iconic” center-forward partners of Manchester United also share the same match for their Iconic moment cards as the historic win against Juventus in the second leg of the Champions League campaign of 1999. The match was thrilling and Manchester United won it by 4-3 on aggregate.

Image via KONAMI

The second leg was initially in the favour of the Italian club with Inzaghi scoring twice in the early minutes of the game but Manchester United brought the game back to their favor by scoring thrice as Andy Cole see the winner in the 84th minute of the game. Dwight Yorke scored the equalizer for Manchester United in the 34th minute and both the Manchester legends had a great game taking them into the finals of that season’s UEFA champions league final.

6. IM cards getting stats update with new Data Pack

It is a general trend noticed in Pro evolution Soccer every season that the iconic moment cards do not change their statistics used in the previous database. Out of every iconic moment card that was transferred into the new season and modified during the data pack only two special iconic moments got changed in terms of in-game statistics.

Image via KONAMI

The two only players getting their iconic moment card statistics changed belonged to Germany and Brazilian nationality and were from Bayern Munich and Barcelona clubs respectively. The only players whose stats were modified during a Data Pack were Oliver Kahn the legendary goalkeeper and Neymar Jr the skill star. O.Kahn’s numbers are being downgraded; while Neymar’s stats are being improved (His max rating is 102 now)

7. Players having base, Legend and Iconic cards

Though it might sound unrealistic, only two players in Pro Evolution Soccer have all of the cards available that is having a base card a legend card, and an iconic moment card assigned to their name.

PES IM Legends Players
Image via KONAMI

Only S. Nakamura and Andres Iniesta have all of the base, legend, and IM cards. They’re both now playing professionally in Japan.

8. Romario’s free kick run up

It is quite evident that Romario, the Brazilian Legendary forward, has perhaps the shortest run-up in free kicks. Romario has two cards in the game – one belonging to the legend status and the other from the Iconic Moment edition, both labeled as Centre Forward.

Romario Free kick runup
Image via KONAMI

The Playing Style of both these cards is fox in the box, and the short quick, and sharp center-forward is one of the best center-forwards in the game. The amazing run in his COM playing style accompanied by his speed and height basically gives him the shortest free-kick run-up in-game, which can also be effective if used properly and from an achievable distance.

9. The ‘Iconic’ Bayern Defense

After the Arsenal, Manchester United, and Barca iconic moment pairs dating back to the same game, now it is time for the Bayern Munich legends to have their share in this. Oliver Kahn is probably the greatest goalkeeper to don the Bayern Munich goalkeeping kit, and he shares his Iconic moment for his iconic moment card with another Bayern Munich legend Bixente Lizarazu.

Image via KONAMI

The left-back has an 87 base rated Iconic moment edition with a playing style of offensive full-back. He shares the match played on 23rd May 2001 between FC Bayern Munich and Valencia in a thrilling Uefa Champions League final. The game ended 5-4 in the favor of Bavarians.

10. The Samba flavor

The Brazilian sensation Ronaldinho is perhaps the only player in Pro Evolution Soccer history to have a dancing fake shot in the game and even has a very famous celebration that includes the coveted trick.

Image via KONAMI

Speaking of celebrations another special celebration comes from Bebeto with his baby in the lap antics which he actually did to mark the celebration of the birth of his son Matheus Olivieria playing in Vitoria Guimaraes currently on loan from Sporting Lisbon. It is safe to say that celebrations and the Brazilian flavor are given optimum attention from the developer’s viewpoint in the game.

That’s all for today’s Top 10 Best PES Mobile Facts. How many of these Top best PES Mobile Facts did you already know? Let us know in the comment section below!

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